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If Heaven Wants to Take Us They Can Try

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Frank is an outcasted Catholic School student who takes interest in the pastor's son.

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Frank fell to the ground, his books scattering on the floor as the boys above him laughed

"Awww look at the little emo cry!"

Frank kept his head down, standing up and tried to ignore them but they kicked him in his ribs. He screamed and fell back down, clutching his side and squeezed his eyes shut, wishing he could be anywhere else. They laughed at him, kicking his books across the hall before walking to class, leaving Frank in the hall curled in a ball. When he knew they were gone, he used his hands to push himself up off the ground, trying to stand up but back falling down. He tried again, this time using the wall as a brace. His breath was ragged and his ribs were killing him but he slowly walked to class, knowing that if he said anything, the beatings would just be worse. The halls were empty and Frank felt like he was in a never ending tunnel of white. The floors, the walls, the ceiling, all of it was white. The doors were the only color in that place and they were puke brown. Frank got to his class and stood in front of the door, praying for someone to take him away.
The door glared at him, mocked him 'Frank, come in. Come to your misery'. He shook his head and opened the door, knowing when he walked in, all eyes would be on him for being late. The teacher stood at the chalkboard with her hand on her hip. She had long black hair that was pulled back by a band. Her face was old and wrinkly, and she was in her late 50's.

"So glad you could join us Mr. Iero. Late again I see."

She glared at him and turned back to her lesson while he walked to the back of the class to take a seat.

Frank rested his head on his hands and stared down at his open notebook, blocking out whatever the teacher said. His pencil moved across the page, making the shape of a heart. Not the lovey dovey hearts but of a human heart. He had learned how to draw them in his anatomy class. This heart was bleeding and had needles sticking out of it. Under the heart, Frank had written 'Think Happy Thoughts' in black script.

He looked up when the teacher asked him a question.

"Maybe you can tell us, Mr. Iero, how it is the Knights of Templar died off"
He sighed, and answered the question

"The Knights of Templar never died off. It is true the Catholic Church killed the majority of them but the survivors went into hiding, keeping their traditions a secret. They later re-surfaced as the Priory of Scion or Free Masons"

The teacher stared at him for a moment before turning back to the board.

"Very Good"

He smiled to himself, knowing she had been trying to call him out and embarrass him for not paying attention and was mad she had failed. Her long grey skirt swayed as she shifted her weight to write on the board, ending the class.

"Your homework assignment is on the board, I want it by Wednesday. If it's late, you get no grade. Your in High school people, time to grow up"

She shut her book and walked over to open the door

"Class dismissed"

Frank stood up and waited for the rest of the class to clear out, taking his time to put his books in his bag. He walked into the hall, to see it was mainly empty.

"Thank god..."

He walked to his locker, in no hurry at all to get to lunch. They would just torture him anyway. His shoes were quiet against the tile floor and he walked with his head down. Suddenly Frank was stopped by something hard and he fell to the ground with a thud. His ribs screamed when he hit the ground, making him wince at the sudden jolt of pain. He looked up to see he had bumped into someone and they were on the ground as well. They boy he had bumped into had shoulder length black hair and was wearing all black. Frank closed his eyes, waiting for the screaming and the beating to begin but it never came.

The boy stood up, brushing himself off, and knelt back down to pick up Frank's book. Frank opened his eyes to find a pair of brown ones staring at him. For the first time, Frank got a good look at the boy's face. He had a well-defined chin and a sharp nose. His skin was pale and clear of any blemishes. He smiled and extended his hand to help Frank up. Frank slowly took it, accepting the help knowing that he wouldn’t be able to stand on his own with the state his ribs were in.

He kept his head down and mumbled

"I’m sorry" Trying to avoid the gaze the boy in front of him was giving.

"Its ok. I’m Gerard."

Frank looked up and forced a smile "Frank."

Frank caught himself staring at Gerard in a way the school would frown upon. He tore his eyes away and lowered his head

"I have to get to lunch."

He took his book from Gerard's hands and walked away to the cafeteria, thinking about what just happened. He didn't know why Gerard was nice to him. He had never seen him before and even though Frank wasn't the best at making friends, he knew the face of everyone in school.

The lunch room was loud and crazy just like every other day and Frank walked to the back table that was empty, sitting down and pulling out his lunch. He never ate, just pretended to so no one would say anything about him starving himself. The students wouldn't care but the teachers always had something to say.

He looked down at his notebook, opened it, and continued to draw. He smiled and remembered he had brought his iPod with him. Frank pulled out his headphones and shoved them in his ears, blaring whatever came on. Autopilot Off-Nothing Frequency. He moved his head to the side with the beat of the guitar

'This system, has shorted out, memory fails during the crashing down, and as its starting to fade out, well there's a pessimistic side of me, that knows that this might never turn itself around'

Frank smiled, closing his eyes. He decided to put his head down and try to escape for a while. 6 songs later, the bell rang, signaling lunch was over. Frank closed his notebook, shut off his iPod and walked to class, thankful it was the last one of the day.
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