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I swear this time i mean it

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Hanna and Frank meet up as Gerard makes plans for the future :)

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I hope my sexual chapter was okay guys! Sorry if it was rather dull! I may not be updating for a while due to me going away for a week to Bournemouth and then spending some days with my nan in Derby but i will update as often as possible! Happy Summer! :)

Gerards POV
I woke up from the best sleep i'd had in a long time. The waking up wasn't so bad either. My beautiful Frankie was curled into me, his head resting lightly on my chest.It was just how it used to be. Him and me, curled together in a shell. Nobody could break through. He was sleeping peacefully. So serene. Dreaming i'd imagine. He used to tell me about his dreams. His wedding day that turned out to be a disaster because he realised that he wanted to marry the vicar, who happened to be me or my personal favourite. The dream where he's playing his guitar in front of a huge crowd, he's shredding it completely. The world is his oyster. The crowd under his control. He could have all that. I know he could, yet he lacks faith in himself. He never takes a compliment, he never confesses to being talented, inspirational, amazing, beautiful or even kind. And the saddest part is, he truly is all of those things. He's one in a million. And he's also mine.

Franks POV
I woke up dazed and alone in my bed. I knew Gerard had been here. I remembered it all vividly. He's gone again hasn't he? He doesn't want me. God, i should've known. He'd never want me would he? Because he's flawless and then there's me. And oh my lord! Hanna! I need to talk to her to set things straight. I need to get my head right first though.

At that moment, he walked back into my room rushing to my side. He took my face in his hands and looked at the corners of my eyes where the tears had begun to pour from. He kissed them away delicately, as if i was a precious flower that needed cherishing to stay alive. " What's the matter?" Gerard asked me, the concern filling his stunning features.
" Nothing, Gerard. I..I j..just'd left me again." I stuttered out, my breathing still coming out in long, desperate breaths. He just stared at me in pure disbelief. He didn't say anything, he just took me in his arms and rocked me like he used to do all the time. "I'll never leave you again Frankie. I swear. I don't live unless i have you. I'm going to make it right. I swear this time i mean it." He said into my hair, as i snuggled into his pale, warm neck. Maybe he would stay after all. I hope he does. I don't know what i've been doing with myself since he left.

" For the first few weeks you were gone i didn't leave the house. I used to sit here and listen to our song over and over again. I locked the door and didn't eat or sleep Gee. I just couldn't live properly anymore." I said. I wanted him to know the extent to which i adored him. I didn't want to force him to be with me. I wanted him to be with me of course, but through his own decision. If he leaves through decision then sure i'll be crushed again but it's better than living in a spider web of lies and deceit. " Oh Frankie." He said, his voice shaking slightly. " I won't leave you again. But please promise me that you will never ever do that to yourself again, no matter how hard anything gets." He said pleading with me. I couldn't promise him that, because i don't trust myself with keeping it.

After lounging around in bed for two hours just snuggled up and talking, we decided we should probably go public with our love. As crazy as that may sound. It had only been hours, barely a day but this was as real as we both knew it had always been and lets face it, we wanted the shouting to be over with. I decided Hanna should know first on my list. As far as she knew, we were still in a committed relationship. Not exactly a perfect relationship currently, but previously we had been happy. Well happy enough. It obviously wasn't the same as mine and Gee's time together. But then what could compare to that? What could compare to his beauty? What could compare to this perfect reunion?

Gerards POV
We were going public already. I was delighted of course, i mean Frankie was the last person i had dated as well as the first. And now, i had him back. It was picking up from where we had left off, and our future looked bright. We were going to make this work. I knew what that meant for me. No drugs, no alcohol and especially no Bert for as long as i could keep him away. He did still live in this town, after all. I could bump into him at any moment and i wouldn't in the slightest be aware of this chance meeting. He wasn't important anyway. As long as i had Frankie, i wouldn't need anything else. He was my drug now, a source of pain relief. Taking the pain away in an instant, making life happier and making the world a better place. The world definitely needed more people like him.

I was daydreaming since he'd gone for his shower. Mainly about our future. This time it was new, different. I'd love to marry him. We would have black roses and white candles decorating the church. Black drapes everywhere. Red rose petals as confetti. I would wear a black suit with a red shirt and a bandana instead of a tie. Frank was the tie wearer of the couple. He would wear a grey suit, a black shirt with a red tie and his favourite accessory: a top hat, a red ribbon tied around the middle with until i die written on it in black sharpie. He always swore he'd love me until he died. And i pray to god that he will, because what he swore to me. Is exactly what i will and have always felt for him.

We had made lists of people we were planning to tell. And Frank was going to tell Hanna over coffee. I know he's absolutely terrified. He's been sweating all morning, wringing his hands together as though hes trying to make them one. He just doesn't have the right words. I mean, it's not like he can say " So last night i fucked my ex and now we're back on and you're dumped by the way." He still wants her in his life. He says that although he loves me she's still important to him and he still wants her around. I have no problem with that, as long as she knows full well that Frank is mine and she doesn't try anything. Although, she doesn't seem like that type of girl. She's sweet and bubbly. Fairly pretty. She reminded me of Mikey's Alicia, maybe a little bit shorter though and if i'm honest less cool. Alicia was pretty hard to beat though, tattoos covering one arm. Awesome make up. And the girl could rock any hairstyle! She even had a mullet and still looked as though she belonged to a modelling agency. Plus Mikey was smitten, i couldn't see him dumping Alicia for anyone. Not even Hayley Williams, and with Mikey's paramore fetish, that's saying something.

I do feel sorry for her and i do feel guilty too but i just can't lose him again. He is my only hope after all.

Franks POV
"Um..Hey." I say approaching Hanna outside Starbucks.
" Hey Frankie." She smiled at me weakly, waiting for me to make the conversation relaxed.
" you been?" I ask, making small talk. God this was harder than i thought.
" Okay, i guess. But i know we have some things to discuss." She said looking at the stone floor.
" Shall we go inside? I'll get your drink, you find us a table and we'll talk. Yeah?" I say. She responds with a simple nod and we walk inside in an uncomfortable silence.

Slight attempt at a cliffhanger! Continued in the next chapter lovlies! Thankyou! I love you! :) x
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