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Through the desert we run!

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So it comes to an end !

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Vintage POV

Party and Pandora dragged me down the hallway trying to get me out off the building as quickly as possible.I pulled against them trying to get back to Radio,she was my bestfriend i couldent just leave her there with those monsters.
"You cant Vintage,shes dead you cant save her now"Party said
"your only saying that because you dont want to go back and get her"I said
"Believe me if i thought we could save her i would"Party argued
"No you wouldent ,you just want to get back to ghoul"I cried
"Vintage shes dead ,there is no saving her now"He said.
I stared at him for a few moments before breaking down into tears,and letting them drag me away from radio more tears falling down my face.

As we ran I noticed that Adrenalin had disappeared and I worried maybe she'd been killed like Radio and Static.
"Where's Adrenalin"I hicupped
"She went to get her little sister "Pandora told me as she ran along side us.
I nodded my tears still falling but silently ,i cant radio was gone.

We kept running until we ran into Voltage and we decided to stop in a room quickly and calm down for a second.Voltage explained how she had bumped into a few dracs saying they had killed some killjoys and she thought they were talking about the ones in the dungeon.When she said this we all looked down not been able to bear the thought of telling Voltage her best friend had been killed only meters away from her by the sound of where she was hiding.
"Wheres Static,jet ,radio and adrenalin?"she asked suddenly.
I heard person suck in a breath before standing up and walking over to her,i looked up to see her reaction ,she looked wary and confused as he got closer before he started.

"Adrenalin went to get her little sister...Um Radio got killed in a room back there she sacraficed herself in order to save us"he mummered gently as this she cast her gaze to me and i held it tears filling my eyes again ,blurring my vision.
"A...a...and static and ray?" she asked
"Im sorry"these mere two words reduced Voltage to tears she knew what came next. "She was dressed as a drac and i thought she was one so i shot her,but when i took her mask off it was her and well,j..j..jet dident want to leave her because they were in love so he stayed behind and got killed too."Party said avoiding her eyes.
"You killed my best friend"she snarled.
"It was an accident"he argued
"Oh and that makes it better"she hissed ,pure hatred in her eyes.
And then i snapped when she went to hit him.
"STOP ,Voltage i understand this is hard you and static were best friends and life is going to be difficult without her ,but your not the only one who lost their best friend,i've lost radio,kobra's lost jet ,turning on each other is not the answer so you need to suck it up and move on we can grieve later ,but our friends are not going to die in vain so we are going to get that cure to ghoul like they wanted.They died so the cure could get to him and it will but we need to leave now."I said,everyone stared at me silently before nodding and getting ready to leave ,Voltage still glaring at party.

It was only ten minutes when i realised something very important.SHIT where was Voltage and Pandora?

Voltage POV

Me and Pandora walked behind the others in awkward silence.
It all happened so fast,someone grabbed me from behind and started to drag me back i went to scream out but the hand covered my mouth.I saw Pandora being dragged too.Shit of all the people to be kidnapped with it had to be her.
They dropped me in a chair next to Pandora in an interrogation room opposite the one and only Korse.
"Well hello ladies,how are we today?"He sneered
"Fine Korse,thanks for asking"Pandora said politely,i looked at her in shock why was she being so nice.
"You know your dad was most upset when he found out you had been kidnapped by the killjoys it must have been terriable"Korse said sympathetically
And then she broke down in tears before nodding.
"Oh korse i thought i was going to die ,they were so rough and they forced me to kill dracs and they've been starving me of my nutrients ,it was so horriable"she sobbed.
WHAT THE FUCK that little bitch as if she was pulling this.Only an hour ago my friend had died and now i had to put up with this crap well this sucks.
Korse stood up and walked round the table and pulled the sobbing girl into a hug trying to comfort her and then in a flash pandora had him on the floor with a gun to his head.
"Korse you should really be able to tell when someone is lieing"she laughed before kicking him in the balls and then the stomach,She grabbed my hand and pulled me out of the room.We ran together but then sadly Pandora tripped over.
"Voltage help"she cried out
But the thing is ,she wasent my friend ,so why should i save her and risk my life so i turned to leave before she said something i never excepted and changed my mind pretty quickly.
"PLEASE VOLTAGE IM PREGNANT"she shouted,i spun round almost getting whiplash.
"WHAT"i screamed
"Im pregnant with kobra's child dont let my baby die"she pleaded oh god now i couldent leave her.

Pandora's POV

I ran quickly in search of the others.It took me a good 20 minutes before i found them.
"wheres Voltage"Party asked
"Shes dead,she died saving me and my baby"i mumbled,why did i tell them that.
"Your pregnant"party said ,and i merely nodded.Kobra's face broke into a beautiful smile before he brought me into a bonecrushing hug which made me gasp for air but when i looked over his shoulder i was filled with guilt as i saw Disco and Vintage crying at the death of anouther sister.
"We should go"party said
We all nodded gently before running.

I prayed to god that our lives would get better....
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