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Don't hold your breath

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Hanna and Franks talk ends badly :(

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Aww! Last chapter before my week away kiddos! I hope i can leave this with you and it's okay! :) x

Franks POV
I stand in the queue waiting to be served, glancing over at Hanna frequently. She looks so pained, she's barely said a word to me, not that i blame her. She had been saving herself for me. She had been there constantly. I thought she was just what i needed. Exactly what i had been missing and had always wanted, i couldn't believe my luck when she told me how she felt about me and shortly after that night in January, we had become inseparable. She's been a huge part of my life for over a year now and just as we were thinking of our future he came back for me. We planned the same colleges, our children and when we would be ready to get engaged. It's strange how one person coming back into your life can throw all of what you've built without them out of the window. The worst part is i don't even mind that one little bit. I should though. I should be furious with him for making me so confused. For making me have to rethink all of who i am and what i really want. I just wish he'd never left, then we could have worked it out and maybe it wouldn't be such a mess right now. Not that he didn't completely break my heart, because he did. I said things i didn't mean, i walked out on him and ignored his reasons. But he made a change after that. He's clean now and i really think we could make it this time. We could see the world together, be soulmates again, maybe commit even more. I desperately wanted this, then what i'm about to do to Hanna will prove to be worthwhile.

I grab our lattes and head back to the table. I set a mug in front of her and she nods gracefully. Her way of thanking me. She doesn't speak much when she's sad and i can always tell when she's sad. Right now though, she's crushed. I haven't even said anything yet and already i've broken her. She obviously knows whats coming.

" Hanna, i'm really sorry for shouting at you the way i did." I say somehow managing to look right at her.
" It's ok Frankie." She says, surprised by what i've just said. She was clearly expecting something else than an apology. But she deserved an apology. She deserved someone unlike me who could treat her well enough. I know she'll find him soon enough, that doesnt stop my guilt at all though.
" I'm truly sorry for everything Hanna. I wish i could make everything okay again._" She cut me off.
" You can. Just kiss me Frankie. Consider it okay. The past is the past." She pleads.
" Hanna, i can't do that. I can't because i realised something." I say now feeling scared.
" You haven't realised anything Frank. We wouldn't have had a year anniversary last month if this relationship wasn't working for you." She said, an edge to her soft voice now.
" It was working Hanna. I was sure it was. Then something... someone came back to me and old feelings resurfaced. It was unintentional Hanna. I'm so so sorry." I say sincerly watching her eyes well up.
" Who is it?" She asks after what seems like forever.
" It doesn't matter." I reply.
" Who?" She says, anger flashing in her pretty eyes.
" G...Gerard." I breathe out.
" What?! After what everyone told me Frank! After everyone told me you weren't over him! I believed you, because i thought you loved me! Not him! How the fuck could you?!" She screamed, her tears spilling down her face now, her make up running slightly too.
" Hanna-" I try to reason, the other customers looking at us both now, complete intrigue and horror on their faces.
" No! Fuck you Frank Iero! Never come near me again!" And she stormed out in floods of tears. I stood there dumbfounded for a few seconds, before grabbing my jacket and heading my way home, desperately shielding my own tear stained face.

Gerards POV
He's been gone for a while now, i hope he's ok and Hanna too for that matter. I'll need to head home soon, his parents are due back in an hour or so. Well it's his Mum and Grandma to be exact. She's quite old now so they take care of her full time and his parents split when he was alot younger, but they worked together running the family business so they were still good friends. Frankie did have an undeniable hate for his stepmother though, not like it really mattered she was a total whore anyways. A whore who had a six year old daughter from some fool called Zen or something ridiculous like that.

" Gerard!" Frank ran into the house, he was sobbing quite aggressively.
" Frankie, what's the matter babe?" I asked running over to him as he fell to his knees in the front porch.
" She hates my guts! She told me to leave her alone forever!" He cried. His entire body shaking like a leaf. It made me slightly jealous that she had become so important to him, although it was my fault he had turned to her whilst i had been away. And i was certain now that had been nothing compared to what he had for me. That was the most comforting feeling in the world.
" Frankie, she doesn't. She's probably just a little mad, just let her calm down first."
" Gee! She will never speak to me again. What am i going to do now?!" He almost yelled still shaking and crying as if there was no tomorrow.
" You have me Frankie." I reminded him looking at his beautiful, wet face trying to kiss every tear away. They didn't belong on his face.
" But you might leave me again." He whispered, hoping i hadn't heard.
He really had no idea of what i felt, did he?

Aww an update asap! Happy summer and thankyou lovelys! xx ;)
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