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Korse attacks! Sorry i havent unpoaded in a while

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Poison sat on the table, adjusting his gun and testing the sight. He quickly glanced over at Scout who was filling a rather ragged draw string bag full of drinks, food, torches and extra ray guns. She seemed distant, here head in the clouds. Kobra, Ghoul and Jet were working on the old, battered car which had been left at the stop from the last times. Since then, it had a few faults but as Ghoul said “it will only take a few moments of tweaking and changing” and he was right, the car was nearly brand new. “There” said Kobra, standing up and admiring the car “I think crossing the plains will be easy now” Jet laughed “to you maybe Kobra, but you’re not the one driving”. Ghoul tapped on the window to the cabin “come on you two, the cars ready”. Poison hopped off the table and opened the door. Scout was still routed to the chair. “Scout” said Poison “you coming?” She jumped as though she had just come out of a dream “wha... what?” she said “oh, right, ok” she stood up and quickly walked through the door, past Poison. He stood back to let her through and felt a strange surge go up his body, Butterflies in the stomach. He pushed the thoughts out of his mind and followed her out.

“What did I tell you?” said Ghoul, eyeing them all with a smirk on his face “shut up Ghoul” said Jet, shoving him aside and to his place in the back seat of the car, Kobra followed him and Ghoul, who gave Jet a pissed off look, got in after them. Scout walked round and sat at the front, waiting for Poison to get the car going. Poison was about to climb in, but then he saw something. A head was peeking over a dune. He realized the danger “guys! Get out” he yelled “Quick!” Scout jumped out as fast as she could, Kobra kicked the door at the back open and the three in the back scrambled out, lying flat out on the ground. Then the car exploded.

Scout cried out as flames shot up into the sky. All around her, chaos rained. Poison held his head close to the ground and figured out what had happened. A Draculoid had planted a bomb under the car while the 5 of them were inside the building. Then, when they had heard Kobra, Ghoul and Jet come outside, The Draculoid ran and hidden behind the dune, obviously not seen by the 3 boys who had been talking and laughing about a joke that Ghoul had told.

Poison looked up just in time to see at least 54 Draculoid’s running towards them, all holding plain, white BLI ray guns and standing behind them on top of the hill looking menacing, was Korse. He too was holding a ray gun, the most impressive one so far. It was completely white and not a speck of sand or dirt on it. In Poison’s opinion, he found this rather laughable wonder if this is his first time using that gun he thought. He shook the thought out of his head and shook his brother on the shoulder “Kobra, get everyone up, we got to fight!”

The 5 of them ran forward, guns raised, firing there shots at the Draculoid’s. One by one, Korse’s minions fell to the ground, some still twitching, some crying quietly in pain and some whose souls had gone straight to hell. This was the 3rd time Scout had been in fighting, but not on this scale. She had only killed a few before but this was way off the charts. She ran beside Poison and Ghoul, passed bodies and through dust which had been kicked up by them running. “Korse!” shouted Jet and began sprinting towards him, followed by Ghoul. “Jet, Ghoul, stop!” yelled Kobra. The ray gun fired and shot straight towards them. Ghoul and Jet had heard Kobra’s cry and they ducked, hitting the ground once more. The shot whizzed over their heads and skimmed Ghouls left shoulder. He cried out and gripped it, trying to numb the pain. Korse grinned maliciously and turned and disappeared behind the dune. “ Come back here and fight you bastard!” cried Jet, jumping up and attempted to go after him “ Jet” said Scout, running towards him and held him back “ he is probably got in his car and gone now and besides, we need to help Ghoul” Jet looked at his friend and nodded. Kobra and he then helped Ghoul walk. Poison’s eyes lingered on the spot where Korse had gone, then past the dead bodies of the Draculoid’s, back to the stop, where he felt safe.
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