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A few of the others are mentioned...

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NOTE hi, sorry it`s been so long. I know roughly the direction this will be going in now, so updates should be more frequent, unlessd noone wants me to carry on that is. If ya ain`t sure who I mention breiefly, just say so. Onto Hayley`s hair (read and youll find out) I read somemwhere it is naturally a light brown, but somewhere else said it was dirty blonde. I put light brown, but if anyone knows differntly,let me know and i`l change it. Hope you like the chapter, I`m not wild about if I`m honest...
Mikey`s pov
“Time to come inside, class,” our teacher calls us all inside, and sighing slightly Gerard releases his tight grip on Fran and follows the rest of the other kids in our class inside.
“C`mon Frankie.” I smile at my older brother; it was nice to see him so happy. He quickly returns the smile and takes his seat at the table we had sat at yesterday, in between me and frank. Ray was sitting next to Bob, much to his annoyance and on the table next to us I recognised a few people from yesterday. A girl with shoulder length light brown hair was sitting fiddling with the hem of her school skirt; I think that her name was Hayley. I thought that she was really pretty, she seemed to be in a little world of her own, occasionally muttering something to the three boys she was sitting with. The three of them didn’t appear to be paying much attention to her, and were all talking amongst themselves, often bursting out into huge fits of laughter.
“Please be quiet, boys.”
“told ya so!” the girl hissed at them, smug smile on her face, rolling her eyes when the teacher scolded her, after her back was turned of course.
“right class, today we are going to play some games and activities to help us all get to know each other better. When I say your name on the register” she holds up a thick, black file. “I want you all to say something about yourself.” We all nod.
I don’t really pay attention until someone I know speaks. I learned that a kid called Jared had a brother and that a girl called Taylor preferred being called Tay. The brown haired girl- I was right in thinking her name was Hayley- told everyone that she loved the colour red and the three boys next to her whose names I forgot each said that they loved music and pulling pranks. Despite not knowing them at all, I believed them when they said that.
“alright, it is playtime now, so go outside and play nicely. When you come back in we will play a few games, and maybe do some painting, alright?”
I follow my brother out of the class; we watched laughing as Bob chased Ray around the playground, his `fro bouncing as he ran away from his friend/enemy. Sitting in a group on the other side of the playground I see the three boys from earlier, they were still laughing, picking buts of grass from the field and chucking it at each other. One of them, the boy sitting in the middle of the others looks over at us and smiles widely, beckoning with his two middle fingers to come and join them.
“Shall we go?” Gerard asks us, the glint in his hazel eyes made it clear he wanted to and me and Frank were not going to stop him.
“hey.” The three great us, speaking causally at the same time.
“Hey.” The three of them laugh, but not unkindly.
“erm, I`m Gerard.” My brother introduces himself to the three of them, sounding more confident than he probably was. “this is my little brother, Mikey.” I scowl at the “little” part but say nothing. “and this is my best friend, Frank.” Frank`s eyes light up and a huge grin forms on his face when he hears him say “best friend.” He sees the boys glancing over his shoulder curiously at Ray and Bob (who were still chasing each other madly around the playground) and explains who they were as well.
“cool, this is Mike.” I smile at the boy’s name, seeing as it was so similar to mine. “I`m Billie Joe.” The green eyed boy paused for a moment, as though waiting for something. after a while he spoke. “sorry, lots of people find my name…odd; I got asked once if it was short for William Joseph or something.” Billie Joe makes a face at the thought.
“Ehem, what about me?” Mike struggles to bite back a laugh as the third, as of yet unnamed boy asks, not as annoyed as he is making himself out to be.
“oh yeah.” Billie Joe waves his left hand in an uninterested way, “this is Tre Cool.”
“sorry?” I ask, sure I had misheard the rather strange kid. No one had a name like that, awesome as it was.
“Your real name?” Gerard asks, and Tre rolls his eyes.
“Don`t answer to it, problem?”
Gerard holds his hands up in front of him. “no, just-“
“wondered how I have such a cool name, I know.” Billie and Mike snigger, causing them to earn a really dirty look from Tre, but they ignore it, they were most likely used to it, like I was with Gerard.
“So erm…”
“WOW! Cool drawings!”
Billie grabs hold of Fran`s arm, pointing to the multicoloured pictures on them in awe.
“Wow.” Mike and Tre agree with their friend, while Fran stands there rather awkwardly. Gerard looks on proudly, he was the one who had drawn the pictures on Frank`s arm, and he was pleased that they were being admired so much.
“I want one!” Billie Joe demands, thrusting his left arm in Gerard’s face, Tre hands him a red pen from his pocket. I glance over at Mike, who is rolling his eyes, sighing. He catches me looking and smiles.
“Mental, ain`t they?”
“Who is?” a girl said from somewhere behind me.
“they are, Hayles.” I frown, how did Mike know Hayley so well? The brown haired girl glances over to were Gerard was drawing on Billie’s arm, Tre and Frank watching intently as he drew.
“Like I didn’t already know that.” She smiles at me. “Your Mikey, right?” I nod, suddenly unable to string words together to form a sentence. I can’t see, but I`m sure my face has gone a bright red.
“Cool, I`m Hayley.” My mama told me that it was polite to shake someone’s hand when you first met them, so I held out mine, soon realising how stupid I looked, it fell back to my side.
“aww, so sweet.” Hayley pulls me in for a bone crushing hug, her brown hair tickles my face and I giggle. Her hair smelled really pretty, like strawberries.
“Erm, Mikes, don`t strangle Hayley, eh?” Tre tells me, using the same nickname Gerard did.
“Sorry.” I tell her, feeling really embarrassed as I let her go. She giggles.
“no problem.”
I shuffle my feet awkwardly, wishing the ground would swallow me up. I didn’t understand why I suddenly felt so nervous just because Hayley had shown up.
“GUYS! HELP!” I groan, Bob was annoying Ray. Again. out of the corner of my eye I could see him throwing old sweet wrappers into his hair, I felt bad for Ray, but it looked so funny.
“IS that…” Hayley scrunched her nose up, but I could tell she was finding it funny as well. “Candy wrappers in that guy’s hair?”
“Yep.” Frank nods, walking away from Gerard and over to us. “Bob and Ray always annoy-well no. Bob always annoys Ray.”
Just then the bell rang, and our blonde haired teacher called us back into the stuffy, all too bright classroom. When wee got back in, we saw that it had been transformed. The tables had all been placed together in one long line that went around the room, they were covered in old newspapers and pots of water and brushes had been laid out along with different coloured paints. The grin on Gerard’s face was huge; it literally spread ear to ear when he saw the paint. I groan inwardly, the first time mama had let us paint in the house had also been the last time. the mess on the floor wasn’t too bad; I think that it was the new purple and black ceiling that really irked her.
“Cool, sit with us?” Tre asks, taking a seat next to Mike and Billie Joe, who were seemed more interested in painting their hands than the paper in front of them.
“Sure.” We all smile, and grab our seats. Bob has this really big, devious look on his face, I can’t help but feel sorry for Ray, the kid was bound to end up covered in paint, courtesy of Bob. Oh well, he was probably used to Bob and his wild antics by now.
“erm, Mikey?” Hayley asks shyly, sitting next to me. “Can...can you help me with something?”
“Sure, what?” she smiles, holding up a paintbrush and a paint palette containing a few different shades of reds, oranges and one bright yellow colour. In her other hand was a large paintbrush; she smiled up at me again, this time a gleam in her eyes.
“Paint my hair? Please?” she asks, sticking her lower lip out slightly, her eyes wide and pleading. “you did say you`d help.” She reminds me and I sigh.
“sure, Hayles.” I begin dabbing cautiously at the ends of her brown hair, trying to keep the bright, blood coloured pant from spilling onto her shirt. I continue until the whole of her hair is covered (as well as a few spots on her white shit and forehead)
“Thank you, Mikey.”
“Hayley what have you done to yourself!?” Miss hill rushes over, hands full of paintings the others had done, her face was almost as red as Hayley`s hair, almost.
“I`m calling your mother, and yours as well, Mikey.” I look down at my feet, the paint covered carpet not very interesting, but it was safer than looking in her furious eyes.
“You two go and rinse her hair of the horrid paint, now.” Sighing, we walk over to the large sink by the windows and I switch the tap on, filling it up with water.
“I`m sorry, Hayles.” I apologise, pouring a jug of cool water over her head, making sure it didn’t get in her eyes, just like mama used to when she would rinse mine and Gerard`s hair.
“It okay. She sniffs.
“Did some go in your-“
“no, I just miss my red hair.” I groan, I think I had found somebody who was worse than Gerard, or at least as bad as, with as little respect for the rules as he. Great, just great.
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