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Night on the town

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So, I'm kinda closing in on the end here.

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It was lateish, around 8 o'clock. Alicia sat in the cab, thinking about what was bugging her for the last couple of hours.
Liking Mikey? Really, Alicia? Is that the only thing that can take you away from something even bigger at hand, like losing your job if your late to work again?
She mentally slapped herself, trying to shake off any feelings that clung on her mind. She was going to go hang out with Mikey, nothing more, nothing less.
Leaning her head against the window, Alicia watched the city light blur past her as she tried to clear her head of any feelings. The street Mikey lived on was peaceful and quiet as she stopped the cab halfway down the block, trying not to attract any attention.
She looked at the houses on his block, bright even in the night. Reaching the blue house Mikey called home, she knocked timidly on the door, swinging back and forth to distract herself from her own thoughts.
Mikey opened the door, smiling when he saw Alicia, "Hey 'licia. C'mon in."
Waving her in, they entered the living room where Alicia dropped her stuff on the couch. She fell next to her stuff, exhaling loudly, "Oh my gosh, I'm so ready to do nothing for the rest of my life."
He smiled and sat next to her, "Oh really? Nothing forever?"
"Yes. Nothing forever."
Mikey stood, flourishing his hand, "Then we're going out. Get off your lazy ass and let's go somewhere."
Alicia gave him a look, one that said 'are you freaking crazy?', "Really? you're gonna take me out?"
Mikey smiled a genuinely classy grin, "Yes I am. It's what good gentlemen do for their ladies."
She shook her head, gave him a small smile, and took his out stretched hand, "Sure, why not?"
They drove across LA, to some casual-yet-fancy restaurant, where they both decided to mess around and almost get kicked out.
Next was the park, where Alicia sat on the bench, watching Mikey try to feed some ducks at 9:30 at night. She laughed whenever they ran away, leaving Mikey lonely and afraid of the other ducks trying to attack him. Seeing as it wasn't her running away from the birds, Alicia felt obliged
to fall into fits of laughter.
After the park was just... driving. Watching the city pass by them, feeling free from everything that was bothering them. Somewhere around 11, Alicia fell asleep, leaving Mikey to his thoughts.
She looks so pretty when she's asleep... Stop it Michael Way! Again with the not listening to yourself when you say DO NOT LIKE ALICIA. Goshness, self, you don't listen ever! But she is so beautiful, it's hard not to.
He pulled into the driveway still arguing with himself. Looking over at Alicia, it didn't seem like she was going to wake up. Smiling at the sleeping girl, he got out of the driver's seat and walked around to the passenger's side, opening the door and getting Alicia out. He carried her, bridal style, through the house and into his bedroom. Laying her down on the bed, he climbed in next to her and she turned over, folding herself into his stomach. This took Mikey by surprise, but he half-smiled and put his arm around her, falling into the best sleep he'd had.
"Sorry for falling asleep on you," Alicia looked up at Mikey, who was still half asleep.
"S'okay. I knew it was late."
"No, I shouldn't have. I could have left you alone last night."
"And you haven't at least four times ever week for the last two weeks?"
They both giggled and Alicia took Mikey's hand, "Yeah, but I'm still sorry."
He smiled and, this time only pretending to be half asleep, said to her, "You know, I might really really like you. Like that. But I don't want us to end up like any of my other relationships. But I seem to be having a great time with you when we're friends and friends with benefits. What should I do?"
Again, Alicia gave him the look, but knew he wasn't going to remember what she'd say when he was fully wake and replied, "You should know that I might really really like you too. Like that. And, I don't think it's even a 'might'. There's no 'might'. So what's left is 'I really really like you'. And I know you're partially asleep and won't remember this conversation, and I want to say this before this explodes in my head, I think I'm in love with you."
Mikey sat up slowly, pulling Alicia into sitting position, "I think I'm in love with you, too, Alicia. And, if you wanted, I was thinking of asking you out, but I'm kinda nervous."
"Well if it makes it any better, I'm gonna say yes."
They both smiled and he leaned in, kissing her with more feeling than he knew he had.
Sappy ending, I know!
Amber (the author)
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