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Chapter Two

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So the 2nd chapter, just kind of setting the scene, ya know?

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NOTE. Hi, Thanks to all your kind reviews, I have decided to continue with this.I hope you like it, this is sorta just a filler, setting the scence kinda chapter. Just to let you all know that in this everyone is in the same class, somehow they are roughly the same age. Oh, and Mikey is still Gerard`s little brother, but is still somehow in the same class. (Gotta love my imagination, eh? Feel sorry for their mama, don`t know about you.) If you have any other questions ask, and I was thinking about some other "Little baby band kids" (little kid versions of other bands in case you don`t understand my stupid name for it)Any suggestions? I was also wondering how I should go with this, I have a ton of ideas, but wonder if they should just like never age (just watched peter pan, I`m 14, so what?) or if they should age, or what. Again, please let me know. So thanks for reading and all that
Mikey`s pov
Mama drove us home from school, the radio playing quietly in the background, none of us really listening to it.
“So, who were they, boys? New friends?” She asks us, keeping her attention on the road in front, but I can see her eyes lighting up and a huge grin forming on her face. She was of course talking about the sandy haired kid, Bob, Ray, the kid with the massive `for he had affectionately (or maybe not so affectionately) nicknamed “Poodle”, and Frank, or Frankie as Gerard now called him.
I don’t say anything, and turn to look at Gerard, who was sitting next to me in the car, staring straight ahead, lost in thought.
“Gee, sweetie, you okay?” Mama asked, sounding a little worried. I couldn’t blame her; Gee was rarely quiet, unless he had a piece of paper and some pencils in front of him that is.
“Oh, that was Ray, Bob and…” he pauses. “Frankie.” He smiles, thinking about his new friend whom he had gotten on so well with.
“Frankie?” Mama asks. “Nickname for Frank?” he nods and we get out of the car, I was pretty sure that he hadn’t even noticed the car pulling up into the driveway and coming to a halt.
“Yeah, Frank.” Gee grins, this huge grin that spread ear to ear, it honestly made my face hurt just looking at it. I was glad my older brother was so happy though, it was nice to see.
Gerard`s pov
I went to bed early that night, something I never did. I would always read under the covers with a flashlight or draw or something. I think I was starting to scare Mikey, but I was too preoccupied with other, more important thoughts, all mainly about one person-Frankie. I don’t know what it was about him; I had other friends, not many considering we lived in a fairly boring neighbourhood, but still. I just couldn’t understand what was so special about him; it was really driving me crazy. His wide, chocolate eyes were just so cute, the way they had lit up when he hugged me, they huge, grin that never vanished from his face, I really liked this kid. He was my best friend, I hoped that I was his .i don’t know what I`1d do if I wasn`t.
Next morning. Still Gerard`s pov.
I woke up early the next morning, without my mama having to wake me up or for the new alarm clock she had gotten was proud of this, I was a big kid, everyone was always saying how grown up I was. I dressed in a hurry, pulling on the blue jeans and Scooby doo shirt mama had left out for me, rushing down the stairs, eager to get my breakfast and to get to school. Funny, considering this time yesterday I had been dreading school and would have rather fought a wild dog than go.
“Gerard, you’re up early.” Daddy ruffles my hair, trying his best to hide his shocked look, but failing, as he swallows his toast and rushes out of the door, ready for work.
“Mikey, school!” Mama calls Mikey down. He reluctantly climbs out of his warm, comfy bed and slowly treads quietly downstairs, entering the kitchen and sitting down, still dressed in his crumpled pyjamas. Mama scolds him gently for not being ready yet, then goes back to making breakfast for us, saying he is to quickly get dressed after he has eaten.
“Hurry, hurry!” I can’t sit still all the while they are eating. I had scoffed down my toast, barely registering what I was shoving into my mouth. I was hungry, excited and getting more than a little impatient. i couldn’t wait to see mine and Mikey`s new friends again, Ray, Bob and Especially Frank.

Franks pov.
“Frank!” Mama whispers in my ear, gently nudging me in the side, telling me to wake up. I mumble a reply and she leaves, probably going to cook something to eat or to get the car out of the garage.
“Wow. It’s the second day of school already…” I mumble sleepily, wiping the sleep away from my eyes, sitting up. WAIT! School? That meant I could see my friends again. I really, really, really wanted to see Ray, Bob, Mikey and Gee again, especially Gee. I jump out of bed, some new found energy shooting through me as I dress quickly and run downstairs, grabbing my bright red, small backpack that contained my books and some other stuff.
“You`re in a good mood.” Mama notes, placing a glass of juice down next to my now empty, save for a couple of crumbs, plate.
“I want to go school, can we go now?” I plead with my eyes, knowing she found it hard to resist the puppy dog face I had perfected over my short life.
She glances at her wristwatch, nods and stands up, walking over to the sink, putting the dishes in it.
“C`mon.” I run over to her happily, hoping from one plimsoll clad foot to the other, anxious but excited to go to school again. the lessons had been alright, nothing special and the teacher, a young, blonde haired girl called Miss. Hill was nice, I guess (nowhere near as nice as my friends) but I was still desperate to arrive at the red bricked building, if it meant I could see my newly found friends again. I hoped they were all as happy to see me as I was to see them, if not I would likely cry, something I hated doing but often do. I don’t know how, but somehow I knew I wouldn’t cry, I knew we would all be friends still, it would be as natural and easy as breathing. I was only young, I still had a lot to learn, but when I am older and looking back on this day, I know I will sit there thinking “man, I was right, we are still friends, and always will be.”
“Bye mama” she swiftly kisses me on the cheek and I run into the playground searching for one of my friends.
“BOB!” I giggle; I had found Bob and Ray. In the short time I had known them I knew that Bob was a bit of a trouble maker, he liked teasing people (well, so far only Ray.”, but I knew he was a nice person.
“HI.” I run over to the two of them, they were in the middle of fighting over a toy drum and a toy guitar.
“I had it first!” I hear someone behind me sigh. I turn around and find Mikey standing there, glasses askew and almost falling off, huge grin on his face, mirroring his brothers.
“Frankie.” Speaking of Gee, he pulls me in for a quick hug, wrapping his little arms around my even littler figure, laughing when my dark hair tickles his nose.
We pull apart and Bob and Ray are still arguing, though I can tell Bob is close to winning-Ray just didn’t have it in him to deny his friend something.
The bell rings, signalling the beginning of the day, and we all enter the huge, colourful classroom we were to spend the entire year in, learning and having fun, with our friends. Friends we all were determined to keep forever.
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