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A Thought Occurs

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Shortly we'll be getting to a point.

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"Oh my god, work. Right, lunch is way over and I guess I gotta go back," Alicia put her head in her hand and got up, slipping on her clothes and shoes.
Mikey did the same, both dressing in silence. Running into the kitchen, she grabbed her bags and her phone, "Hey Mikey."
"Yeah?" he turned from the many posters on her walls and faced her.
She gave him a small smile, "You don't mind not telling anyone, do you? If you do, then go ahead. but I won't if you don't want me too."
"No, no. I won't say anything to anyone. We'll keep this a secret, all secrety and such," Mikey smiled at her and she walked around the island to him, placing a small kiss on his lips, "Thanks. I guess I'll see you later."
He nodded and they both walked out the door to the elevator, into the crowded streets of LA, their own separate ways.
Mikey sat on his couch, feet propped up on the coffee table, phone in hand. It had been two weeks since they made the deal and they usually met at Mikey's house after Alicia got off work.
Laying his head back onto the couch, he thought about Alicia. How pretty her hair was flying around while she ran from her block on her way to work. How her eyes sparkled when she heard her favorite song. How awesomely she played bass.
She was beautiful and smart, with an actual job. "No Mikey, not again," he slapped his forehead, "You can't be serious!"
Standing, he went over to bedroom, falling onto the bed and trying desperately to fall asleep, wanting to shake away any feelings he had.
"Don't tell me you actually like him," Alicia mumbled to herself, laying her head on the desk. The two weeks had gone by quickly and she didn't know whether to believe her own nonsense or to just give in to it. She looked up to see Jamia and Alaska talking, laughing. Jamia looked up from Alaska's computer, "What's up Alicia? You seem kinda.... sad."
Alaska walked over to her desk, "Yeah, Sunshine. Lighten up a bit,"
That made Alicia smile, "Oh the irony in that."
"That's not the point, the point is, you're depressed for some reason and we wanna know why?"
Alicia looked up at her two best friends, feeling bad that she had to lie to them, "It's nothing really. I'm just being moody, I guess."
Her real troubles were not with her moodiness, but with her relationships. She knew that she'd thought he was kinda 'adorkable' from the start, but she never thought she'd actually be liking him. Their relationship was strictly physical. They were friends, but that was it. It wasn't like she'd want a relationship, there were way too many bad past ones that put 'relationships with ANYONE' in the 'DO NOT' catagory.
But her she was, wanting something that was bad for her, "When will I ever learn?"
Sorry, yes I know. Sucky small little CH that makes no sense. I humbly apologize.
Amber (the author)
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