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What lies in the darkness

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Things are going to be getting dangerous for Vengeful Scout

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The draculoid walked forward, opened the car door and Korse seated himself inside. He then ordered his minion to get inside and start driving, back to BLI headquarters. The draculoid didn’t need telling twice. He put his foot down and they drove at top speed over the dusty terrain. Korse lay back in his seat and smiled. He had managed to damage at least one of them and it gave him so much pleasure to do so. Suddenly a radio crackled into life and a man voice trickled out. “Sir?” it said. Korse leaded forward and pressed a button on the radio, talking into it.

“Go ahead Sebastian”

“Sir, did you find the Killjoys?” he asked

“Of course, i always do”


“Injured one of them”

“Good job sir”

“Thank you Sebastian. Have you got draculoid’s ready for the next plan of action?”

“Yes, they are on standby. When do we move in?”

“I will give you the details back at HQ”

“Ok sir, over and out”

The radio fell into silence and the crackling sound dissolved, leaving the sound of the car driving across the sand. Korse smiled and loaded his ray gun “I think we are ready for Operation Snatch to begin”

Fun Ghoul was moaning and complaining all the way through Zone 2. They all decided they should head for Zone 3 as they had been found easily in Zone 2 and they had nearly been killed by being blown up with a bomb under the car. They all wished they had the car now, the sun was sinking over the plains, but it was still humid. Everyone was getting tired and rather hungry and Ghoul wasn’t helping.

“It really hurts badly, can you stop walking so fast cause you’re making it hurt more, seriously are we there yet, I’m getting...”

“Ghoul! If you don’t shut your fat mouth me and Kobra are gonna drop you and you can walk without our help”

Ghoul started at the sandy ground “but my arm hurts!” he complained

“Good thing it’s not your leg that got shot! We would have dropped you ages ago and then you would still be in that spot until the Dracs came and finished you off”

Ghoul stayed silent for the rest of the journey and Jet and Kobra decided to help him with his arm. It did look bad, blood was seeping through his shirt and he found it difficult to walk as he was loosing blood. Kobra pressured the wound with a cloth that Scout gave him and, even though the flow of blood had stopped, Ghoul looked pale. “Recon we are in zone 3 Party?” Scout asked. She and Part were walking in front of the other 3 boys. “I think so” he said, checking a scrunched up map out of his pocket “Yes, we are here”. He stopped and beckoned everyone over “come on slow coaches! Hurry up” Kobra looked at Party with a look of deepest annoyance. “We are half carrying an injured killjoy” he said. Party slapped his brother on the shoulder “it’s good of you Kobra. I’m sure Ghoul is grateful” Kobra smiled, sitting down on the ground. “ok everyone, this is where we are gonna bunk tonight” said Party, sitting them all in a circle and eyeing them all “ we will each take turns on guard duty, each of us do 2 hours each. Jet is first, then Kobra, Ghoul, Scout and me. Ok?”Ghoul raised his hand “Party, can i do a 1 hour shift? Cause of my arm” Scout nodded “That’s a good idea; I’ll do an extra hour” she said. “Alright then, it’s...”Jet looked at his watch “7:57 lets have something to eat and then I will start lookout duty”

The meal, in Scouts opinion, was, as usual, boring and distasteful. The stuff in the cans, which they called food, wasn’t very filling. She thanked herself for bringing a lot of the stuff, even thought the extra weight wasn’t needed. They had fallen asleep at 9PM and, even thought they were in the desert, it was cold. Scout was shivering violently with only the clothes on her back to keep her warm. Party noticed this so he got up and sat next to her “ you ok?” he asked, whispering so he wouldn’t wake anyone up “I’m ok” she replied “ Just cold and a little scared” Party laid next to her, looking at her concerned

“What’s that matter?”

“All the fighting, it’s scary and I don’t want you guys getting hurt”

“We’ll be ok Scout. We can fend for ourselves”

“What about Ghoul, he got himself hurt. He could have been killed if Kobra didn’t warn him. And what happens if someone is killed? Where would we be? What if one of us is left behind if we are all maimed? What if it’s my fault someone is killed?”

She looked away from Party’s eyes “I couldn’t bare that”

Party wrapped his arm around her in a father-daughter sort of fashion and held her close

“Scout, i promise, we will be ok” he said, looking at Scout as thought she was his daughter “what if we loose you? You’re like a sister to us. Where would we be without your enthusiasm and cleverness?”

Scout smiled closed her eyes, falling into a slumber “yes you may sleep here” Party said, chuckling. He too, closed his eyes, trying to sleep. Jet tapped him on the shoulder suddenly. “Look’s pretty quiet if you ask me, should we continue with the watches?” Party looked at his sleeping brother, snoring a little and Frank who was also fast asleep. “I can do mine now if you want Party. I’m not tired” said Scout, sitting up.

“You sure?”

“Course I’m sure”

So here she was now, sitting alone, in the dark with no one else with a torch and a ray gun. She could still here Mikey snoring behind her and she chuckled, at least it wasn’t completely silent. Thinking that wasting time would help the hours go by, she took out a notepad and a pen out of the drawstring bag and began to write a song:

"The cell door is closed, I’m all alone
The phone will ring and no ones home
The eyes are bright, I’m alive
The coffins closed and my past life died

If anyone could hear you calling
I swear they would hear you say
"Im sorry that I’m gone and now I’m falling"
If anyone could hear you crying
I swear they would hear you say
"Let me live one more lonely day"

My eyes are closed, i lay here alone
Lonely silence will ring and no one's home
My soul is bright, I’m less alive
My heart is closed because my life died

If anyone could hear you yelling
I swear they would hear you say
"I’m sorry that I’m gone and now I’m falling"
If anyone could hear you..."

She stopped halfway through the sentence and she looked up, a little shaken. She had heard something skitter across the sand. Scout reached behind and grabbed her ray gun, a black and white one with had the scout emblem on it. She stood and looked across the dark scene with torch. Then, she heard it “Scout” Scout jumped and looked around, trying to see who called her name whilst thinking hard. Ok Scout you either wake the boys up or tell them about the creepy voice which called my name or go and see what it is alone". She looked back at the sleeping figures, yes; maybe she should get one of them up. She moved over to Kobra, praying he wouldn’t kill her for waking him up. She crouched beside him and nudged his shoulder “Kobra” she whispered “Kobra, wake up” He stirred in his sleep “5 more minuets please” he whined. She sighed and shook him hard “Kobra!” she hissed. His eyes shot open instantly and he sat up, surprised. “Scout” he said tiredly, rubbing his eyes
“I heard something, someone was calling my name”
Kobra jumped up as quick as a flash, grabbed his ray gun and put bandana and glasses on. Scout got her mask which she had taken off for the watch and placed it on her head. Kobra went in front, ray gun at his side, looking around. Scout followed getting increasingly nervous.
“What did the voice sound like exactly?” asked Kobra
“High-pitched, like a child” Scout replied
“And it said?”
“”Scout”, that’s it. I looked with the torch in the area but i couldn’t see anyone”

Kobra and her had walked around for about half and hour and had found nothing. Scout turned to Kobra
“Maybe they have gone?”
“My thoughts exactly. I’m gonna head back and see if the guys are ok”
“Alright, I’ll keep looking. Don’t worry; i can handle dracs on my own”
Kobra looked unsure, but nodded and headed off into the darkness. Scout stood alone, still looking for the “thing” that had called her name. The night had become absolute now and she was getting frightened. What scared her more was another sound?
“Scout? Is that you?”
Scout whipped around and let out a gasp.
It was defiantly her. Grace was running towards her and flew into Scouts arms in a warm embrace.
“What in the world are you doing here? I thought you said you were safe with a group of people?”
Grace giggled and clung onto her still, smiling widely “We were coming through here and I saw someone in the distance and here you are!” Scout was smiling too, laughing a little at the sudden shock. “The others would love to see you, shall we go back to them and...” Scout began
“No” said Grace, rather sternly, which surprise “I need you to come with me quickly, and then we can go. Is that ok?”
“Ok then. What’s the trouble?”
“Oh, the person who has been looking after me would like to meet you first. They want to meet the guys too”
They walked through the dark and sand, Scout’s torch illuminating the scene. She was still a little surprised that Grace was here, how did they get here anyway?

5 figurers were appearing in the torchlight and Grace began running towards them. Scout began to have funny feelings about this. For a start, these people looked familiar, TOO familiar. Scout ran after Grace, trying to catch up
“Grace! Slow down!” She cried
“Here they are, there dying to meet you”
Scout stopped and a light was switched on from a hidden light and now everything was visible, even the people in front. Grace ran back to her and hugged her tightly, tugging her. “Come on!” she said “I said they were dying to meet you”
Scout froze and let out a yell. She knew who these people were and the person standing before them unmistakable. Korse.
“Or, should i say, you’ll be dying to meet them” said Grace. Grace’s voice had changed from a small child into a voice of a grown man. Scout screamed as Grace’s form changed. She grew taller, her clothes whiting, her hair changing to black and her face pale. The others were advancing too, closing in on her. Scout got out her ray gun but before she could fire, her arms were retched behind her body causing her to shout in pain and drop her gun.
“Well, well, well. Good to see you Vengeful Scout"
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