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The end

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The epiloge

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Poisons POV

It had been a month since we had inflitrated the BL/ind headquaters and alot had changed.

Disco and Vintage stayed with us as most of the group had been killed in battery city.Disco was handaling the whole ordeal better knowing stress was not good for the baby and that she had Bee to protect her and love her.
Vintage had taken it hard,she never spoke anymore she only cried ,she hardly ate making her even skinner then Kobra ,i knew she couldent handel their deaths.She would spend all day by their graves and all night in her room crying.
We had buried the bodies out back a few weeks later,we had to break back in to get their bodies but this trip was alot more successful and no one died.

It was hard knowing that we would never see Show pony skating down the road again as he had stayed behind to blow up the BL/ind veichals so they couldent follow us he had died in the blast.As for adrenalin,she died of an infection only a few days ago due to a cut she had got she never told anyone about the cut we could have saved her,her sister Darkstar was in our care now.

We were all pretty torn up about the fact we hadent retrieved Voltage's body but we couldent find it in the mourge so we assumed her body must have been burned.

But we did what we meant to do,we saved ghoul.It was hard seeing him when we came back,he was in a coma and close to death in almost broke me completely when i saw him but the cure had helped.A week after i had given him the cure he had woken up from his coma and was on his way to healing but was still pretty weak.
Only the other day a young girl with frizzy hair came by looking for Jet because she was his niece i'll never forget her face when we told her he had died.She stayed with us and ghoul has sort of adopted her as has Dr D and their helping her train to be a proper killjoy with Darkstar who is now her best friend.

Although kobra is upset that his bestfriend had died he was also happy,he and Pandora were having a baby and he was so happy though pandora looked worried beyond belief plus we had bee back so that filled some of the gap in our hearts.

Im sure we will all survive this.

Vintage POV

It had been a month since that day and i hadent talked once ,everytime i tried my eyes would fill with tears and i'd break down in sobs.

Everyone around me was so happy they had something to hold onto i dident i was alone and i was constantly haunted by the memories of Radio's death.
The only person who i could be around was Dr D because he was just as heartbroken as I was because he had lost Show pony and now had nothing too.
I was getting skinnier because i had trouble eating at that moment.
I was never getting to heal....

Ghoul POV

I had been in a coma and when i came out of it so many people had died and it was my fault.
Everyone told me it wasn't my fault that it would have happened at some point.
But it was my fault if i hadent have got that illness this would never have happened i blamed myself but i need to be strong for poison who felt terriable about shooting Static .
I had a feeling everything would workout eventually?
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