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Am I who you think about in bed?

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Frank was basically naked under the gown with the exception of his underwear. Gerard smirked when Frank moaned, arching his back.

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Frank stayed in his room the rest of the night thinking about the kiss. He closed his eyes, trying to fall asleep but his mind was racing too much to allow it. He tossed and turned, his sheets tangling his legs, making him kick them off in annoyance. He tossed his head to the side and looked at the clock, groaning when he saw it read 2:24am. Frank laid flat on his back, closing his eyes, visualizing Gerard. He opened his mouth, reaching his hand down his pants, grabbing his cock. He imagined Gerard, sprawled out on his bed, begging for Frank to fuck him. His rough hands stroked his dick, making him moan. He stroked harder, thrusting his hips upward, making his cock hard. It made it worse when the image changed. Gerard was now over him, with his mouth sucking at Frank’s length, licking at his slit. Frank moaned, gripping at the sheets, thrusting his hips upward with the jerks of his hand.

“ahhh Gerard”

Frank panted, knowing Gerard wasn’t there to hear him but that didn’t stop him from moaning his name. Frank twisted, his body retracting at he was close to coming. Frank gripped the sheets, tossing his head back, his lips wet and red. His body shook and with one final jerk and he came all over his stomach. Frank fell back onto his bed, panting. He pulled his hand out of his pants, and licked the cum off his fingers and he begun to get hard again just by watching himself do that. He stopped before he had to jerk himself off again, standing up and walking to the shower. Frank turned on the water, not even bothering to strip his clothes off, and stepped under the cold water. He shivered, washing his clothes free of the white goo then taking them off. Frank turned off the water and hung the clothes on the towel rack, stepping out drying himself off and falling back into bed. Frank threw the sheets over his nude body, shivering slightly and falling asleep, now content with his hormones.

Frank woke up the next morning, throwing his arms over his eyes to block the light that was coming from the window. He shrunk back down into his sheets, groaning, knowing he had to go to school.

“Fucking mornings, fucking school, fucking life, fucking fuck….”

He mumbled profanities and he got dressed, putting on his eyeliner, and walking out the door. His mother was already at work but she had left a piece of toast and some water on the table for him to eat on his way to school. He smiled at his mother’s kindness, taking the food, throwing his backpack on and walking out the door.

The wind was cold making Frank shiver as he shoved his headphones in his ears, blasting whatever came on. He started laughing as the opening guitar chords of ‘Please tell me why’ by Lit shook his ears. He tossed his head back and forth, singing along.

‘its no surprise to me I am my own worst enemy, cause every now and then I kick the living shit out of me.’

Frank smiled and pulled his hood over his head. He shoved his hands in his pockets and walked with his head down. Suddenly Frank was shoved to the ground, his hands smashed to the cold concrete, making him groan. He looked up to see dress shoes moving around him, almost dancing.

“Dillon this is so great!”

“Make him scream!”

Frank could only curl in a ball and pray the beatings wouldn’t be long. He heard them laugh, then a sudden pain shot through his legs, making is toss his head back and scream. They took this opening to grab his hair and yank him upward, forcing him to look at them. Dillon’s face stared back at him with a smirk. His tan hair, half falling in his face, his brown eyes held a smug look.

“Whats the matter freak? Can’t stand up to us? Aww…that’s too bad.”

He threw Frank back, making him fall back down, now laying on his back. Frank tried to scramble away but they grabbed his hoodie and pulled him back.

“We didn’t say you could leave!”

Dillon kicked Frank, then punched his face several times. There was some shouting, and suddenly the fists stopped. Frank’s eyes were glued shut, and he curled in a ball in fear. He felt his body being picked up, and he tensed up, thinking he was about to be dropped. The arms holing him up only tightened their grip, and Frank felt like he was being carried.

“Frank, oh god. Come on Frank, stay with me.”

The voice of what he assumed was the owner of the arms holding him spoke. It sounded so familiar, like Frank had heard it before. Frank felt his mind drifting off into the darkness but before he pass out completely, he opened his eyes to see long raven hair above him. Frank rested his head on the chest of whoever was carrying him and passed out.
When Frank woke up, he heard several voices above him. He opened his eyes but shut them immediately because the light was too bright. He heard shuffling and then felt a hand wrap around his. He heard his mother’s voice and she sounded like she was crying.

“Frank, oh baby.”

Frank opened his eyes, this time more carefully and looked over at his mother. Her eyes were red, and cheeks were puffy and she looked like she hadn’t slept in days.


She clutched him tighter and cried into his chest.

“Frank, I was so worried. Don’t ever do that again!”

Frank could only give a dry laugh.

“Cause I totally did it on purpose”

He looked up and noticed Gerard for the first time. He was standing in the corner, with his arms crossed over his chest, trying not to look worried. Frank saw in his eyes that he was just as worried at his mother.

“Mom, what happened?”

His mother looked up, tears still falling.

“You were walking to school and some kids jumped you. Gerard pulled them off and brought you here. You lost a lot of blood…”

She had to stop, trying not to fall apart. Gerard stepped in, releaving Frank’s mom of saying the rest.

“You had 3 broken ribs, a broken ankle and lots of internal bruising. How long have they been doing this to you?”

Frank looked down.

“A while….”

“Frank, why didn’t you tell anybody?”

“Because I knew it would only make it worse.”

Gerard looked at Frank in disapproval. His mom looked up at him in shock.

“Baby, you could have told me!”

Frank growled “No matter who I told, they would know! Then they would do the usual beating and a punishment beating!”

Frank’s mom looked down, tears starting to fall again so he decided to change the subject.

“How long was I out?”

Gerard spoke “2 days. Your mom hasn’t left your side”

Frank looked down at his mom. “Mom, go home, get some sleep. I’m fine.”

She shook her head. “No. I won’t leave you”

“mom, please, you look like crap. Get some sleep, change clothes.”

Gerard stepped forward, placing a hand on Ms. Iero’s shoulder.

“I’ll stay with Frank. Go get some sleep. You need it.”

She looked up at the two boys and nodded. “Ok.”

She stood up and walked out of the room, looking back at Frank to give him a small smile before disappearing into the white hall. When she was gone Gerard stepped forward and sat on the bed next to Frank. He looked down at him with a sad smile. Frank looked up at him, not sure what to say.

“look, Frank, what happened in your room…”

Frank smiled and cut him off. “What about it?”

Gerard looked down playing with his words. “If it freaked you out….I shouldn’t have….”

Frank laughed “I kissed back didn’t I?”

Gerard looked at Frank in slight shock. “I thought that….”

Frank pulled Gerard down by his tie, capturing his lips. Gerard smiled, kissing back. He leaned in, placing his hands on each side of Frank’s head for support. Frank lifted his head, trying to deepen the kiss, sticking his tongue in Gerard’s mouth, making him moan, Gerard sucked on Frank’s lip ring, pushing his body closer to Frank’s so their chest’s were almost grinding against each other. Gerard pulled back, panting from lack of oxygen.

“Frank….If we don’t stop…I”

Frank whimpered when Gerard pulled back, and lifted his head up, trying to get Gerard to lean back down.

“Do I look like I care?”

Gerard chuckled leaning back down to kiss Frank. His hand shifted so he could play with Frank’s hospital gown. His hand slid under the sheet, resting on Frank’s crotch. Frank was basically naked under the gown with the exception of his underwear. Gerard smirked when Frank moaned, arching his back. Suddenly Frank whimpered and fell back down on the bed, shutting his eyes tight. He reached his hand up and clutched his ribs in pain. Gerard stopped, bringing his hands our from under the covers to hold Frank’s face.

“Maybe we should let you heal first.”

Frank shook his head “N…no…Im fine”

Gerard smiled and kissed Frank gently. “That wasn’t a question. I’m not going to let you hurt yourself because your dick is hard.”

Frank sighed, knowing Gerard was right. He rested his head on his side, looking up at Gerard with a soft, loving gaze. Gerard looked down at him with a smile. He crawled on the bed next to Frank, wrapping his arms around his waist, doing his best not to hurt him. Frank snuggled his head in Gerard’s chest, falling asleep to the sound of Gerard’s heartbeat.
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