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my only baby

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when gerard and lynz adopted a child things start to go wrong people start going crazy and bandit keeps ending up with mysterious wounds all over her body and someones out to get them

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Hi its me solongandgoodnight hi this is my new storie I hope you guys like it ive been kind of busy lately and abandod my last story lol so I hope everyone will like this story  rate review and all that good stuff :D

“Gerard wake up we have to go to the orphanage to see the kids!” Lynz said jumping up and down and hitting Gerard with a pillow.
“Okay okay Lynz im up Jesus trying to give me a concussion with a pillow” Gerard laughed jumping out of bed and to the bathroom. “Well hurry up so we can go im really excited!” said Lynz bouncing on there mattress. “I know I can tell” said gerard said poking his head out the bathroom. “Well im going to go fix breakfast cuase I see your gonna be a while jesus you have the worst case of bed head ever” said Lynz laughing and running down stairs.”Now what to fix” Lynz thought looking in the fridge “left overs it is” Lynz sighed taking the bowl of spaghetti “gosh we need to get sum groceries”
“Okay im ready” said Gerard running down the stairs grabbing his jacket and keys and a granola bar out the kitchen his hair still slightly disheveled and damp .
“Okay lets go” Lynz said throwing her bowl in the sink and running past Gerard and out the door to the car . “Okay slow down if you act like this at the orphanage your gonna scar the kids away” gerard laughed jumping in the car.
“Sorry im just excited’ said Lynz closing her eyes tightly and clapping her hands together “I am to now lets go” gerad said grinning from ear to ear at his wife’s eagerness backing out the drive way.

“werefinally here! Said lynz”
out the car and dragging her husband out the car “okay im coming” gerard
Laughed they
walked towards the orphanage that wasn’t very cheery it had a big black gate covered with slightly brown roses
and the hole place was painted black.
welllets go in said Gerard pushing open the gate.
They were greeted at the door of the orphanage by a short round woman with rosy cheeks long curly black hair and she was wearing a yellow sun dress. you
must be Mr. and Ms. Way said the round lady looking them up and down disapprovingly. “
Yes im lynz and this is my husband Gerard said lynz extending her hand forward the round woman took her hand as if she had a disease. “
Nice to meet you my name is Lillian now I will show you were the children are said Lillian dropping lynz hand and walking down the hall. “
Well shes rude gerard whispered in lynz ear “
well im not worried about her im hear to see our future child said lynz smiling from ear to ear.”
Well hear we are said Lillian turning around and giving Gerard and lynz a sour look I will leave you hear to get to know the children said Lillian practically shoving past the couple. Well ill go over here and look said lynz walking down the hall to a chilled listening to a fancy mp3. Hi what are you listening to said lynz sitting down to the girl she had red hair and green eyes and a very angled face.
None of your business said the girl walking out the room ,
friends already said gerard smirking standing at the end of the hall. Oh hush she’s just a bad apple we just need to look some more.

“I don’t think any of these kids like us they have either run away of told us to go away I feel like im in highschool all over again” said gerard giving a defeated laugh and sigh . “Hey is that girl crying” said lynz looking into one of the other rooms the faint crys sounding sad and tired.
“I think she is” said gerard walking towards the room with his wife.”Um are you okay” said lynz sitting herself on the floor next to the girl and gently pokeing her side .
“Im fine “ said the girl sniffling and turning to face lynz and giving her a sad smile she had pretty smooth brown skin with a small beauty mark on her face and scruffy black hair and red lips with big brown eyes the were animal like she looked just like a smaller version of lynz actually. “You don’t seem okay” said gerard quietly taking a seat on the floor on the other side of the girl .
“Hey you look kind of familiar you look like lynz from msi “she said pointing to lynz curiously “and you look like gerard from mcr”the little girl smiled.
“Well im guessing you are a fan of our bands cause that’s who we are” said Gerard laughing at how big the girl’s eyes were getting. “Oh my god! im like your biggest fans and I heard on the news you were going to adopt but I didn’t think you would come here” said the girl excitedly who was jumping in joy instead of crying her eyes out.
“Well my name is bandit but you can call me bug” said the little girl trying to stay calm.
“Well its really nice to meet you bug the kids here don’t seem to like us” said lynz laughing at the little girls cute nickname it kind of fit because of how big her eyes are lynz thought.Well that’s because they don’t really like people who are different said bug. Is that why you were crying said gerard putting his arm over the little girl to comfort her. “Yea they make fun of me a lot” said dot resting her head on her hands.
Well that’s just not right you seem pretty cool to me and you seem to have great since in music said lynz pointing to the misfits hoodie bug had on said lynz smiling at the little girl.
Thanks your so nice both of you said bug flashing gerard and lynz a crooked smile.
“Thanks” said gerard and lynz at the same time giggling.
“So you’re a misfits fan bug?” “yep my mommy and daddy use to listen to them” shaking her head up and down her black hair falling round her face “well what’s your favorite song” gerard said smiling ear to ear. “My fav song is probably Helena” said dot with a big grin on her face “hey that’s mines too” gerard laughed squeezing bugs chubby cheeks . “How can you be a misfits fan your like eight” giggled lynz.
“Well I just hate the auto tuned music that has the same meaning to every song its just all so fake that’s why I listen to your guys bands cause its real talent” said bug giving her self a smile to show she was proud of what she said.
“Would you like us to adopt you” said lynz putting her arm around bug bugs big brown eyes had became the size of a silver dollar “I would love for you to adopt me!” bug said bouncing up in down and giggling. “Well we would love to have you now we’ll go get the paper work” gerard said hugging bug and smiling “I guess we found are child” lynz said hugging gerard as they looked for the little round lady Lillian for the adoption papers “I guess we did” gerard said squeezing lynzs side and smileing from ear to ear .

Hi its me again :D hope you liked it it might be a little boring right now but don’t worry it WILL get more exciting ;D ok bye ill update as soon as I can ^-^ PS sorry if sum of the story was messed up my computers punctuation was like deleating words and stuff curse you Microsoft windows lol
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