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How long i've waited for your touch

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Gerard goes to get Frankie back! My first ever sex scene! XD

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New Chapter! So it's exactly 10.41pm and i'm updating after reading your lovely reviews! Thankyou so much you beauties! So much love for you!

Gerards POV
He didn't look happy at all. He looked scared and mad. He looked even worse than when he walked in on me that night. Deathly Pale. Hollow. Confused and desperate. He had made a sharp exit. He'd simply left seconds after his girlfriend helped me up. What was her name? Alanna? Jessica? Olivia? It was something like that. She seemed nice and sweet like Frank but she was no where near as beautiful She dusted me off and when Frank ran she blushed slightly apologizing for her boyfriends "abnormal behaviour." That was exactly what she called it. Abnormal behaviour? If i had been him i would've smashed my face in, ranted and screeched to the world about how the little fucker was back to wreck my life some more. And her boyfriend? That part hurt, which ahocked me slightly because although i didn't want Frankie with anybody else, if it made him happy i would suffer for that reward. Because it was my fault he wasn't still mine in the first place.
" Gerard, you've been staring into space for the last ten minutes. We're supposed to be playing Black Ops!" Mikey yelled slapping me hard across the face.
"Owwww!" I complained. " Where's Mom anyway?"
" Fucking hell Gee, she left us a note remember? She's out with loverboy tonight. She'll be back about elevenish. That's why we're going to have Pizza tonight?" He said questioning me.
" Oh. Yeah, i knew that. So when's dinner?" I say changing the subject.
" Whenever my older brother decides to go and pick it up." Mikey smiles sprawling across the couch.
I sigh at him, the cheek! But then alarm bells ring in my head! I can go to Frankie. His house is on the way there. We really need to talk. He may hate me, but they say to never give up on the one person you can't go a day without thinking about.

I ran to his house as fast as i could. The rain beating down on me, soaking my hair and clothes. I stand there on his doorstep looking like a drowned cat, his face turns pale again when he sees i'm there for him. He goes to speak, but it seems his words are trapped somewhere down his throat. " Frankie, don't say anything yet. I'm sorry i hurt you back then. I've got clean since. Because that problem of mine, it cost me the best thing that i had. And you still won't come back to me. I need you to come back Frankie. I need you to fix me now, not some stupid rehabillation programme." I say quickly as tears start to brim in my eyes. He needed to know that i was sorry. He needed to know how i felt. What happened next was something from a Nicholas Sparks Novel.

He came closer to me slowly. Blinking at me contently as though he was confused. " It's actually you." He whispered taking hold of my face gently. " It's me Frankie." I said the rain still poring down. Suddenly, his lips were connected with mine. And thunder suddenly clattered as I lifted Frankie up and he wrapped his legs around my waist. The kiss was growing wilder by the second. He was searching my mouth with his tongue, kissing with desperation you would not believe. Like he had been waiting for this moment. I hope he had, i knew i had.

He suddenly stopped looked at me in they eyes as he tugged gently at my hair, he took my hand and lead me into the house. We crashed onto the couch, him tugging at my shirt from underneath me. I threw it over my shoulders as i began to kiss his neck. He liked it when i did that. I found a spot level with his shoulder and gently sucked on it, trying to leave my mark on him. He was always mine. He let out a soft moan as i kissed back up to his ear, nibbling on it lightly. He then moved down to my belt, unbuckling it frantically as i was now pulling at his top which was on the floor in a matter of seconds.

The next thing i knew, i was carrying Frank up the stairs as though he was my bride. We burst through his bedroom door and tumbled onto the bed, our lips never parting. He began to pull at my jeans and finally they were on the floor. " Frank..." I whispered panting all the same. He began to kiss my chest and moved further downwards. His tongue swirling around my skin every now and again. I gripped a handful of his now red and black hair as he lifted his face so he could look at me directly. He really was stunning. He then moved downwards towards my hips, finally reaching his destination. He began gently, stroking my length with smouldering kisses. I gripped the bed linen on either side as the intensity of my want for him grew. I felt his warm, wet tongue on my tip and he made swirls just like before on my stomach. Then he came back up to my face and straddled me, kissing me passionately as his hands ran through my wet messy hair. " I love you still,Gee..." He panted. I flipped him over and removed his jeans this time. I was painfully hard now and we both wanted this. " I love you too Frank" I said as i rubbed the small of his back. I licked my forefinger and index finger and then gently slid them inside him. He gasped. Panting more and more heavily now. I straddled him from behind and slowly began to enter him. He moaned as i thrust into him with as much strength as i could muster. I could myself getting ready now, and Franks moans were becoming more frequent. I swear they were the one of the best sounds in the universe. Enchanting.

We came together, panting and softly cursing as i flopped down next to him on the bed. He turned to me and began to kiss me again. We lay side by side, breathing eachother in until we both drifted into a comfortable, indulgent sleep. I finally had my Frankie back.

Oh no! What will Hanna do now?! Haha im sorry these sexual descriptions are so terrible! I've never actually experienced sex and so i'm not exactly an expert but thankyou for reading! :) x
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