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The Very Last Meet

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A sad part

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The weeks after that were spent in a sugary sweet haze. Alicia didn't know being in a relationship could actual be... fun. She ignored the disapproving voice in her mind saying this was a bad idea and just enjoyed being with Mikey. It wasn't long before they started spending pretty much the entire day together.
"So, you and Mikey aye?" Jamia's husband, Frank, asked one day at Alicia's apartment.
She emerged from the kitchen, coffee cup in hand, "Yes Frank. What of it?"
"Nothing, he just seems happier that he's not a single broken-hearted loser like usual."
Jamia slapped his thigh, "Frank! What the hell?"
He clutched the spot hit, 'Owww! His words, not mine!"
Alicia giggled at the couple as Erica opened the front door, "Hello all."
The three were to preoccupied with Frank's antics and Erica placed her hands on her hips, "Fine then, pay no attention to the woman walking through the door."
Alicia looked over to her, "Sorry girl. Hi!"
After dropping her bags in the hall closet, Erica plopped on the couch next to Alicia and flicked the TV to an old rerun of Jerry Springer.
They sat watching the show, laughing at the appropriate moments. About three episode had passed when Alicia's pocket vibrated. Recognizing the ringtone, she wiggled the phone out of her pocket and slid the answer button, "Hey Mikes. what's up?"
His breath heaved as he slowly replied, "Hi... Alicia. I, um, I need to talk to you."
This worried Alicia and she stood, walking over to the closet door, "Yeah Mikey. What's wrong?"
"It's just... something I need to talk to you about right now. Do you mind coming to the elevator? I'm coming down right now."
"Sure, I'll be right there."
She hung up and turned to the three others, "I'll be right back, I gotta talk to Mikey really quick."
She opened the door and walking to the elevator, picking up the pace when she heard it stop on her floor. The doors opened and Mikey walked out solemnly, seeing Alicia and looks pained. She stood in front of him and took his hand, "What's wrong Mikey? Are you okay?"
He looked up from his shoes and gave her half smile, "I... I really don't know how to say this," he squeezed her hand as he continued, "I have to go back to Jersey for awhile. Urgent family issues and they need me. I'm moving back tomorrow and shipping my stuff."
It broke Alicia's heart to hear the pain in his voice as he went on, "I've been in a long-distance relationship before, and that turned out horribly. And I know that... you're so much better than every other girl out there, but I just can't do that again. So this has to be it. I kinda wanted you to come over tonight so we can, I don't know, have our final goodbyes before I leave."
Alicia turned her head down, tears trying spill down her cheeks. Mikey let go of her hand and pulled her into a hug, laying his head on top of hers. Silence overcame them for a moment as they both let their tears fall. It was hard for them both, Mikey not wanting to let go of his finally found girl and Alicia not wanting to be let go.
Finally, she pulled back, wiping her eyes of the last tears, "So you wanted me to come over tonight?"
Mikey scratched the back of his head, his eyes red, "Yeah, if you wanted to. You don't have to,"
"No, no. I want to. I would like to see you one last time."
They both almost smiled and Alicia took a step backwards with her hands behind he back, "So tonight then?"
"Yeah, I'll see you."
They waved and he turned back as the elevator doors opened again. He pressed a button and put his hands in his pockets as the doors closed. Alicia leaned against her door, looking at the elevators metal barricades. Shaking her head, she picked herself up and twisted the door knob, "And there are sometimes you just don't."
The routine was coming to an end. Mikey sat on the floor in his living room, thinking about the month that had passed. The time he'd spent being with Alicia, having a laugh in his kitchen or the first time they... had relations at her apartment. He looked over to the suitcase laying on the couch, trying to to break down.
The memories came rushing back and he went through them all before locking them away. He heard a knock and he stood, brushing off his jeans before answering the door, "Hi Alicia."
She smiled as she tip-toed to reach his head, placing her lips against his. She placed her feet back on the ground and walked into the living room, "So's Gerard going too?"
"Oh, no. He's got a job and family here, so they asked me to go," Mikey took his place back on the floor and she sat next to him, laying her head on his shoulder.
"Hey, remember that time you got chased by a duck at the park?" she laughed at the thought and he put his head in his hand, "Oh yeah, that was scary. I thought it was gonna attack me."
They both laughed and began the long conversation they had when they remembered something funny. Go off and talk about another funny memory, then something completely different, which led to another completely different thing, then another, and another.
It was well past midnight when Alicia finally remembered why she was there, "You should probably get some sleep. You've got a big day ahead of you."
She tried getting up from the floor and had Mikey help her. He didn't let go of her hand and led her to his bedroom.
Alicia looked around, seeing the empty dressers and his bass case laying next to them. Mikey released her hand and laid down in the bed, pulling to covers up and looking like he was going to fall asleep.A puzzled Alicia gave him 'the look' and he shook his head and smiled, "Get in the bed."
"Oh," she did and he wrapped his arms around her, drifting off to sleep. She couldn't help but let a tear fall out of the corner of her eye as she turned over and fell asleep in his chest.
I'm so sorry I haven't updated this one in a week! I've gotten so busy with the others, I've neglected this one! I'm sad.
Anyways, I'm sorry to say that the next CH will be the end. Sequel? No sequel? Not really yet.
Amber (the author)
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