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You said we wouldn't be apart

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Gerard recalls some of his Jersey days as the Ways hit the road. :)

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Your reviews for the green eyes that found me were so lovely! I cannot repay you enough! Stay beautiful guys! You are amazing! :)

Gerards POV
Cereal, no. Bacon, no. Bread, no. Chocolate, no. No breakfast for Gerard then. " Hey bro, you're looking a little bit sad there?" Mikey my little brother asks me raising an eyebrow. Mikey being Mikey, he's already dressed washed and has probably eaten a hearty healthy breakfast. Today was a big day for him as much as it was for me. He had a girlfriend here. Her name was Alicia, and obviously they were going to have to try out a long distance relationship. He had freaked out when he first realized this but slowly and surely he got used to the idea and even began to like it a little bit. He was definitely thinking of the "making up for lost time" sex. Little Brothers, eh? Mom was outside still, admiring her flowers. I knew she would miss her little blossom tree and her giant version of daisies that she loved so much. It was similar to how Mikey was about it all though. She would miss life here because she had built company and a lifestyle here yet she knew she had to go for the common good of the family. And in honesty, it would do wonders for her too. She needed a change of scene, especially away from our father. My personal view would be we should stay here, just move half an hour away or something, it was just the person i'd be going back to that was giving me doubts. Not that i really had anybody waiting. But i'd still have to see the person everyday. It's fine though. Because clearly i'm over him, aren't I?

Franks POV
"Frankie!" She calls up the stairs. I've obviously left her waiting again. Shivering at her calling me Frankie, only he used to call me that. But that was years ago. I shouldn't mind being called that now. It's just because she never calls me that. That's all it is. That's why it's making me shiver.
" I'll be right there. Just finishing getting ready." I called back down the stairs. It was my girlfriend Hanna. Sweet as sugar and cute as a button, but damn right impatient. I was the kind of guy who left the house twenty minutes before the bell went, then i would arrive just after the bell had gone so pretty much on time. Not early but not too late either. My girlfriend however liked to get there fifteen minutes before the bell and so for the past four months i had been spending unnecessary time at school. Halle fucking lujah. I hate the place with a passion. Sure, i have two awesome friends and their girlfriends are cool and get along with Hanna really well, but that doesn't stop the jocks from pointing out your differences to them and their arrogant ways. Luckily, the girls never got picked on. They were quite desired to be honest, 3 pretty, confident girls. Some guys cant help themselves. My difference to them on that part? I happen to be bisexual. Closeted from Hanna and the rest of school but nobody understands why i have not gone any further than kissing my girlfriend. This is what the jocks enjoy pointing out the most. I'm frigid or self conscious because i'm an ugly fag and that's why i won't. They like to shout these at me as i walk by, and they also like to tell my girlfriend those same things as well as hit on her daily. She doesn't take any notice, but i know she is losing it with me slowly. It's not that i don't trust her or anything like that, i just don't know if i feel strongly enough for her to go further. It felt alot more stronger when it was him.

Frankies first appearance with Hanna! I would love to have some more characters thrown in later! And so if you would like to be in this story you can just let me know! :) I need a girlfriend for Ray and Bob as well as a teacher and Gerards female best friend! Thankyou for reading! :) x
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