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Bed Rest

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Tori learns what happened to here, and how she ended up in the dingy little base.

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"Well..." Ray began, glancing at Frank. "Frank and I here, we were out on patrol in the Trans Am. We didn't really expect any attacks, but of course, what can we expect? We're fucking criminals, I guess. But still, we were in pretty close proximaty of Battery City." He shrugged, his gazing moving from me to Frank, who began to speak.

"Of course, we got ambushed from behind. So, we were just doing our thing, beating the shit out of some dracs. But...I looked behind me for a split second, and I saw you. You looked kinda..lost. Just walking on the outskirts of the city like you didn't have a thought in your head. Next minute I know you've got four laser wounds in your chest, and Ray's finishing out the dracs." He bit his lip, looking almost guilty, as if it had been his fault that I had gotten shot.

"Once Ray took care of 'em, I told him about you, and we drove over. Well, as if it weren't obvious enough, they shot you. So, we did the only thing we could do; we took you back here, Ray fixed you up, and here we are." He held his arms out to emphasize the point, and Frank chuckled at my face, which had confusion written all over it.

"W-Wait...I know what you guys are. Y-You're killjoys!" I shouted in realization, looking among them again. But then, my eyes widened in fear. Sadly, I wasn't yet aware of the fact that the killjoys were just trying to help save Battery City from BL/ind, which at the time had brainwashed us all into thinking that they were nothing but notorious villains. "B-B-But you guys are...I kill." I gasped out, biting my lip in worry while Gerard began to chuckle.

"Being in association with BL/ind has done you no good, I see. They've killed more of us than we've killed those mothafuckin' draculoids." Gerard spat, scowling now. It was quite clear none of them were a fan of BL/ind. "And they could have rightfully killed you."

My eyes widened slightly at the thought. "Well...I-I don't wanna go back. No way in hell am I going back to that-" I stopped, receiving some nods and raised eyebrows.

"Well, you're welcome to stay here with us." Emily offered, sending me a warm smile. Everybody nodded in agreement, while I smiled a bit.

"Are you sure? I don't wanna be a burden to you all with my crippled self." Frank laughed a bit, and Mikey chuckled.

"Trust me, kid, you won't be in here too long. Laser wounds don't last a long while; just hurt like fuck. You'll be out with us in no time." Ray grinned, and I forced a small chuckle and smile.

What they didn't know wouldn't hurt them. I think.
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