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You are never coming home, never coming home

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Frank is shocked when he sees that the Ways are indeed back in town! And could it be the end of him and Hanna?

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Hello there! This is new chapter for today! I hope lifes kind kids! Love Always and Thankyou! :) x

Gerards POV
Mikey was miles ahead of me as per usual. The kid took huge strides when he was walking and boy he could walk fast when he wanted to! Today it was simply to piss me off but as we love eachother deep down i didn't mind. He'd have to wait when he reached school anyway! Sucker! I was just watching his head bob along from behind some hedges when a fairly short familiar boy came into view. I could have sworn it was him for a second. Frankie. But there was this girl with him. Now, i know Frankie likes both sexes but this girl wasn't his type at all. No, he liked dark hair, pale skin and soft features. He always used to tell me. Sure she was pretty, but she would never be enough for Frankie. He wouldn't choose her. No way. Why am i getting all bothered about this anyway? It was the past after all. He didn't want me and i didn't want him either. Yeah keep telling yourself that Gerard. I knew i wasn't over him, i hadn't looked in anybody elses direction in the time i'd moved away or after we broke up infact. It's crazy how one night can really ruin everything. And it's terrifying to think that it's still unfixable. Nothing has changed but the pain just keeps growing.

I was drawing closer now. Turning the corner, Mikey was out of sight now but i could still see the couple walking hand in hand. I'm picking up my pace for a reason unknown to me and my breathing is getting raspier by the millisecond. And the next thing i know- OUCH! I've fallen to the floor and the girl from the couple is running towards me, her boyfriend standing there looking as though he's seen a ghost.

Franks POV
Oh. My. Word. He is right there! On the floor, Hanna? Hanna's helping him. B-but....w...wh...what?...why? I stand there my eyes wide and my feet glued to the concrete.I can feel my eyes welling up just at the very sight of him back here. He looks shocked too, he's mumbling something about being a clutz to Hanna and she's calling for me to help him up. I go forwards a little but then hesitate, i suddenly feel myself burning up. My chest getting tighter and tighter, as though someone has tied a rope around my lungs and is pulling and releasing. Pulling and releasing. He stand up now, dusting himself off and looking from me to Hanna. His hair is longer now, but he's wearing that hoody. The bouncing souls one that i got him for his birthday. He kept that? Why? " So you must be new around here, I've lived here years now. Never seen you before." Hanna says smiling.
" Well, i'm from here but you probably moved here after my family had left for a while. We just got home recently." He said his voice uncertain as those beautiful green orbs flickered from me to Hanna and back again. Don't get sucked in Frank. Don't look into his eyes. He hurt you, remember? You hate him. You have an amazing girlfriend who your family adore. You could grow old with her. So many thoughts all racing eachother in my brain and my eyes well up again. I have no other option but to run.

An Hour Later

" Frank Anthony Iero?" A soft voice says as she takes her seat next to me. It's Hanna.
" Oh hey Han." I say still keeping my eyes on the scratched up, ink covered desk. I hear her sigh. A sign that she's frustrated and losing her patience with me. She does that with her brother all the time.
" Frank, you've been acting off with me all day. Now what the fuck is the problem? Because quite frankly, i'm not going to waste my time with boys who take girls for granted. I do have standards you know! And i also want respect." She looks at me intently, her mouth twisting into a slight frown.
I have had it now, she's losing it? I'm fucking losing it!
" Hanna! Shut the fuck up! You don't know anything. If you're so damn unhappy then why don't you just go. Just break up with me and be done with it." I say staring right back at her.
She looks as though she's about to burst into tears. That was wrong of me.
" Hanna, i'm sorry. I shouldn't have got angry like that, it's just-"
My voice trails off as she slaps me hard around the face and runs from me.
Great one, Gerard. You sure choose the best moments to return. And i honestly believed the one person i ever really cared for was never coming home.

Aww poor fwankie! Haha can he and Hanna patch things up? Or is someone else filling Frankies head? :)
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