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The Deal

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WOOO it's finally 'there'

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Alicia waited impatiently, checking her well, not hers, I guess. his phone for the time. Work, check his phone, Twitter, check his phone, email, check his phone, check his phone, check his phone. 9: 45, 9:58, 10:23, 10:25, 10:36, 10: 57, 10:58, 10;59.
Passing the time was unbearable, the minutes slowly ticking by. She tapped her fingers on the desk after finishing all her work.
"Sunshine, you need to clam our ass down. There's only an hour until lunch and then an hour after that, you havta come back! To a long time of nothingness, you've already finished all the things need to be done," Alaska slapped Alicia's hand to stop it from tapping any longer.
Alicia looked up at her, "I know, but it's just so.... gah, I can't even explain. A. I want my phone back and B. Mikey seems like a pretty nice guy, maybe I can be friends with him or something."
"Oh, just friends? Anything more, like say........"
It was Alicia's turn to hit Alaska, "No! You know me and relationships don't mix."
"Well what about Austin."
"Man whore."
Alaska looked up at the ceiling, exhaled loudly, and turned back to Alicia, "Okay, yeah. All your relationships sucked to no end. Sorry."
"Ah, no worries. I'll just stick to friends, for the rest of my life."
"Your life's gonna suck."
Mikey lied across Gerard's couch, thinking about the 2 floors under him, Alicia's apartment. Where? That was unknown to him, but she said she'd call him when she got there.
"Gah, why is noon taking so long???" He moaned, his words carrying into the kitchen where Gerard was making a sammich yes, that's how I write and say it. DEAL. He finished and went into the living room, sitting on Mikey to shut him up, "Stop your whining. It'll come faster if you don't think about it."
Mikey sighed and sat up, pushing Gerard off of him and onto the floor, "Well I can't wait! You know me, never patient. Just angry that the things I wish would come faster won't."
"That's why I'm here! To make you stop frikkin' doing that!" He softly slapped Mikey to make him stop freaking out, which he did from time to time.
"Okay, I will sit down, shut up, and not freak out. I can do this," Mikey finally stop talking, until five minutes later when her phone rang.
"Oh my gosh, it's me! I mean, her, yeah her! What do I do? Do I answer it????"
Gerard waved his hands up, "Well, obviously! Answer it now!"
He did and her voice crackled a bit through her phone, "Mikey? I'm walking into the building if you wanna go to my floor."
Mikey smiled and nodded, "Yeah, I'll get in the elevator right away!"
They hung up and he grabbed his pick, "Bye Gerard!" and ran out the door, down the hall, and into the elevator. Pushing the sixth floor button, he finally awaited to see this weird-yet-interesting girl he met on this exact elevator.
It stopped on the floor and he stepped out, waiting by the elevator for Alicia. A few minutes later, she walked out, black hair swinging as she twirled around to face him, "Well hi there! I'm sure you want your phone back, so let's go to my apartment. I mean, if you want to! You don't havta, I could just give you your phone and you could leave, but if you wanna hang out with me you can because that might be fun for you and I'm gonna stop rambling now."
Mikey laughed, "Yeah, let's go to your place of residence. I kinda wanted to hang out, because I have no life to speak of so.... yeah."
They both smiled and laughed slightly. The walk down the hall was silent. At the end of the hall was a door, 239. She unlocked it and pushed the door open, stepping aside to let Mikey in, "Welcome to Apartment Simmons. Make yourself at home."
It was a spacious place, with a balcony and everything. He sat down on the loveseat next to the wall as Alicia walked into the kitchen and set down her bags on the island, pulling out the ingredients to the perfect ham and cheese sammich.
Mikey looked around the apartment, "So this is where you spend your life?"
She looked up from her sammich, "Yep, me and my roommate Erica live in this dreary place. Hope it isn't bugging you how dark it is, I like it this way."
"Not at all, I like it too."
She smiled and walked over to the seat, sitting and facing him, "Here's your phone. Sorry I accidentally swiped it when I ran off the elevator."
"It's okay, I wouldva done the same. So, tell me about yourself."
Alicia finished her sammich and looked up, "Oh where to begin. Well, my name's Alicia Simmons, I work at a terrible place, my best friends are Jamia Iero, Alaska Young, and Eric Salazar, I've never had a successful, or even remotely good, relationship, and I think I'll spend the rest of my life single and alone. How 'bout you?"
"I'm Mikey Way, I also work at a horrible place, my best friends are my brother Gerard, Ray Toro, and Frank Iero," this surprised Alicia, "and I have also never had and successful, or even remotely good, relationship."
Alicia propped her head up with her hand, "We seem to have a lot in common. Any bad stories about past loves now long forgotten? I've got a couple good ones if you wanna hear."
They next hour and a half was spent tell tales of love misfortunes on their own part.
Alicia laughed at Mikey's last story, "Wow, arrested? Really? That must have not been the greatest day."
"No, it wasn't actually. Sometimes I just wish we could have relationships with no strings attached."
"Whatdaya mean?"
"Like, no feelings, just physical attraction. No emotional heartbreak, no actual emotions and all. Only a physical relationship."
Alicia gave him a look, "Friends with benefits?"
Mikey turned to face her more, "Exactly! I guess we need a relationship like that. No touching romance and stuff, just, I guess, that things people do that I don't wanna say."
Alicia laughed, "You know, with as sucky as both of our relationships have gone, I bet we could use a friend with benefit, aye?"
"Yeah... we... could......."
He trailed off as they both looked at each other, their eyes widening. Alicia spoke first, "You think,"
"Maybe if,"
They stopped talking and both stood, running into Alicia's room.
Half an hour later, Mikey and Alicia lay in her bed. Mikey sat up, "So, I'm guessing this is the start of an... interesting friendship?"
Alicia sat up cross-legged next to him, the blanket around her shoulders, "Yep, I'm guessing this is exactly what is going to happen. Deal?"
She extended her hand and, not hesitating, Mikey shook it, "Deal."
YAY, it finally got good.
Amber (the author)
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