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CH2. I don't like that guy.

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In this Victorian life, will poor Shinya suffer or will he experience love? Especially with his controlling brother..

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Shinya was sitting by himself in the back garden. His thin shoulders slumping as he sat on a rock, admiring the grass which seemed to be the most interesting thing in the world at that moment. Every few seconds his mouth would fall open, his gaze then dropping as he fidgeted. Pulling random strands of hair behind his ear as a heavy sigh left his plush lips. He seemed to be down since last night, well, dispointed to say the least. It worried Kaoru muchly to watch his dear brother with such an expression. Only giving a weak smile when being talked to or biting his lips continously. All he could was but watch helplessly at the blonde, knowing fully well that his mood would either pass or fade. Soft hands fell upon Kaoru's borad shoulders, beginning a soothing massage making him relax his posture with slow easy breathing.


"He'll be fine, Kaoru. You know how he is."

"Yes, but ... I can't help but worry about him. He is my brother."

"I know but.... let him be. I'm sure something happened yesterday that's making him act like this-"

Instantly Kaoru shot out of the wooden chair, breathing deeply as he narrowed his eyes. Toshiya fanned himself, sweatdropping at his lovers reaction. Clearing his throat he pushed Kaoru's shoulder down, pressing his weight on him.

"Nooooo, Not THAT Way, Kao. Maybe...something,well, DIFFERENT, Happened."

He fell back into the chair with ease, a slow smile gracing his face, pulling Toshiya down onto his lap. Toshiya's heart raced rapidly, beating harshly against his chest as he giggled from the contact of his older lover.

They sat at the table in the kitchen, secretly eyeing Shinya in the garden, turning their heads whenever the younger boys brown eyes met either of theirs, confusing his little blonde head.

The floor was tiled and clean, wooden block which held sharp knifes, salt and pepper shakers sat one the clothed table. The two men sitting in the cosy heat the kitchen gave off, well the stove anyways. Kaoru flicked through pages with great anticipation as Toshiya, well, he played with the cutlery, cooking at the same time. The oil sizzling on the pan, whistle of the kettle, the squeak of a door being continously opened every few seconds to make fill the silence between them. Toshiya sighed, tapping his foot to catch the other mans attention. Raising his head from the sheets with a raised eyebrow.


"Pay attention to meeeeee!"

"You're not doing anything exactly outstanding."

Toshiya faked a hurt expression, gasping in shock as his hand clung to the blue rim of his dress.

"Well, I WOULD, but you're so busy working! I can't disturb you."

Kaoru conveyed a sigh, squinting back at the sheets infront of him. His posture perfect, shoulder back, neck exposed for the blue head to gaze at in despare, flicking his tongue out slightly to lips the curve of his blue lip. Kaoru, noticing this, Settled back into the chair with exaggerated casualness, Creating movements that direct Toshiya's attention to himself. He huffed, fluttering his hands, not knowing how to respond, then a grin appeared on his face as he flicked the radio on, started to sway his hips to the first beat being played. He faced his back towards Kaoru, seeing his reflection on the hanging pans and saucers. He was staring at his firm ass, then hesitantly he stood up, wetting his lips as he walked over to Toshiya's moving torso. His hands made their way to Toshiya's hips the wrapped tightly round his waist as Kaoru's head rested on his shoulder, their bodies moving together.

"Why must you tease me whilst I try to work, Totchi?"

He kissed the long, pale neck, nibbling at his earlobe while Toshiya pretended to make nothing of it, still occuping himself with the making of food on the pan.

"Oh, I have no clue what you mean, Kaoru."

Turning his head slightly, gazing into the others eyes with a wicked gleam he smiled innocently then returned to the pan.

Kaoru, defeated, walked back over to the table where the smiling blue-head placed plates down, not missing a beat to the song, teasing his lover with every step, making Kaoru swing his legs under the table.

"Shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiinya! Dinner's ready~"

Toshiya called out from the glass door to the lonely blonde whome seemed to be deep in thought, not caring about the bugs that were currently climbing up his cream dress, the rose patterns being the main attraction. Shinya tilted his head, pausing to look at the scenery before noticing Toshiya coming towards him, lifting his dark blue dress so that he could kneel infront of him. He lay a hand on Shinya's small knee, catching his full attention, causing a small jump ou of him. He looked down at Toshiya with a dazed look, a small smile on his face.

"Are you alright, Shin?"

"Um... yeah, I-I think. I don't know to be honest, Totchi."

Shinya pressed his lips tight, eyes focusing inward then squeezing shut for a moment. He breathed out heavily, Toshiya rubbing his knee as he looked up at his distressed friend.

"Shinya, what;s wrong?"

"I don't know.. just, I feel...disapointed or something."

"Disapointed? How?"

A blush crept onto Shinya's feminine features, his hands coming up to his face in an attempt to hide. His voice dropped, going quiet.

"That man...from last night. Die, he saved me but I still feel.. something."

"Feel? Explain to me abit more."

"well.....when I think about him, how he looked when he was watching me, I get a fluttering in my stomach, feeling of emptiness, nausea. My throat goes dry and I can't seem to talk. When I imagine being near him my knees go weak and I feel faint. It's all so.. weird."

Shinya looked down to Toshiya who just had a huge grin glued to his face, his cheeks coloured pink, but not just from blush. His crooked teeth showing fully making Shinya smile weakly in confusion and look in the other direction. Soon he felt a light smack on his leg, his hands stroking it in habit, looking to Toshiya once again who stood up, his hands clipped to his shaped hips.

"Little Shinya's fell inlove at first sight!"

"EH? Have not! Don't say anything so perposterous!"

Shinya jumped up, figeting with his dress, wringing his wrists in his hands from the stare he was being given.

"Ooooh, I know a lover when I see on, Shinya! Awk, you;re growing up so fast!"

Toshiya walked with a skip in his step back to the kitchen, winking before he entered. Shinya sighed and followed, biting his lip as he closed the door. Kaoru staring at his brother in wonder but before he could say anything he was elbowed in the ribs, cringing at the pain he glared at Toshiya who simply smiled.

Shinya on the other hand kept his galnce darting around the room in search of some answers to the unusal behaviour of teh two infront of him. Usually they would be fighting or arguing about their finances which then turned into their marriage problems. This time, dinner was much more quiet, they ate, cleaned up and left to do their own things. Shinya felt uneasy and was the first to leave, letting Kaoru and Toshiya be weird together.

When Shinya left, Toshiya watched him walk up the stairs from the living area then rand back into Kaoru who was setting the dishes into the sink. Toshiya shuffled over to him and slapped him excitingly on the back, casuing him to drop a plate and make a fair bit of noise. He slowly turned to Toshiya, leaning on the countertop, his face serious with a pinched expression which Toshiya just shrugged off.

"You won't be giving me that look when we're in bed. Anyways, Shinya has fallen in love!"

"Love? What? Who with? What man? No, not one man is touching Shin-"

Clasping a hand on his mouth, Toshiya hushed his lover, looking round as if they were surrounded by millions of people. Removing his hand he resturned his gaze to Kaoru, smiling widely.

"C'mon, Kao! Shinya need to be loved! He can't be protected like this forever! He was talking about it outside to me. He has developed feelings for that Die guy!"

Kaoru's eyes almost bulged out of his head, breath caught in his throat.

"D-Die....That, THAT man who held Shinya with such disrepect!"

Toshiya pursed his lips and rolled his eyes. Moving closer to Kaoru he ran a slim finger down his toned chest in a suggesting manner. Flicking his eyes up to look up at him.

"But, Kaoooooooooo, Shinya really seems to like him! He didn't seem like a bad man and he was quite nice looking. I would have never thought of him to tickle Shinya's fancy."

Kaoru avoided Toshiya's eyes, looking down at the stove. Toshiya moved closer, pressing his body against Kaoru's with a drawn tone.

"Please,Kao.... let him at least get to know the guy. Please?"

Kaoru rubbed his brow then nodded, but with a tightness to it, as if holding back from saying something to his lover. He smiled weakly taking Toshiya's soft hands within his own, gently stroking his fingers as he closed the distance between them, claiming Toshiya's caked lips into a slow kiss.

Shinya sat on the top stair, observing the two men in their conversation. He could help but hold his knees to his chest tightly, wanting to protest against what Toshiya was saying but something kept the words from leaving his mouth. It went dry again. He stared at the two sharing a sweet kiss, such affection showed to eachother. Shinya envied his brother for that. He wanted to experience something like that with someone. To be touched, held and kissed.

"But why him..............."
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