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What hurts the most

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Old feelings begin to re surface as school starts for the Way Boys.

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Thankyou so much for your lovely reviews and continuous support! You're all so so kind and beautiful! I hope this chapter is okay! :) x

Gerards POV
48 Hours seems like a long time when you're thinking about it. But it comes around faster than you could imagine. Here i am, 4am on a Monday Morning. Wide Awake and feeling a knot form in my stomach. He's going to hate me still. He's going to see me and wish he'd never met me again. That argument that still haunts me will replay in my head. Although it was long ago, it's still as clear as crystal.

"I'm just going to get a drink Babe. Would you like anything?" I asked above the thud of Avenged Sevenfold blaring from the stereo. Rays annual birthday party. No parents, plenty of drinks and food. Beautiful people all around and much to Mikeys surprise some of the hottest girls in school.
" No, i'm fine thanks Gee." That sweet little voice said to me with a smile. I loved that smile, it made the sun come out. The kind of smile that makes even your worst days seem brighter and almost okay again.
" Okay then, i'll be back soon." I replied smiling too. Infectious was another way i could describe it.
I was sober. I'd been behaving myself all night for my loyal companion and little did i know it was all about to go out of the window and erupt in my face.
" Hey there, you! Where've you been? You didn't come and see me like you promised!" A head was rested on my shoulder as a familiar scent filled my nose. Not a nice scent, a dangerous scent. One i knew i had to escape from. And Fast. But he wrapped his strong arms around my waist and began to bite down on my tense and pale neck.
" I've got you something." The voice purred into my ear, making me tremble with fear.
He led me upstairs as i tried to protest all to no avail. And there in the master bedroom was my little surprise. Bags of cocaine and endless bottles of spirit and beer were all lined up. I knew it was wrong. I knew i had to get back to him downstairs. I knew i should've ran right then. But i didn't. I stayed there. I let my love of the demons substances take over me again and before i knew it, i was high as a kite and absolutely slaughtered. Stumbling about was kind of fun for a while. And then when the other person began kissing me i thought i knew who it was. It felt right for a while. " Kiss me Gerard." the voice said pulling me in and i did, it was Frankie after all. The kissing grew more and more intense as one thing led to another. It was perfect, me and Frankie connecting in the way we always did. His scent. His touch. Just he alone was captivating. But i was so stupid. The next few moments were my world falling apart. I was awoken from my sleep by a loud smashing sound. I sat bolt upright and looked at the door. There was my Frankie. He had dropped the two glasses of sprite he had been carrying. His eyes wide and watery. His mouth agape and quivering. But he was next to me wasn't he? And to my horror, next to me lay Bert McCracken. Frank's tormentor from school. " Frankie, no. Please listen to me. This... this is all wrong Frankie. Please listen to me, please. FRANK!" And he ran and ran, leaving me with a simple " Never speak to me again." And the stabbing pain of his sobs.

Franks POV
" Goodbye Mom! I love you too!" I called back as i slammed the front door shut.
Time for the place i have to go and learn. I'd much rather make a life out of playing my guitar, my neck tattoo would put off employers anyways, partly the reason i got it done in all honesty. I don't want some shit nine to five job. I want a job that lets me express myself and save people. A musician. That is my dream and i know i can make that happen somehow, but education is needed just incase i end up getting into some shit situation and i actually need some crappy job. I'm heading to Hanna's as usual. She likes us to walk together, and i do too. It's nice to get to talk about things before school, plus today she's leaving school at lunch and has a detention during break so i won't see her again until tomorrow. I do miss her when she's not there. It's abnormally quiet, too calm, too empty for my liking. She's such a vibrant character, an amazing friend. A good girlfriend too, if i could shake these feelings. Ever since i remembered the box and saw it again, he's been running through my mind. Haunting me again. It seems he never really left at all. He's been there all along yet i convinced myself he was gone now, i was over everything, the hurt, the pain, the betrayal. Hanna comes skipping out of her porch now, giving me a quick hug and a kiss on the lips before hooking her arm through mine and starting the ten minute treck to school. She babbles on about her sister and her boyfriend going through this terrible break up and that takes me right back to my break up. The heartache i felt as i told him to never speak to me again. And i swear, i swear thats his brother. No it can't be them, can it?

Oooh poor Frankie! Thankyou for reading! Next chapter tomorrow! :) x
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