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Where are you?

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Confessions, cuddles and cute :)

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Im in Bournemouth! But i've managed to get a little bit of time on a laptop! I hope you're all well! Thankyou for the reviews and lovely reading by you people! :) x

Gerards POV
I stared at him in shock for a few seconds. I knew i had failed him before. But i needed to make him see it would never ever, in a million years happen again. It was a mistake. A really stupid mistake that i would forever regret, no matter where life took me.
"Frankie, i swear to you this. I will never go anywhere again. I will never look in another person's direction if it makes you feel secure with me. There would never be another you, There would never be someone who could have so much beauty, who had a laugh i could happily listen to all day and whose head fits perfectly on my chest. I promise you. Frankie. I can't afford to leave you again. What's the point in life if the one person you live for isn't there?" I placed a finger beneath his chin and lifted his face gently so i could look in his eyes again.
He bit his lip and looked uncertain for a fraction of a second before coming closer to me and gently brushing my cracked lips with his. Clutching me tighter and settling down slightly.
" Good." He whispered into my shirt. " Because i'm not letting you leave again."
All i could do was smile. I desperately hoped he believed what i said because it was true. I would never hurt him again, even if my life depended on it.

Franks POV
I wanted to believe him. I honestly did, but something in the back of my mind was telling me not to trust him again. His mind could change at any time and i could be left shattered again. And i had just lost my best friend for him. Hanna was never going to give me another shot as any part of her life and i prayed that the cost was going to be worthwhile. It had been for Gerard, and i loved him alot. I really did. But Bert? If it had happened before what was stopping it happening again? I had lost so many nights of sleep over wondering why. I had missed having the person i loved around because of their own stupidity. What he had done had almost ruined everyone. My parents were completely worried for me and even contemplated sendign me to boarding school thinking it would solve every problem i was experiencing, after overhearing one of their rows over the matter i decided that was when i'd fake liking my life and eventually after finding Hanna i did in a twisted kind of way. But now he had returned to me, i may actually like myself. I just needed to learn to replace the faith i had in him. " Gee?" I asked uncertainly.
" Yes?" He said as i inhaled the sweet scent of his shirt.
" Do you really love me? Because i don't want you to stay if you want to leave. But please, just go now. Because i'd rather you were gone sooner than further down the line." I said sternly. If he was planning on going, he had to go now.
" I'm not leaving. Not now, not ever. And do i love you? Frankie, that statement alone couldn't describe how i feel for you." He said, his voice seeming shocked by my proposition.
He gently lifted me into a sitting position opposite him. He took my hand in his and softly lifted my wrist. He slipped one hand into his jeans pocket and pulled out a black braided bracelet. Little white letters stitched into it read: " Yours." And he slipped it gently onto my wrist as i smiled and felt myself going crazy inside. He then laid my hand on his knee and rolled up his sleeve revealing a bracelet identical to mine but reading " forever." And with one more of his amazing kisses we lay down and i entertwined my legs with his. He began to sing softly: "Oh florida, please be still tonight. Don't disturb this love of mine." I smiled softly as he continued. The voice of an angel in my ear. " I'll sing a melody and hope to god he's listening, sleeping softly while i sing and i'll be your memories, your lullaby for all the times, hoping that my voice could get it right."

N'aww Frerard! I love them alot! Although their wives are cute too! I'll update ASAP! Much Love to all of you! :) x
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