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CH3. My first kiss.

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What events will happen when Shinya comes face to face with a charming red head?

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Die walked through the graveyard, tall iron gates high in the sky, a few stone angels thats eyes seemed to follow him as he walked. The church looked old and abandoned. As if it hadn't been used in quite a time. A perfect hideout for killers and body snatchers. Die placed his hand on one of teh marble headstones, feeling the smooth but chipped texture. Vandalized masonry, crooked headstones settling in the boggy earth. Turning his gaze to a sudden sound, Die hid low behind the headstone. A few cpffins away were two men digging up a body, Die's faced wrinkled up in disgust. Shaking his head he muttered to himself at the sight.

"Why would anyone even bother. They should have respect for the dead."

Die pushed himself up from the ground, walking slowly to the busy men. Standing infront of them with stiffened pose, a bemused smile on his face. The men raised their heads with caution. Die raised his chin, arms crossing over his built chest.

"So... doing abit of ilegal digging, 'ere?"

The two men stuttered, faces going pallid.Their leg muscles tightened, ready to run in the other direction. Before they could make their escape, Die stomped on the shovel laying in the soil, smacking one man in the face who bumped into his helper, causing both to fall backwards unconcious. Die smirked to himself putting his shoulders back, chest out and lifted the two men, swinging on over his shoulder and the other on his horse, heading towards the police house.

"I love my job~"


Shinya walked down the busy afternoon street, cars, bicycles and delivery trucks buzzing by. The cold wind slapped against his pale cheeks. Homeless people sat at the corners of the pavemnet, in hope of some spare change. Tires of cars screeched, people talking loudly and the sound of clicking heels were all but overheard. Shinya liked to stay quiet, hearing the many things going on around him. He felt like he didn't to go for a walk to clear his mind but the last thing he needed was to see the man he was trying to forget.


There stood the familar red-head, talking to a police officer who held two men with cuffs around their wrists. Raising a hand to his mouth, Shinya watched in awe at the man. His red hair flicked as the wind brushed past, his appearance relaxed with a smile on his face, his head held high. Shinya held his cream parasol, matching his dress. He walked towards the man who had just finished talking to the officer. Although a certain busy worker was running by in Shinya;s direction, knocking him off his feet and onto the road. A speeding car coming his way. Shinya froze, parasol on the other side of the street. His heart beated rapidly, his eyes squeezed shut as he held his breath, waiting to be hit with a brutal force but he felt himself being pushed, rolling his body with the persons out of the cars way.

Shinya let out a huge breath, eyes going up, looking heavenward until he felt someone breathing on his neck. Shinya looked up, seeing a flash of red across his chest. He paniced, breathing in as he stared at the redness over himself. Just then the red removed itself, a body being revealed over Shinya's smaller body. Shinya widened his eyes, breath stuck in his throat. Die raised a hand to his head, rubbing at the side while making an 'Ow' with his lips. He looked down at Shinya with dis-interest then blinked, eyes getting bigger.

"Shinya! You, again."

Shinya turned his head, avoiding eye contact with Die, a small blush taking over his face. A few people standing around looked at the pair on the ground, noticing this, Die got up, lifting Shinya to his side and smiled nervously, rubbing the back of his head. Such actions like those in public weren't passed by easily. Trying to walk down the street quickly, Shinya raised his head, a gasp leaving his pink lips as he pointed backwards.

"My parasol!"

Die stared in disbelief, smacking his forehead with the palm of his hand. He gazed round, finding the cream coloured umbrella. Running over he grabebd it with ease, placing it back in the blondes hands, pulling him by the waist away from the many watchers.


Kaoru and Toshiya sat on the settee infront of the small black and white screened television. Toshiya leaning on his lover as the other wrapped an arm around his shoulder, letting Toshiya get more comfy. Kaoru used his free hand to sign perscriptions and other notes, barely paying attention to the flickering tv. Toshiya rested his head agaisnt Kaoru's shoulder as he watched the tv, the adverts were on which annoyed Toshiya. Just as he was about flick a baby advertisment came on, making him watch, his shoulders curl towards his chest. Kaoru felt his lovers movement and looked over at the screen, him too mesmerized by it. Kaoru watched Toshiya, his eyebrows drawing together, a pained gaze on his face. He stroked his lovers back as the advert finished, going back to the original programme. Toshiya leaned back into the touch, needing the comfort from the other desperatly.


"I know Kaoru....."

He sighed deeply, his voice breaking as he spoke. He returned to his earlier position, turning to face Kaoru, the others' arm forgetting his work and embracing him.

"Just....I want a baby so badly, Kaoru."

Kaoru pulled Toshiya closer to him, resting his chin on his head, rocking the other in his strong arms.

"I know, Totchi... We can still try. And if nothing works... we can adopt?"


Toshiya sniffled, fear of the tears coming out by themselves. Kaoru nodded, cupping Toshiya's face in them and kissed his nose.

"Whatever makes my Totchi happy. I'll do anything for that smile."

Toshiya smiled tears in his eyes, his fingers loosely clasped to Kaoru's bigger hand. Kaorun leaned in, kissing Toshiya gently but sweetly, making his lover smile into the kiss, clinging to his shirt.

Breaking off their kiss, the phone rang, Kaoru tore off the embrace, Toshiya pouting at the loss of contact. Kaoru lifted the phone up, placing it to his ear.

"Hello?, Mhm, yes. But I gave him- Alright, I understand. I'll be over soon."

"Who was that, Kao-Kao?"

"One of my Hypocondriac patients. Need to check on them. Again."

Kaoru slipped on his tweed frock, lifting his keys from his mess of sheets. Toshiya tilted his head up, not moving from the settee. Kaoru leaned down, pecking him on the lips then with a simple goodbye left the house. Toshiya stared back at the televison, sighing deeply.

"Pfft, yeah right. He'd never adopt."


Shinya sat beside the red-head on a wodden bench in the park by the pond. Leaves freely floated on the water, frogs jumping from lilly pads with a ribbit. Shinya smiled watching the scene. He loved nature, animals, and water. He was never sure why but he did. Lakes, rivers, ponds. He even enjoyed a nice soak in the bath every day or so. Die broke the silence, making Shinya face him.

"So.....why is it that this fair lady is always in danger?"

"Um........I'm not so sure...I'm sorry and grateful."

Shinya bowed his head, looking down to the ground, hearing Die sigh.

"Is it...." He lifted Shinya's chin with his hand, moving closer to his face.

"That m'lady is so ravishing?"

"Ah....Um... No, No I'm not."

Die smiled, a playful grin on his face as he gave an easy nod.

"I'm sure that's the reason you get pulled and hauled around here. The girls are jealous, the boys and love-struck."

"That's not true."

Die raised his hands behind his head, legs akimbo as he looked over at Shinya to continue. Shinya breathed in, going hesitant with a soft voice.

"It's nothing like that. I don't like the men around here anyway.I like, the different kind. The type that do unusual things, stand out, not caring what others think of them or their actions." Shinya raised his head, smiling to the sky.

"Because, that means they can complete me, for I am not any of those things."

Die grabbed Shinya by his shoulders, making him turn his body to him. He stared into his eyes for a few moments. Die's breathing was quick but shallow, clearing his throat. Shinya felt faint, the fluttering coming back to his stomach. At that exact moment Die descended his lips onto Shinya's, non-moving from the sweet, warm contact, nor did Shinya push him back.


Kaoru sighed, crossing the road by the park. He raised his head, looking lazily across the park as he walked but spotted a certain red-head, head tilted to the side. Kaoru sneered, walking by in disgust.

" I knew that guy was a good for nothing. Shinya will not be seeing him again for sure now."

Just as he passed the red head he turned again looking infront. His face lost all colour, staring infront of him. His mouth fell open, clenching his fists by his sides.


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