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Finders Keepers

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Frank reminisces as Hanna intervenes. Meanwhile, Gerard and Mikey arrive in Belleville!

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I'm sorry this is kinda later than i expected! I've tried to lengthen it a little and i hope the plot is ok for you guys! Lotsa Love! Special shout out to rainbow_apocalypse and MCRLoverCarley who feature in this chapter! :) Much love ficwadders! Thankyou! You're amazing and i love you! :) x

Franks POV
Hanna and I were strolling out of school, hand in hand as always. She was babbling on about how she hated her geography teacher and he had confiscated her phone. Mind you, her phone constantly rang or beeped. Mindless Self Indulgence Shut Me Up blaring from her pocket every two minutes may annoy some teachers although Hanna didn't seem to grasp that concept. Today, she was coming over for dinner. My parents loved her. And i mean, LOVED her. They constantly invited her over and my Mom even had her cell phone number, they texted! One thing that bugged me about this arrangement? My parents were expecting it to last. They had never known about him. I never told them i was bi. They still to this day believe as straight as straight could get. And with Hanna? Sure, she was amazing and i really liked her but marriage and children? Not in my plan for a long, long time. Hanna was ready for a physical relationship and i knew she would love to marry young and have children in her early twenties. When you think of that, it isn't far off. And the thought of what may happen in between now and then. Scares the hell out of me. We turn the corner and approach my house. The white one covered in vines and with neatly planted flowers in the front garden. Mom and Dad still lived together but they were not actually a couple anymore and so my Mom's boyfriend had joined us also. He and Dad got on well enough, not exactly friends but not enemies either. They were civil and polite with one another. The past is the past, or so they say. Hanna grips my hand a little bit tighter, a sign of unity and happiness for the folks, i guess. And we waltz inside greeted with a kiss on the cheek from my mother, a hug from Dad and an awkward business like handshake from Mom's boyfriend Oliver. Tonight was certainly going to be an interesting one, i could tell already.

Gerards POV
" Ok, that's the last box." Mom said wiping her forehead with the back of her hand. She hadn't stopeed yet. " Okay, now Mikey you go and get the car ready. Remember to put the boxes in the boot and the passenger seat, you and Gerard can sit in the back together. Remember Ipods boys." She said for the fiftieth time in a few seconds sauntering off to shower and then leave for our hometown. Me and Mikey needed our Ipods, otherwise trouble would simply erupt before the journey was even half an hour in. I steadied myself up from the deck chair on the lawn. Suddenly, a girl rugby tackled me to the floor screaming with all her oxygen. " Gee!" Katie cried still straddling me,wearing her favourite white skinnies and blue checked shirt as well as the bandana she stole from me ages ago. " I can't believe it's today! Oh my gosh, i'm going to miss you!" she said pulling me up and hugging me tightly. She is a sweetheart that girl. Mom had asked me repeatedly whether i'd date her, i knew she had a soft spot for Katie. Then i realised my bisexual phase was actually me becoming completely gay and so to my joy, the constant questions stopped soon afterwards. Katie looked sad, she had both my hands locked with hers. This was her way of saying goodbye. A verbal goodbye would get the waterworks going, bless her sensitive soul. Then, came a black haired figure dressed in long finger less gloves and a strokes tee, ripped red skinnies for effect, completing the awesome sauce look. " Katie. I did tell you not to drink all that red bull." she said approaching us. It was Carley, Katie's neighbor and my best friend along with Katie. Mikey loved the fact that my best friends were girls. He often had a rota for which girl he would crush on for each week. When he was on a rock hype it was Carley and when it was Mikey being Mikey and playing with our Cat for hours at a time it was Katie. Carley pulled me into a hug just as Katie did, but gentler. She obviously wasn't on a sugar high....yet. " We're gonna miss you Gee... please e-mail me at least once a week." Carley said putting an arm around Katie, who's lip was now trembling, sadness threatening to break out at any moment. Mom then came running down the path. " Oh hello girls, just came to say goodbye, have we?" Mom smiled Mikey sticking his head out from inside the car, now realizing that the girls were here. " Yes Mrs Way, just wanted to say goodbye. We can't believe the Ways are actually leaving!" Carley exclaimed as katie had gone all shy and was hiding. " And what about you, Kate? You'll be okay without Gee after a while, won't you?" Mom smiled, her wording was harsh yet i knew she was only trying to cheer my best friends up. " No, Donna! I won't. I won't!" Katie was sobbing now, realizing that it was time to finally go. " Kate, it'll be alright. I'll visit whenever i can and we have our phones and computers. I'll even send you a postcard to add to the emotion." I smiled, she was cheering up a little at least." I love you guys" I said pulling them both into a hug before heading over to the car, fighting back tears threatening to escape my eyes. The Car began to move and i watched, waving as my friends slowly disappeared from my view. We were going home, now. A home i had never really missed.

Franks POV
"What's all this?" Hanna asked pulling out a painted box. My specially made box.
" Hanna, that's private. It's not that interesting anyway." I say crawling over to her and trying to stop her from uncovering my old flame. We were in my attic now, just looking around. My Mom had suggested this. She sent us up to tidy the place a little bit whilst dinner was cooking, instead i was going to have the explain life before Hanna came along. To Hanna.
" It certainly looks interesting. Hand crafted? It's amazing." She said, her eyes sparkling.
He had painted this box just for me, jungle patterns all over it. Mixtures of colours and climates being reflected. Thousands and thousands of trees and creatures, all made to keep my memories and secrets enclosed, but Hanna was determind. " Well, it's not Hanna. Please don't go through there, my family won't like it if you do." I lie. Of course thats wrong to lie to her, but she needs to keep that all inside. Privacy is something every person deserves. Especially when it involves a certain someone who's special to you always. First love, first heartbreak. It makes you you. My evidence of that time is in that box, yet she's still smiling widely and now she's unbuckling it. Her hand delicately reaches inside.
" A photograph." she states tilting her head at an angle to get a closer look. " Oh it's you and a friend?" She asks, hey eyes shining still.
" Actually,- no. More than friend." I say, maybe i need to tell her before she find out for herself.
" Oh,.... family then?" She asks, clearly not understanding my hints.
" Yes-- a cousin of mine. More like a brother really though." I mumble, hoping this nightmare will end soon.
" Kids! Dinner!" Mom Calls.Hanna puts the photo back in the box and we head for the kitchen. Saved by Linda, now that's why she's awesome!

Gerards POV
"Kids! We;re here! Our house!" Mom cries pulling into a pebbled driveway! I can see her excitement. Like a child at christmas time, or Mikey on his birthday perhaps. The house is indeed pretty. It's old too. Stone walls, pretty flowers lining the small patch of lush green grass. Nothing like the brown straw we used to call grass at our old home. " Hanging baskets!" Mum exclaims, admiring them and softly touching them with her fingertips. She wanted to become a florist once. Now, i see why. A huge oak tree stand opposite our new home and a tall, skinny boy is screeching from beneath it's tallest braches. Who is it? It's none other than Mikey on a tyre swing. I look over at Mum laughing and Mikey's clear new found happiness. I think i'm going to like it after all... once i leave school. Remembering that's when we'll be reunited. 2 days away.

Thankyou for reading! :) x
A massive oak tree stands before us too
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