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American Girl Chapter 28

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well... we are nearing an end with this story my darlings:) not yet; theres a few more chapters left; but it nearly the end:3 i'm gonna go to bed now. enjoy.
so long and goodnight.

"Zaria?" Someone called. I'm not sure who, I was still half asleep.

"Zar?" I recognised that one.

"Frankie?" I called sitting up.

"Hey Zar," He smiled.

"Hey Frankie, hey Becca; what's going on?" I asked, frowning slightly.

"The guys have gone to get coffee, and the wives are still in the waiting room. I sent Sarah to get some sleep; she was down here with you for four hours stright, just whispering to you. Even after you fell asleep." He replied. I smiled, typical Sarah; only she would stay with me that long. She's a good friend.

"And we have the results of the test..." Rebecca said slowly.

"Am I pregnant?" I asked.

"Yes, you are."

"Tell me you're joking?!" Frank and I yelled.

"I'm sorry, but you are." Rebecca sighed. "You'll have to book an appointment with your GP when you get back to America and then discuss your options from there." She smiled. With that she walked out of the room.

"Frankie, what do I do?" I sobbed, as he held me close.

"In my opinion? Or what you want to hear?" He asked.

"Your opinion of course." I sighed, wiping away my tears and looking at him.

"You should keep the baby."

"Why? I'm 15!"

"You'll be 16 tomorrow." Frank laughed.

"Frank. It's not funny. I'm pregnant, and spending my birthday in hospital!" I cried.

"Hey! I'm... no, I'm not pregnant." He laughed. "But I am spending my birthday in hospital!"

"Oh God, I'm sorry Frankie!" I sighed. "I ruin everything! I'm surprised Gee hasn't kicked me out already."

"I would never kick you out sweetheart." Gerard smiled walking in the door with a cup of coffee for Frank. "Have they brought the results yet?" He asked. I nodded weakly. "Well?"

"You're gonna be a Grandad... Kind of." I sighed.

"Really?" He grinned.

"Yep." Frank laughed.

"Wow..." Gerard smiled.

"You're taking this better than I did." I laughed. "I don't know what to do Daddy." I sighed.

"Keep the baby." Gerard smiled.


"Are you ready?" He asked me.

"I don't know," I sighed.

"Can you do it?" Frank asked.

"I suppose..."

"Well then?" Gerard laughed. I grinned.

"I'm having a baby!" I squeeled.

"See, that's such a better attitude." Frank laughed. I smiled. Maybe this wouldn't be so bad.

"Can the others come down so I can tell them?" I asked Rebecca as she walked in.

"Sure, want me to go get them?" Rebecca laughed.

"Please." I smiled. When she left I turned to Frank. "When can I get the fuck out of here?" I demanded. "I fucking hate hospitals."

"We'll see." Frank laughed.

"It won't be long now." Gerard smiled.

"Yep." I sighed, as everyone else walked in.

"You're pregnant aren't you?!" Sarah grinned.

"You ruin all my surprises you do! You just ruin things for yourself when you think ahead and second guess me." I snapped.

"Zaria's pregnant!" She sang. "What you gonna call it? What do you want a girl or a boy? Can I be Godmother? Are you gonna have it Christianed? Can I help raise it?" She asked.

"Valkyrie for a girl. Damien for a boy. A girl I guess. No, and no. Yes." I answered.

"You're gonna be an awesome Mom." Jamia smiled. I smiled back. She was lucky. She had Frank to help raise their children, and Mom had Dad to help raise Bandit and me. Grandmama had had Grandpapa until he died a few years after my real Mom and Dad. It just wasn't fair. I was 15, pregnant, the Dad of my baby was in prison.

"Why does everything go wrong for me?" I asked.

"What'd you mean honey?" Alicia asked, walking over and hugging me.

"My parents are dead, my Grandmama is dead, I witnessed a murder of my family members, I've been hunted down for information since, I was then kidnapped along with your children, raped, and ended up pregnant and the Dad of my child is in prison." I cried.

"But doll, you're living with My Chemical Romance there are kids who would kill for your position in life. And I'm moving in with you guys, I'll be your baby's Daddy, their other Mommy, their Auntie, Uncle, Sister, Brother, fucks sake I'll even be your baby's dog if you want." Sarah grinned.

"Come here," I smiled, as she walked over and I pulled her into a bear hug. "You are the most amazing friend in the world and if it wasn't for you I wouldn't be walking this world right now. If it wasn't for all of you." I smiled letting go and looking round the room at my family. "I love you. All of you."

"I love you too." Sarah laughed, kissing my forehead.

"I love you." Gerard and Lyn-Z smiled, hugging me.

"We love you," Alicia and Mikey grinned, hugging me and kissing my cheek.

"We love you." Jamia and Frank smiled.

"I wuv you." Cherry whispered.

"Aww!" I smiled, as Frank placed her and Bandit in the bed beside me. "I love you both very very much, and I promise you that for as long as I breathe and walk this Earth I will never let anyone hurt you again. Okay?" I whispered to them hugging them tight.

"Okay," They smiled, cuddling closer. This was where I wanted to be, with my family.

Third Person. Elsewhere.

Thick and fast the blood ran down the floor. Thomas' head lay halfway across the room, his body where it had fell. Dead. There was a trail of blood from body to head.

"See what happens when you fail me?" The voice boomed out across the room.

"Yes Sir." Came the complete crowd's reply.

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