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Life Is A Dick.. It Gets Hard For No Reason

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Ellen's P.O.V

So me and Bill were home alone... baby Nevaeh was asleep, Mike, Audrina, Felicity and Sinead
were out getting pissed.. Me and Bill were snnuggled up on the sofa watching telly.... until we heard this bang on the door...

Ellen: I'll get it...
(I opened the door)
Police Officer: Hello Madam, how are you? May we come in..
Ellen: Of course officer (I went pale)
Bill: Baby, is everything okay?
Ellen: I-I don't know....
Police Officer: Well, no not everything is okay Sir&Madam, do you know Ms Felicity Allen and ,r Tom Kaulitz...?
Bill: Tom is my brother!!
Ellen: Felicity is my best friend!!
Police Officer: I am afraid to say.. they died in a car accident on their way home...
Police Officer: I'm sorry, Their bodies are in the hospital, do you want me to bring you to them?
(Bill and I started crying our eyes out)
Ellen: W-we have a baby with us...
Bill: I'll go, Baby, you mind Nevaeh...
Ellen: Okay Baby.. be careful...

Bill's P.O.V

So I entered the hospital doors, And the police officer leaded me to the room with Tom and Felicity's bodies, I bursted into tears... When I walked in.. Felicity and Tom's hands were grasped onto eachother.. basically it looked like the were holding hands, Flowers were placed on them... Tom's head felt so cold and Felicity's face was so pale and I was there sitting next to the bodies crying my eyes out I kissed them both on the cheek and I was like a freak talking to there dead bodies

Bill: I love you Tom, never forget the best times we had together when we were kids, never forget the time we had our first kiss with the same girl, Never forget how much you mean to me... Never forget me Tom, Because these are the memories I'm remembering forever, And Felicity, never forget the first time we met.. never forget that kiss on the cheek you gave me when I felt down, never forget the time I was having a hard time and you used to tickle me to make me feel happy, Never forget I love you guys with all my heart...
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