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Poor Bill.

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Ellen's P.O.V

So Bill came back in that night, his eyes red and his eyeliner coming down his face..
He looked so upset, but could you blame him?? I was even in tears, I couldn't get it into my head that Tom and Felicity were gone.. I just couldn't.....anyway this is what happened that night...

Bill: Well.... they're are definatly finished now
Ellen: What do you mean...?
Bill: They're like definatly dead like..
Ellen: Bill, I know that..
(Bill said no more and went upstairs to play with baby Neaveh)

Bill's P.O.V

I was just playing with Nevaeh and lifting her up and the usual and hugging her and talking to her.... then when I spoke to her I felt she could understand me....

Bill: Nevaeh.. Daddy's here!
(Nevaeh nodded)
Bill: Oh My, you nodded.. uh (I pointed to my eye) This is my eye
Nevaeh: Dadda's eye
(I put her down and got scared)
Bill: you're only 3 months old... how is this possible
Nevaeh: But dadda.. anything is possible if you put your mind to it..
(I walked backwards and this shadow came flying passed me and this girl with blood streaming down her face started talking to me)

Girl: Bill.. Anything is possible you know it..
Bill: What..? wait!! who are you?
Girl: Lets just say we know eachother...
(Before I could answer the shadow flew into the night sky and I tried talking to Nevaeh again)

Bill: Talk to me Nevaeh
(she just stared and blinked)
Bill: Remember you said anything is possible?? TALK NOW! YOU DID BEFORE!
(she started crying and I thought to myself that ghost girl must of used Nevaeh's body to talk and freak me out so I put her back in her cradle and I went to bed)

Ellen: Finally you're in bed..
Bill: Yeah...
Ellen: What took you so long?
Bill: I was checking on the baby..
Ellen: And it takes 2 hours to do that?
Bill: Sorry...

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