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We'll carry on

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What will happen now?And what is korse going to do ?

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Radio's POV

Me and vintage ran as fast as possible through the hallways that wound in complicated patterns.It was just like the maze in the minatour which is what scared me the most,i dident like enclosed spaces since i had been tortured by Korse in that tiny little room,thats why i loved the desert so much,it was a wide open space,it was safe.
We kept turning coners and i was pretty sure we were going the wrong way but that honestly dident matter right now what mattered was not getting killed.I stopped when i heard footsteps and pulled out my gun waiting for whoever was coming round the bend towards me and vintage's spot.But when i saw the people who had come round the corner i lowered my gun in shock,there before me stood,Kobra,Bee,adrenalin...and Disco.
I leaped at Disco and wrapped my arms tightly around my friend who i hadent seen in eight months,then i realised there was something pressed against my stomach,i looked down and my eyes widened in shock,Disco's stomach was huge.
"im six months pregnant"she grinned happily looking at Bee with so much love on her face i was almost sick.
"AWWWW"Vintage grinned
"okay we can ooh and awww later right now we need to get out of here"I snapped.
They all nodded and we started walking again.


We had been walking endlessly until we came across Pandora and Voltage glaring at each other guns raised.
"What the hell is going on?"I snarled
"Shes trying to steal Kobra"Pandora growled
"No im not ,he's gay who am i stealing him from Dr D?"she shouted
"Im not gay"Kobra said a startled expression.
"Static said you were gay"Voltage said
"She said that so you wouldent go after me because she dident want there to be problems between you and pandora"Kobra explained
"Why would she do that?I never even liked you like that"Voltage said
"Dude my self esteem is at an all time low here"Kobra said
"Sorry"Voltage said
"So you never wanted kobra"Pandora asked
"No,i thought he was gay the whole time thanks to static"Voltage said
"Actually speaking of static where is she,party and jet"Kobra asked

"Static and Jet are dead"said a voice from behind us.
We all turned to find Party standing there ,raygun in one hand and the cure in the other ,tears running down his dirty face and hitting the floor.
"What?"i questioned sure i had heard him wrong
"I dident mean was an accident...she was dressed as a drac and i shot her and then we took the mask off and it was Static,im sorry"He whimpered.
"You killed my friend"i said my mind going blank before anger started bubbling in my stomach.
"I thought she was a drac she was dressed as one"he said trying to justify himself but he cant ,he had killled not just my friend but my sister.
"and you think that makes it okay that you killed her"I screamed
"Of course i dont,your not the only one who's lost someone today"He shouted back
"What are you talking about?"i questioned
"Do you see jet here?"he asked
"What are you talking about?"Kobra said looking scared
"He stayed with Static and got shot while he sat with her"He said he's voice shaking
We all stood in shock as we took in that we had lost two of our companions ,but our mourning was cut short when we heard footsteps advancing on us.
"We need to go"i said,they all nodded and we ran quickly through the double doors.

We ran but i knew when i saw the room we had run into i knew we were doomed,the door opened to fast the dracs would catch us easily unless someone locked it from the inside,god this was the end.
"Guys through those doors"I shouted
They all headed towards the doors but once everyone was through the door,i slammed the door shut behind them and locked it.Vintage stared at me with shock before realising what i was doing.
"Radio open this door now"She screamed angrily
"Go,this is the only way,get back to Ghoul,this has to happen"I shouted
"Radio please dont do this"she sobbed
"Go"i shouted before turning my back on my friends and facing the opposite door.It happened so quickly the dracs ran in ,and lights flashed i dident even try to fight back.They pointed the gun,a flash of light,i gasped.everything went black...

Vintage POV

I slammed into the door repeatedly as Radio turned her back on us,but Party and Bee dragged me away from the door.And then my heartbroke as i realised we had been so close to saving her but we hadent.Now Radio and static were gone how was this ever going to be a happy ending.It wasent.
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