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We'll live to fight another day

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This is the end... And yes, we go back to the Scott Pilgrim scene. I've been watching it all day and it fits so well here!

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Mikey awakened, dreading the thought of what he had to do today. He slowly slid out of bed, not waking a still sleeping Alicia, a jumped into a fast shower. Well, it wasn't exactly fast, he spent a good amount of time trying to put off having to say goodbye.
When he finally willed himself to get out, he slipped on his jeans and a t-shirt and went into the bedroom. Lying down on the bed, he gently shook Alicia, "Alicia. C'mon, it's time to wake up."
She groaned and turned over, "Five more minutes."
Mikey laughed and shook her again, "Nope, you gotta wake up right now."
Groaning again, Alicia sat up and stared lazily at Mikey, "Hmmm, morning. I'm guessing I havta get get up."
She pushed the blanket off of her and stood, stretching and yawning. They walked into the kitchen and Alicia sat in a chair, laying her head in her hands, "I still can't believe you're leaving."
Mikey sat across from her, turning the chair around to face her, "It's gonna be alright though. We can call and text and do all sorts of other things that people who don't live near each other do."
She smiled at him, "Yeah, I guess. I won't be the same though, I guess I'm just thinking how different it'll be."
She layed her head on the counter, letting the tile cool her warm cheeks. They were silent for a moment and Alicia picked her head back up, "And I guess nothing's gonna change the fact that you're leaving."
Mikey brushed a loose stand of hair over her ear and grinned, "What we can't change, we can make the best of, right?"
She smiled and they both went into the living room, putting on their shoes in silence, knowing it was almost time to finally part. He grabbed his bags and said goodbye to his house as Alicia giggled. They dumped his stuff in the trunk and got in the car, hoping they could elongate this last moment together.
When they reached her apartment block, she tried to stop herself from cry, which didn't work. Mikey parked in the lot and she opened the passenger door, trying to compose herself. He exited the car and went around to her side. Alicia could contain herself any longer and leaned against his chest, bursting into tears.
He wrapped his arms around her and set his head on top of hers, letting his tears fall with hers. In the coolness of October, they couldn't be colder as Alicia let go and wiped at her eyes, "Don't want you to miss your flight. But I wanna thank you."
She fixed his jacket collar as he gave her a look, "For what?"
"For being the nicest guy I've ever dated."
"Aww, that's kinda sad."
She looked up at him, "It is kinda sad."
Alicia hugged Mikey one last time, trying to soak up as much of him as possible. When he finally let go, she stepped back, "Any famous last words?"
He walked over to the driver's door and opened it, "Friends with benefits? Nothing more."
"Nothing less," she finished for him and they both smiled as Mikey slid into his car and drove down the almost empty streets of LA, away from Alicia.
Twenty minutes after he left, Alicia laid her head on Jamia's knee. Her and Alaska went to her, knowing Mikey was leaving that day. They wanted to make sure Alicia was going to be okay and by the looks of it, she probably wasn't going to be.
"Sunshine, don't be so down. I'm sure he'll come back someday," Alaska tried her best to get Alicia to stop being sad.
"Mhm," she sighed into Jamia's leg and closed her eyes. She knew she needed to move on but she couldn't. This wasn't one of those 'Oh, you'll get over it in about thirty seconds' kinda thing. This was on of those 'There's a hole in your heart that will never be filled' kinda thing.
Alaska blew up her bangs with her breath, "C'mon Alicia. Please don't drown yourself in a bg black sea of depression. We've seen you do it before, we don't want it to happen again."
Alicia sat up, pulling her knees to her chest, "I know, but it's just..."
Erica exhaled loudly, "We need to do something. Really, if you're going to be this Alicia, then something needs to be done."
Alicia scoffed, "Oh yeah Erica? What do you suppose we do to make this situation any better?"
Erica raised her hand and opened her mouth to say something, then stopped, and got a confused look on her face.
Alicia smirked, "Yep, that's what I thought."
Erica's face fell and she sat down, "Damn, I thought I had something good going on there."
A knock was heard and Alaska stood to get the door. Ryan Ross was there, hands on his hips, "Alicia, girl, I've been told you're down. What's wrong, sweetie?"
He walked in and sat on the floor next to her. She sighed again, "A guy who I really really really REALLY liked is moving back to his hometown in New Jersey. Ryan... what am I gonna do. You've known me my whole life, guide me with your gayness. Tell me what to do!"
Ryan put his head in his hand, "Hm, well how is he getting to NJ?"
"He's flying there."
Ryan jumped, "Girl, then go get him!I've seen you through every relationship you've ever had and you've never been this broken up over a guy. You need to get to the airport right now and go with him!"
They all gave him their best 'Are you freaking serious?' looks and Alicia stood, "You know what? he's right. I'm gonna go and... I don't know, ask him to take me with him or something!"
She ran to the hall closet and slipped on her shoes and her striped hoodie. She turned to her four best friends and went up to Alaska, hugging her tightly, "If I don't come back, I'll miss you guys so much. Tell Mr. Boss Man I quit and I hated him and my job, Alaska."
She giggled, "Don't worry, I will. Many times."
Alicia moved onto Ryan, "You are the best guy friend ever. I freaking love you."
He smiled and Jamia tackled Alicia in a hug, "Move Ross! She's my best friend and I need to give her a hug!!"
Alicia laughed as Jamia let go, "Look at my little girl, growing up and running after someone."
"You know usually, that's a bad thing," Alicia smirked at her.
Erica put her hands on her hips, "You're leaving me her all to my lonesome?"
Alicia giggled, "You'll be fine, I know you will be."
They embraced and Alicia let go, running out the door, "See you on the other side!"
She ran for the closing elevator and slid through the shutting doors. Tapping her foot, she willed the machine to go faster.
Finally getting to the lobby, she scurried outside and flagged down a taxi. Getting in, she sat up and spoke to the driver, "I'll give you twenty more bucks to get to the airport as fast as you can. I need to catch a guy from leaving without me."
"Sweetheart, it sounds like your in a hurry to get this guy. Keep your twenty."
Luckily, she got the nice cab driver and took the shortcut, a backroad to the LA Airport. Alicia passed the money up to the driver and jumped out of the cab and into the large crowd. She looked up at the electronic board and saw that the flight from LA to NJ was leaving in five minutes.
Mikey looked around the waiting room, seeing mostly couples and a few families. He slouched back in his chair, thinking about leaving LA and Alicia. Since these thoughts were too depressing to be though of at the moment, he pushed them out of his mind until he heard a voice over the PA, "Flight 729: Los Angeles to Bellville now boarding."
Alicia frantically searched the mingling people when she heard, "Flight 729: Los Angeles to Bellville now boarding."
"Damn!" She pushed pass the hoards of poeple to the end of the line full of passengers, calling out, "Mikey! MIKEY!!"
A blond head turned and stared out into the mass, "What?!"
Alicia recognized the confused voice and ran to him, "Mikey!"
When he saw her, his eyes widened, "Alicia? What are you doing here?"
She then proceeded to explain, the words jumbling out of her mouth a mile a minute, "When you left, my best friends came over and they tried cheering me up because I was so sad. But nothing made me feel better until my friend Ryan came over and told me to go and get you. So here I am and I just want to be with you. And I, like, love you and I just want us to be together."
Alicia finished and Mikey broke out in a wavering smile, "You wanna come with me?"
She let out an exhausted sigh of relief, "Yeah, I just wanted us to work out and get a happy ending."
"Well, you need a ticket to come with me."
Alicia pulled out a piece of paper out of her pocket, "Wishful thinking."
The both grinned as Mikey extended his hand, letting Alicia grab it. They walked past the security and onto the plane, on their way to New Jersey, together.
And that, my friends, is the end of another Amber-written story! Sorry that it's covered in syrup, I kinda wanted a sappy story in m collection.
Anyways, I'm not sure on sequel yet. I'm thinking about it so for now, let's let this be this.
Amber (the author)
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