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Can I run away with you again?

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Frankie and Gerard used to date but thats old news. Theyre over eachother now. Or are they?

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My new story! Just a little intro! Another Frerard but new circumstances and more happiness and rainbows! I hope the green yes that found me didnt break any hearts! Thankyou! Lotsa Love and free ice cream and jelly! :) x

Gerards POV
The dark curtains were ripped open, the sunbeams blinding me. It was August Tenth. Usually it was another day of sun and relaxation in summer break but this year it was moving day. After 6 years here in Miami we were heading home to Belleville, New Jersey. My Mom had met someone on a weekend away over there and we were all heading to move in with him. He had never wanted children and so me and Mikey are had been dreading today. He might hate us and make our lives hell! Not only that, we were going to miss our own father Donald. Yes he and Mom did split up after he had an affair with a work colleague called Brooke who was about twenty years younger ( total whore). But we had worked on being civil and we were getting a good relationship going. Even he and Mom and met up to discuss custody arrangements. As it stood, Mom had us during the working week and Dad got us every weekend. But obviously now, it would be Dad got us two weeks per school break. Somehow, he had agreed to this which sucks. Two weeks per break? That's practically nothing. And the worst part of moving? The past. We had only been here two years. I was seventeen now but i had never forgotten him. First love is meant to be like that, i know. But you're not meant to still want them so much years after the downfall.

Little Intro! I hope it was okay! I love you guys! You look beautiful as always! :) x
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