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Can you believe it??

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Bill's P.O.V

I fell lightly asleep, twisting and turning, I kept waking up every five minutes checking if Ellen was asleep, I got scared.. I got up quietly, It was 3.45am and I got dressed, went outside for a walk and I woke myself up, went to my mom's house (I had a key) I opened the door..

Bill: Mom..? Hello...? It's Bill....
Lisa: Ah, yes Hello there Bill, you're mother warned me you might do that.
Bill: Who are you? Wheres my mom? DID YOU RAPE HER?? (I said eagerly to know)
Lisa: (she giggled) No, Of course not Bill, don't worry.. I'm Lisa, Lisa Murphy, your mom's best friend, not remember me?? I'll make it clear for you.. I'm Kayley's mom. Kayley Murphy's mom...
Bill: Kayley??!! really (I hugged Lisa) How is she keeping??
Lisa: She's great, she's married now. She's expecting a baby next month..
Bill: (I went pale because Kayley was my first girlfriend and I really really loved her.) Oh, well I'm getting married next month myself, I have a kid now. Nevaeh.
Lisa: Congratulations Bill! anyway it's 4.00am now would you like to spend the night or?
Bill: No, No, thanks, I'll go home I have my baby waiting for me now. Bye, God bless, take care now.

I got really, really jealous Kayley got married and didn't even bother to invite me! I know I have Ellen and she is my world I LOVE YOU SO MUCH, but come on! It would've been nice to go to her wedding..maybe she didnt want me upset... but still..
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