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Hey kid, can I have your attention

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Something about Gerard made him feel safe. Made him not want to hide in his shell and run from the world.

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Frank sat in the back of class, listening to his teacher give a lecture about the importance of math in the real world. His notebook had been taken, as well as his iPod because he had been using them in class. Suddenly the door opened and everyone in the class sat up straight, except for Frank of coarse. The pastor walked in, followed by the boy Frank had ran into in the hall, Gerard. He kept his eyes on Gerard, but tore them away when he heard his name be called. Frank looked up to see the pastor staring at him with a glare.

“Franklin Anthony Iero, sit up straight.”

Frank just looked at him and smirked. “Why?”

The pastor lowered his gaze, looking rather frightening.

“For one, it is horrible posture, not to mention it makes you look like a uneducated human being. Life is about how you present yourself. Slouching in your chair tells people you are lazy and pathetic.”

Frank rolled his eyes “You mean life is about how you look?”


“Well you look like shit then.”

The class started laughing but immediately shut up when the teacher snapped his fingers, giving them a glare. Frank shifted in his seat, tossing his head back, his neck resting on the back of the chair. He looked up at the white ceiling and closed his eyes. He started to hum a tune, whispering the words of a song as the pastor made his way over to Frank’s desk. He opened his eyes and looked at the pastor with a smile

“Life so reckless tragedy endless, welcome to the family”

The pastor towered over Frank as he stood up slowly, walking over to the door before looking back at the teacher and the class with a smile.

“Seize the day or die regretting the time you lost”

He looked over at the pastor who was right behind Frank, pushing him towards his office for punishment. The pastor looked over at Gerard

“Gerard, please take Frank to my office while I go take care of something.”

The pastor spoke with a harsh voice, and then walked off down the hall, scowling at nothing. Gerard turned to Frank and looked him up and down before speaking.

“Avenge Sevenfold, nice. What made you think of that?”

Gerard walked forward, shoving his hands in his pockets, looking over at Frank who was standing there staring at him.

Gerard smiled “You coming?”

Frank looked up and nodded, following Gerard to the office, walking very slowly. Something about Gerard made him feel safe. Made him not want to hide in his shell and run from the world. Frank knew he should be careful, not let his emotions get the best of him but Frank wanted to know more. He caught up to Gerard and just looked at his face, trying to remember every detail, every flaw, everything. Frank looked away, afraid Gerard would catch him staring and answered his question.

“I don’t know really. I guess it just kinda came to me. I like them. They have such a unique sound. You a fan?”

Gerard smiled and Frank felt his stomach lift. He shouldn’t be feeling this way at all. He shoved the feelings away and listened to Gerard’s answer.

“Yeah. Dad doesn’t know though. He wouldn’t approve. He says that music like that is for rebels and that nothing good can come from listening to it. That’s a load of BS. So what else do you listen to Frank?”

“Lots of shit I guess. Bouncing Souls, Green Day, Black Flag, Operation Ivy, shit like that”

Gerard nodded “you’re a punk.”

Frank eyed Gerard, not sure how to take that.

“Yeah, so?”

Gerard looked at Frank “Nothing wrong with that. I think that’s awesome. I’m more of a metal head. Pantera, Anthrax and Iron Maiden, although I do love the Misfits.”

Frank smiled “Metal is good. What’s your opinion on the Ramones?”

“I can’t hate on them but my brother and I are more of Sex Pistols people. What about MC5s?”

“I like them, but I think I’m more of a Wayne Kramer fan. I think his solo stuff is better.”

“Nah, See I’m not a fan of his solo stuff. You ever heard of the Dead Boys?”

“Dude! I love them! I thought I was the only person who knew about them!”

“haha same yo! It sucks that they broke up…..”

“I know man….such a bummer”

Frank looked up to see they were standing in front of the pastor’s office. He turned to Gerard and smiled.

“Wish me luck”

Gerard smiled, laughing at Frank’s attitude. “Ill be listening”

With that, Frank turned around and walked into the office, preparing for the punishment.
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