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CH4. Oh, You screwed up big time.

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Oh dear, what can Kaoru do now to please Toshiya? And what about Shinya?

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Toshiya sprawled himself on the bed, rolling from side to side to pass the time. He frowned at the sound of silence, eyeing the bedroom door. Hoping his lover would soon return to sleep with him. He rolled onto his stomach, holding his head up with his hands, legs swinging in the air.

"That Kaoru, always working late!"

Giving up, Toshiya glanced over to the clock on the nightstand. It was 12 in the morning. Toshiya stretched, curling up to the blankets, twisting and turning. Eventually he sighed deeply, siting up on the bed, hair ruffled in a mess. Placing his hands between his spread legs he stroked the cold material of the quilt, gazing at the door with a light hearted feeling.

"Neeeeeeeeeee, Kaoooooooooruuuuuu, where are yoooou! I'm going to kill your paitents if this keeps happening!"

Just as Toshiya was about to sulk into the covers, the door opened, Kaoru coming in with a weighted sigh. Toshiya stared at his lover's appearance. He had bad posture, rubbing his eyes, lazily pulling his tie off his neck as he made his way to the bed.



Kaoru placed his tie on the nightstand, pecking Toshiya on the lips then continuing to get undressed. Once in bed, he took out a few sheets, propping his head up with his elbow, squeezing his eyes shut for a few seconds then opening them wider to focus. Toshiya frowned as he watched. Something was wrong and he could tell. Flikcing his tongue out to wet his lips, Toshiya stared at the sheets then back at Kaoru. Steadying his voice.

"I'm pregnant."

Kaoru kept browsing over the sheets, taking his time to take in what was just said. After 3 minutes in silence Kaoru's eyes widened, mouth falling open. His voice shaky with disbelief.

"......A-Are you serious."

Toshiya quirked an eyebrow, turning away in an attempt to regain control of his features, a snorted laugh coming out.

"PFFFFT, No! Kaoru, if I was, wouldn't I be jumping on you in happiness?"

Kaoru gave an exaggerated sigh, tapping the nightstand with his fingers loudly. He set the sheets to the side and pulled Toshiya towards him, making him fall onto his back on the bed. Toshiya had a heavy feeling his stomach, his skin tingling under the other man.


"Pssh, Totchi, you really think, I, a doctor, wouldn't notice if you were pregnant?"

"I just wanted to get you off guard. You work waaay too much,Kao. You need to relax, you're exhausted! It worries me....."

Kaoru gave a slow head shake, retreating to the top of the bed, leaving Toshiya to lay in the middle. Toshiya pouted, his gaze dropping to the floor. His voice dropped, going quiet as he didn't face Kaoru.

"Can we have a baby,Kaoru?"

"......Not right now, Totchi."

Toshiya jumped up,pounding his fists against his thighs, his muscles quivering.

"Why not, Kaoru? Is there some big important reason that we can't?"

Kaoru sighed, going unnaturally quiet, eyes going soft as he stared at the blue-head.

"Just.... I'm really busy right now, Toshiya-"

"You're always busy! We hardly spend time together anymore!"

"It's because of work, I need to make enough earnings to support you and Shinya!"

The two men started yelling at eachother, throwing meaningless words across the room. Kaoru narrowed his eyes, Toshiya scowled him. They eventually stopped, incase Shinya woke up from their fighting. In harsh whispers they continued.

"That's always the excuse with you!"

"It's not an excuse! It's fact."

Toshiya crossed his arms over his chest, grinding his teeth while watching the other. How did such a good day come to such a bad end. Kaoru breathed through his nostrils noisily.

"If you want a baby that badly just go out and make one with the neighbour or something!"

Toshiya gasped, wincing, mouth opening but nothing coming out. He put a ahand against his chest, tears forming at his eyes, giving a watery gaze to the other man. Kaoru covered his mouth with a hand, shaking his head in denial, taking a deep, pained breath and closing his eyes.

"Totchi, I-"

"Don't you Totchi me! H-How could you just say that......."

"Totchi, I didn't mean it. I'm just tired."

Kaoru tried reasoning with the other, touching his arm but Toshiya flinched, backing away to the bathroom door. The tears were more visible now, Kaoru noticed making his chest ache with guilt. He watched Toshiya wipe his face with his gown, opening the door.

"I can't believe you just said that."

"Toshiya, I'm sorry!"

Toshiya walked into the bathroom, turning back only slightly to stare Kaoru in the eyes from the distance.

"And I only want to carry your child,Kaoru. That's what love is about, right?"

Before another word could be exchanged, the door was slammed, leaving Kaoru to kick the nearest table in anger of his actions. Falling onto the bed with a deep sigh, hands rubbing the back of his neck.

"....Another problem."


Shinya sighed, smiling to himself as he lay on his bed. His long hair sprawled out across the pillows. He was in high spirits since that afternoon. Toshiya had asked him if anything was wrong when he noticed his quickly changed mood but Shinya did want to tell him. He felt the need but didn't say a word. Everything seemed to be brighter, even in his eyes it could be seen. They sparkled like a dance, even shined. Everything indeed was bright and promising. Well until he thought back to earlier.


Die's sweet lips were on Shinya, almost innocently but with something behind it. To Shinya it felt so good, a warmness filled his body, fluttering in his stomach going crazy. That was Shinya's first kiss. And he liked it. Usually being kissed by a stranger would be strange and out of order. Relationships were strict there. Shinya always thought that kissing only happened when you were close to marriage, well, that's what Kaoru told him.

They broke apart, gazing into eachothers eyes with a daze. Die held Shinya's hands in his own, kissing the back of it then smiling. Shinya's cheeks flushed as he giggled, pulling at his dress.

"Such tender lips.....M'lady."

~End flashback~

Shinya stared at the ceiling then sprung forward on his bed, making it squeak from the sudden movement. He breathed out, fingers sprawled out to touch his breastbone. He felt his stomach drop, the sicky feeling coming back to him as he thought.

"He-He thinks I'm a woman!"

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