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Tracing patterns

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Frankies parents come home.

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][Yay! Some time to post! :)

Gerards POV
Everything was completely fine. More than fine actually until two figures from the past twisted their keys in the front door. " Frank!" a woman called. " Help me please!" She sounded breathless but when a man's voice emerged saying " Don't worry you sit down, i'll handle the shopping." My concern vanished. Shopping bags? Honestly, i knew they could be heavy but come on a mouse wouldn't whine about that. And they're only tiny aren't they? Little tiny things that live in skirting boards and eat cheese all day long. " Oh my god! Gerard you need to leave. Like now." Frank looked horrified as he shot up. He was never comfortable with telling his parents anything about his life. And they wouldn't be happy with me being back home again. The first time was catastrophic enough. I knew i had to be gone too. I was scared for Frankie. The poor boy was starting to shiver with shock and worry. " It's ok Frankie, calm down. Be silent okay? I'll hide and sneak out when they're not looking or something." Aha the mastermind strikes again. My quickie plan looked promising, for a millisecond. " And where exactly are you planning on hiding?" Frankie raised an eyebrow at me. He was right. I hadn't even thought about that part, and as nice as Frank's room was, hiding places were very limited. The only place i could mildly disguise my prescense in was underneath his bed but unfortunately for me, Frankie had a whole heap of junk under his bed. DVDS, PS3 Games, you name it, it lived under Frankie's bed. My worry was increasing as footsteps began to pace up the stairs.

Franks POV
"Frankie?" Mom said opening the door slightly peering around. " Are you ok? You look a little bit paler than usual." she asked concerned.
" Yeah yeah, im fine. Just tired i suppose." I replied quickly. Pale? I'm not surprised, seconds ago i had been freaking terrified of her entering and finding a certain someone keeping her son company.
" Ok, well i'm about to start dinner so i'll call you down in a little bit. Take a nap or something, okay? I think you're coming down with something." She stated, smiling softly before gently shutting my door. Gerard practically jumped out from behind it, holding his nose. " That was a close one!" He panted revealing a bloodied nose. " Hey, love hurts right?" He giggled. I couldn't help but smile. I was coming down with something after all. Love sickness.

Sorry this sucks! When i'm home there'll be longer chapters and more characters brought back in! Thankyou for bearing with me! Love Always! :) x
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