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19th Century life

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The story is based round the Victorian era, Shinya wondering what it is liek to have loved in such a time. With his cross-dresser ways and unusual family, will he find a lover or rejectment?

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It was the start of a new century, the 19th to be exact. It was 1801, january the first. At the time everyone was celebrating the new century and year, well almost everyone. The streets were filled with drunken cheers and laughter. A few kisses passed among friends and family, celebrating the change.

And then there was Shinya. An innocent young boy whom lived with his brother,Kaoru and his life partner, Toshiya. Shinya wasn't like many boys out there in his time, he looked, dressed and acted like a woman. However that wasn't a problem as he did pass for a very beautiful one at that. Especially as Toshiya too was like his kind, which his brother seemed to like more. Before their parents passed away Kaoru and Toshiya were forced to live in the shadows, letting noone forsee their feelings together or relationship they might have. Soon later, Father and Mother moved on, leaving the eldest son, being Kaoru, with the house and a good amount of money. Shinya was left most of the belongings and some money as well. After the mourning was done Toshiya had moved in with them and since then they have lived together as one family.

Shinya indeed was the youngest brother, though Kaoru treated him as his sister for his feminine characteristics. He had full lips, big eyes, long blonde hair that came to his middle, was so thin he didn't even need to wear a corset, just a chimise like many other girls, his slim legs with complimenting shoewear and even the dresses he wore on his body. He was the defination of a perfect girl, or so they think.

On the other hand, his elder, Kaoru was the complete opposite to him. Kaoru had blonde and brown hair, high cheekbones, plump lips, a masculine body. Nor did he wear such girly attire like Shinya. Kaoru was, the perfect gentleman, hardworking and organised.

His partner, though a man, Toshiya looked fairly like a woman. When Kaoru stumbled across the beauty he was taken by surprise but he didn't care what Toshiya's gender was. Toshiya had un-naturally blue and black long hair, thin lips, bright eyes that always seemed to shine, the longest legs even without heels, a thin curved torso to match everything else. Well, with the dresses and hats of course.


Shinya was watching the joyed people from a distance, from the lake to be percise. He enjoyed staying there, watching people from the back where noone could see him nor bother him. The lake seemed to match his persona. Calm, flowing and collected. Maybe that's why he spent most of his time there whenever he could. The lake was by a hill, quite big too. To be said if anyone were to fall down it they would not be walking again. Ever.

There, when everything was quiet, just to Shinya's fancy, noise came closer and closer to where he was. A man stumbling within his footsteps. Shinya jumped up, gazing at the grass as the man spoke.

"Little miss, it's dangerous to be out this late... unless you want danger..."

The mans words were slurred and dragged out. Shinya shivered while being spoken too. The man was obviously drunk, you could smell the alcohol reaking off of his clothes.

"Sir, I was on my way home just now. Goodbye-"

Before Shinya could walk away the man grabbed his arm roughly, trying to kiss him.


Shinya tried pushing the man away but failes miserably. The man was much stronger and that he soon learned, easily angred.

"FINE. Whatever, then have fun down there!"

With that the man shoved Shinya down the forsaken hill, his arms sheilding his body which currently was in a foetus position. After some time he reached the bottom of the hill, a few scratches and cuts, bruises and torn patches in his dress with some additional dirt. Shinya's eyes welled up, tears making their way down his cheeks as he sniffled.

"Where am I?! How do I get home...It's so dark, I'm scared...."

He pulled his knees to his chest, hiding his face deep within them as he sobbed into himself. He felt so utterly lost and cold. Very cold.

"Kaoru......Toshiya.....I want to be be warm and comfortable."

Just as Shinya was in his own world a man on a horse was passing by, spotting the distressed beauty on his way. The man hailed his horse in Shinya's direction, getting off the horse to kneel infront of him.

"Miss...Miss, are you alright?"

Shinya took all the courage he had left to raise his head, gazing at the man infront of him. Shinya nodded, rubbing his eyes with his dirty sleeves earning himself a soft smile from the stranger.

"C'mon, I'll take you home. Looks like you've had a bad night,eh?"

The man extended his hand for Shinya to take it whom was still sitting on the mucky sucken earth. Taking his hand he was pulled up and placed ontop of the horse, being acompanied by the owner. He took this time to examine his saviour. He has long red locks, messy but neat and fake, high cheek bone just like his brother, plump lips, big eyes, a muscular body, well from what he could tell from being against his chest which was was firm. A light blush worked its way onto Shinya's pale face before he fell asleep.


The red-haired man got out of the forest, sighing in triumph, well after getting lost 3 times. He sweatdropped and tried to talk to Shinya before realising he was asleep.

"Eh....Miss, Miss, how can I bring you home if you fell asleep,eh?"

He moved, feeling Shinya small waist with his hand, staring in astonishment.

"Wow...she sure is skinny, not even a corset on!"

With no other choice, the red head descended into the small town in search of some people who knew the blonde beauty in his arms.


"Shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiinyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! Shinya where are you!"

Toshiya yelled over the loud noises of the town, desperately trying to find the blonde boy.

"Kaoru, I can't find him!"

"Don't panic, we'll find him."

Kaoru took his lovers hand and ran down the mainstreet, asking people if they had seen his brother,er, sister.

"Kaoru......maybe we should go to the police station."

He drawled to his worried lover.

"No, Toichi, Shinya wouldn't get lost on purpose nor would he like the attention. We just....have to find him."

Toshiya frowned looking sadly at Kaoru. He knew how much Kaoru was protective of his brother. If Kaoru had to stay out here for a whole night, then a whole night it was. Toshiya looked behind him, hearing the clip-clops of a horse which was unusual at this time of night. As he turned he saw Shinya in the arms of the red-head, sleeping soundly.

"Kaoru! Kaoru, there's Shinya!"

Before Kaoru could register what his lover had said, Toshiya was running over to the horse, shouting to the man.

"Sir, sir! That's my .....friend!"

He paused, being careful with his words.

"Oh, thank you!"

The man stoped his horse by the pathway, lifting Shinya in his arms as he stood on the ground.

"I've been searching for an hour if anyone knew her. She was by herself in the forest, crying."

"Crying? the forest!?"

The red-head nodded, trying to wake-up the frail body in his arms.

"Miss...wake up, your friend is here to take you home."

Then came Kaoru running up behind Toshiya, who stopped Kaoru before he could hit the man for touching Shinya.

"Well, thank you very much-"

"Daisuke, but I go by Die."

"Die...thank you for bringing back Shinya unharmed."

Toshiya gave a warm smile, taking Shinya's hand as he awoke.

"C'mon,Shinya. Let's get you home."

Shinya stared then looked back at Die who was settling back ontop of his horse.


He ran back over to the man and bowed.

"Thank you for saving me,sir."

Die smiled down at him, taking his hand and bringing it to his lips then winked. Toshiya held Kaoru back while watching with an adoring look of his face. Shinya blushed, Die waving as he rode off into the night. Lifting a hand to his flat chest, Shinya breathed out, his heart thumping loudly against his ribcage.

"Shinya, let's go home."

Shinya looked at his brother and nodded, taking his hand as they walked back to their home.

Kaoru was lying in bed, browsing over some sheets in his hands.

"Neeee, Kao...."

Kaoru adverted his attention to the bathroom door where his lover stood, clad in Pantalettes and a chimise, leaning against the doorframe, one hand resting on his hip. Kaoru coughed, trying his hardest to look back at his work making Toshiya pout. He crawled up to Kaoru, resting his head on his broad shoulder, linking his long leg with Kaoru's.

"What are you reading?"

"Some sheets of a few paitents."

Toshiya took the sheets out of Kaoru's hands and set them on the nightstand, huffing slightly.

"Kao, we need to spend OUR Time TOGETHER. You work too much..."

Toshiya started kissing his lovers neck, moving down to his collarbone.

"I know but-"

"Don't you love me?"

He gave a pout and puppy-dog eyes, knowing full well Kaoru couldn't resist. After a defeated sigh Kaoru reached over and turned the lights off, turning over to get ontop of Toshiya under the covers. Giggles coming from his lover as he was kissed, moans being mixed with groans.

" I love you."

"I love you too,Kao."

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