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well bandit gets settled in and some background information gets told =:O

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Hi its me solongandgoodnight well just precious I just noticed how long my screen name was o_O lol so there are a lot of time lapses in this story so I just wanted to tell you tht so you wont be confused cause I hate when I read a story without reading the authors note then I get confused and im rambling :D lol so this part of the story is when they finally take bandit home and when she starts school :D enjoy PS:plz comment and rate and stuff :P

Gerard looked in his car mirror looking at the reflection of his newly adopted little girl sleeping her raven black hair contrasting with her brown skin and red lips ‘shes so cute” gerard said smiling breaking the silence.
“I know right shes perfect and shes just like you aint that a bonus” lynz said laughing and play punching gerards arm. “I feel like she was like made for us” gerard said smileing at the reflection of the little girl again and driving into their drive way. “I do to shes amazing” said lynz pushing a strand of hair out of the little girls face
”wake up sweetheart were home” lynz said unbuckling the little girl’s seat belt
“yay I wanna see my new house” the girl said beaming sleepily and sitting up
“ok there sweety “ gerard said opening her car door and picking her up out the car. “here it is sweetie I know its not much but we just didn’t want some flashy Hollywood house” gerard scratching the back of his head nervously hoping for the little girls approval
bandit gasped at the house it was two stories with a small garden in front a black metal gate with roses covering and twisting around the bars of the gate the bricks of the house chipping and breaking slightly it reminded her of a small fairytale house.
“Its so pretty and cute it looks lik a smurf house” the girl giggled hugging gerards neck tighter “I like it its not all big and flashy and stuff” bandit said poking gerards cheek
Gerard let out a sigh of relief happy that the girl liked the house and giggled at the thought of the smurf comparison.
“its weird you said that cause that’s what I said it reminded me of the smurfs too” gerard squeezed bandits cheeks and took into the house “are these the only cloths you have” lynz said bringing in the one duffle bag
“mhm I didn’t have a lot of cloths when they brought me to the orphanage” bandit said looking down at her small dirty converse clad feet. “oh im sorry I didn’t mean to upset you” lynz said scratching her head nervously “um let me show you your room we decorated it when we decided to adopt its full of misfits posters and stuff so im pretty sure you’ll like it” lynz said picking up the little girl and starting up the stairs
“what color is it’ bandit asked excited “when we moved in it was black and we were to lazy to paint it any other color so we kept that “ lynz said “I like black” bandit giggled “good cause im too lazy to change it” lynz smiled and poked the little girls side.

Gerard tried focusing on the potatoes he was cutting but almost chopping off his finger multiple times he had to ask the question that was nagging and poking him “lynz did you take your medication today” gerard winced after asking the question knowing how she reacted anytime he brought it up like the last time she didn’t take it she tried hurting frank she tripped him down the stairs and told him how I belonged to her. It scared me I didn’t want her to hate me but I didn’t want crazy lynz but surprisingly she seemed calm.
“Gerard I haven’t taken it in almost a year and im just fine” lynz giggled throwing some chicken in the boiling grease “what happened last time wont happen again I promise” she said smile.
“ok sweetheart I believe you don’t need it anymore I just wanted to stay on the safe side but if you feel you dint need it anymore then fine” gerard said faking a smiled while behind the smile was a paranoid monster nagging at him to make her take it
“Bandit come down stairs dinners ready!” lynz yelled from the bottom of the stairs

“so do you ike the food” lynz giggled at bandits ketchup covered face “mhm my favorite chicken and fries” bandit smiled Gerard tried not having a laughing fit at bandits little innocent food covered face “your face is covered in ketchup” gerard giggled wiping the side of her cheek which was soon covered again. “Well in about a month you’ll be starting school again soon are you excited” lynz asked pouring bandit some juice (this chapters making me hungry lol) “well kind of but I haven’t really had very good school experiences bandit said poking her ketchup covered drum stick “well I bet you’ll have a wonderful year this time” gerard said taking bandits empty dirty plate to the kitchen “c’mon lets get you to bed sweetie” lynz said picking bandit up from her seat and up the staires.

Gerard stared at the lumps of ketchup floating in the dish water but his mind blanking at the scene of frank falling down the stairs replaying over and over again in his mind. “ugh ive gotta learn to trust her this won’t happen again” gerard said cutting his eyes slightly angry at the voice in the back of his head telling him it wont be alright something bad will happen gerard she’s crazy she’ll hurt you she’ll hurt everyone. “Shut up!” gerard said slashing the dish water in the sink “gosh maybe its me who needs medication” gerard chuckled to himself “ugh I gotta go to sleep before I start acting like golem from lord of the rings” gerard murmured to him self running up the stairs

“ugh this bed is so soft” gerard said rubbing his face in the pillows of his bed “soft pajamas soft pillow soft bed almost perfect now where’s lynz” gerard said looking around the room “lynz where are you” gerard said in a sing song voice “okay maybe the bathroom” gerard said opening the door gerards eyes opened wide he started to fall back onto the door “lynz what-what is that!” gerard said looking at the tube full of blood the white marble covered in huge splatters of blood the tub holding a zombie like lynz “I cut myself while shaving im fine” lynz said sweetly but monotone like the dolls with the strings in their back “go to bed gerard” “but lynz all this bloo-“ “go to bed ill be there in a second just go” lynz said trying to hide the sharpness in her voice “oh-oh okay but if you need anything call me” gerard said backing out of the room “mhm I will now leave im getting cold” lynz said gerard laid back down on his bed mortified by what he just saw omg gerard said clutching his chest and rubbing his face in his pillow “she was just shaving nothing happened’ gerard repeated to him self till he fell asleep.

Hey ppls! Betcha didn’t see tht comin huh? (^-^) sorry for not updating for so long (._.) plz forgive meh  lol but um I hoped you liked this chapter there shall be more soon  um I apologies for any errors or such for this chapter and again for the first chapter my computer was lik malfunctioning lol rate comment and favourite and all tht good stuff
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