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I Don't Like Mondays

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I want to shoot the whole day down.

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Hey guys,hope you're liking the story so far!After this the story won't be updated until Monday or Tuesday because I'm going up to Belfast with Jane because her family are moving back there,and I won't be back til Tuesday.

This is a violent chapter.SVU seems to bring out the worst in me.

Also,I would like to add this,after several months of observation of ads for tampons.

Apparently,while on their period,all girls;

-are happy
-cuddle assorted persons,i.e. pets,boyfriends,other girls
-go clubbing
-wear white skinny jeans

I will comply.

-when I am on PMS,I generally have four feelings;

angry as fuck
sad as fuck
irritated as fuck
hungry as fuck

I spend my entire week on my couch,with the lights off and the curtains pulled,playing Grand Theft Auto and COD.If someone interrupts me whilst I am partaking in this I fucking pop a cap in their ass.

-I do not feel happiness or affection,therefore I do not partake in cuddling anything of any sort

-while on PMS I do not feel like moving/dancing/going out in public,why the fuck would I DO ALL DAMN THREE OF THEM SIMULTANEOUSLY IN A TINY MINI SKIRT.

-This is the worst.I wear men's black Nike sweatpants and hoodies when I'm on my period.The words "white" and "skinny jeans" do not exist to me at this time,let alone together. That's like running the Iron Man in high heels,its just incomprehensible.


title is from the Boomtown Rats.

xo lorna

First of the Gang to Die
I Don't Like Mondays

Frank woke up in the middle of the night,shaking.He felt a warm,tingling sensation in his arm and immediately looked to his side.He whimpered when he saw the red puddle of liquid in the bed,and felt sick to his stomach as the scarlet seeped steadily.He tried to move off of the bed but Gerard stirred in his sleep.


"I...I'm bleeding,"he winced.He could feel the tears scorching up his eyes.The pain was excruciating."It hurts really badly."

He was gasping and panting,and he thought he was going to faint.Sharp,stabbing pain ran up his nerves.He fumbled for the light,and when he was plunged into yellow,he saw that the bandage was completely soaked in his own blood,wet and heavy.

"Wha-aw,shit,"Gerard said,cursing when he saw the revelation.He pulled the covers back and stalked over to Frank,grabbing his stick on the way.

" split open during the night.No need to worry,honey,I'll fix it up."He kissed him lightly."Are you feeling faint?"


"Okay,we'll do it in the bathroom then,"he soothed,taking Frank by the arm and guiding him to the en suite.He lifted him up and sat him atop the counter,and began to work at the soaking bandages.

"Imma just clean it and dress it again,sweetie,it won't hurt,"he murmured as he dabbed at the wound,Frank sniffing and tearing up."Is it really sore?"

"Yeah,"Frank replied,resting against Gerard's shoulder,"but it's feeling better now."

There was silence as Gerard worked at the wound,wrapping it up tightly,the blood packing beneath it.

"Still can't think of an insult,huh?"Gerard smiled up at the boy.

"No,"Frank answered meekly,"I like everything about you."

"Can't hit me?"He was enjoying himself immensely,teasing the kid."Can't attack me?Not even a little slap?"

Frank bit his lip."I might hurt-"

"With all due respect,sugar,I have been in the Mafia in the last twelve years and I have a fake leg."He tapped the prosthetic against the wood,making a hollow thumping noise."This is very little you could do to hurt me.C'mon."He showed Frank his cheek."Slap me."

Frank's hand shook slightly as he brushed it lightly against Gerard's face.The taller blew a puff of breath from the side of his mouth.

"Was that...bad?"

"That could have passed as a breeze,baby,"he laughed."C'mon,ain't you ever,like,beat someone up?Hit someone?"

Frank shook his head.Gerard iguoymohcr

sorry I left for a piss and my cat stood on the keyboard.I'm keeping it up because if you take out the o and the h you get MCR.I'll italic it in case you have shite vision like me.


It's a sign.My cat loves My Chem.And he does have Ray as a middle name.Hmmm.

Gerard pulled Frank down from the counter top and stood him up.Then he pressed him up against the edge,legs twisted around Frank's own,as to eliminate all means of escape.

"Can't do anything now,can ya?"Gerard purred,tugging at the waistband of the boy's boxers."I've got you cornered now.You could scream and holler and shriek but no one would hear you,sugar."

"Ger-ard...what are you doing?"Frank's breathing was hitching in his throat,his eyes expansive with abhorrence.

"Want me to stop?"He tried to lift his voice,and make it more devoid of sexiness,and make it less enjoyable for the boy.It didn't work."You're gonna have to make me."

Iero pushed lightly on his chest,which didn't remotely prevent Gerard.He still searched Frank's soul with those eyes.

He tried a little harder,but to no avail.

"Gerard,stop,"he whimpered,"please stop,you're scaring me.Please."He was shaking from head to toe,and his face was bright white."Please,I love you so much,please don't hurt me,Gerard-"

"Frank,"Gerard sighed,"my God,you make it so hard for me to be mean.You're too nice for own damn good.I guess forcefulness isn't your thing.Never mind.We shall make improvements in the coming days.But for now,"he said,"I could use a little irrigation."

"A what?"

"A drink,sugar.Alcohol.Do it fluid.Booze."He descended the stairs,tugging Frank by the hand,until they made their way to the kitchen.When the light was switched on,Frank's eyes were suddenly assaulted by the white."Come to think of it,I've never seen you drink.Do you?"

He began to rootle around in various cupboards,glass clinking and liquid sloshing.

"James didn't drink,"Frank explained quietly,regretting it once it escaped his lips,"because he thought it was..."



"Bad?Good people don't do it?"Frank nodded as Gerard set two glasses down on the table,with a bottle of tan fluid."Funny how a man who kills people for a living and beats up his fiancee like there's no tomorrow can have the right to call anyone uncultivated,but who am I to judge..."


"Nothing,sweetie,"Gerard replied,pouring two glasses full of whiskey."Now that's single malt,that's the weakest,you could pretty much knock it back straight."He sat down opposite Frank and swilled his own glass.

Frank put the glass to his lips,and tipped it back slightly.The liquid crept down his throat slowly,a cold burning sensation that both angered and soothed his throat at the same time.He gasped when he finished,even though he had barely tasted any.Gerard had drained the entire thing,only leaving a chunk of ice at the bottom.

I can do that :D and oh god why am I proud of that

"What time is it?"Frank asked once his system had recovered.

"Just after four,"Gerard answered,before the telephone began to trill.He scoffed and got up.

"The fuck?Who fucking rings at this hour in the morning?"

Frank heard the line pick up as Gerard muttered greetings,and then silence as the caller began to crackle on the other end.Then Gerard spat some words of Italian into the receiver and slammed it down.Then the jabbing of numbers and turning of the circle dial.Gerard repeated some alarmed foreign tongue,the words chipped and aggravated.

Frank was getting frightened now.Like that was fucking hard.

Casey Novak,the DA from SVU has really great legs.Like,really good.Three cheers for being a perv

"Frank!"Gerard called."Frank,get over here!"

Frank jumped from the table and was instantly seized by Gerard,tugged to his chest.

"Sugar,honey,I need you to get my gun upstairs,and then I need you to stay up there,"he instructed,"those pricks are planning an assault and I need to get Toro and Bryar over here-"

"The attack is here?!In our house?!"

"Yes,"Gerard returned,"so I need you to get up there as quickly as possible and I'll lock the door,guards'll be here momentarily."His eyes darted to and fro as he gripped the boy."Please go upstairs,baby,get my gun,and some clothes.I'd get you to fight but I haven't even showed you how to hold a gun yet."

Fran nodded and ran up the stairs.Shitshitshit.They were coming.Here.To the house.To try and kill them,to rob them of life.

He tried to destroy the thoughts by grabbing Gerard's shoulder holster and his shirt,his trousers-it was some what of a relief when he heard Ray's loud,cheerful voice,along with tens of others,of boots and weapons.

"They here yet?They arrive?"

"No,but soon-soon.Bob-please-"

Then,a bang.The door.Shouting.Screaming.Shooting.Frank sprang into action and started to barricade the door with chairs,with the dresser.He was panicking,not just for himself but for Gerard,who was unarmed and in his pajamas,although Frank doubted that there was a lack of weaponry downstairs.

He could hear the ripping of bullets through walls,people screaming,more shouts of order from Gerard and de Luca.Then three words stung Frank;


Shortly followed by an indignant cry of:


Frank may not have had outstanding vocabulary,but he had sense enough to cop on that they were coming for him,and he bounded for the bathroom,trousers in hand,quickly jolting the lock into it's slot.He was terrified.He was attacking his nails,nearly eating his fingers.Tears were streaming down his face at a current,continuous pace.He pulled on his pants and buttoned up a shirt clumsily.The he heard them.

"Frank?"The blond man was back,and Frank had to clap his hand over his mouth to prevent the scream that was dying to emerge."Frank,I know you're in here.Don't try to hide from me."

Frank pressed himself into the furthest corner of the floor,sinking down,squeezing his chest so not to hear his sobs.

"Remember that promise I made the other day?It's gonna happen,Frankie,it's gonna happen soon..."

Frank squeaked and buried his face between his knees,hands curled around his shins.

"Please no,please no,please no,"he whispered almost inaudibly,"Gerard,come back,I need you,I need you so much..."

The door flung open.He was standing above him,grinning that horrible,stomach churning grin.

"Frank."He let the door slam behind him."How nice to see you again."

The boy whimpered and was shaking fully now,frozen with unyielding fear.


de Luca walked over to Frank and yanked him up by the collar.Frank tried to wriggle out of his grasp but was slapped for his effort,blood shooting from his mouth.

"It is useless trying to fight me,Frank,"he stated,"so you may as well accept this is going to happen."

"Please don't,you don't have to do this,"Frank squeaked,"please,you don't have to."

"Oh,but I do,"the man seered,popping the button of Frank's trousers and yanking down the zip,as Frank began to sob louder,"y'see,I hate your fucking husband,Frank,and I know what will break him."

"But please,"Frank croaked,"please don't do this to me.Or Gerard.Just...please."

Andrew ignored his pleads and pushed him roughly against the wall,grinning when the kid's ribs cracked against the ceramic.


de Luca,again,reveled in the fact that his henchmen were holding back Way from literally pumping bullets into his head.He dragged Frank back to his chest and pulled his trousers down to his knees,which were audibly clicking together.


"I have him,Gerard,"the blond man sneered,"I have your little bunny rabbit right here next to me,don't I,Frank?"

Next Frank felt the jab of a pistol into his temple,and the tears were really fucking flowing now.

"Say something,"he whispered with venom,"say something to him.Now."

"Ger-ard?"Frank squeaked,gazing up into de Luca's frighteningly dark orbs.His chest was becoming tighter,not just because of the broken ribs but because of the apprehension,the undeniable disbelief that this wouldn't,couldn't happen to him.

He tried to come up with some sort of heartfelt,beneficial statement to comfort or reassure Gerard,but eventually just came out with the truth.

"I'm scared,Gerard."He gulped loudly and tried to bite back his screams."Huh-help me."

"FRANKIE!"Gerard's voice was hoarse and strained,but sounded relieved."BABY,HAS HE FUCKING TOUCHED YOU?"

"Oh yeah,Gerard,"he licked his lips,"his trousers are around his knees and I've already added some color to his skin tone."The smirk again.That smirk."Purple,to be exact."


Andrew dug a finger underneath Frank's rib cage,wriggling it against the fragile bones,snapping the verterbrae.Frank screamed and tried to stop him,but the villain was too strong,and the boy tried to suck in gasps of air,his lungs being squeezed and compressed.

"He's struggling to breathe,Gerard,"was the next goad."You wanna know why?"

"Why?"Gerard spat from the bedroom.Frank figured he was held down by guards.

"Because I'm snapping his ribs,"Gerard swore loudly,"they're so weak.Like kindling.I'm trusting that due to your exceptional education,Gerard,that you know people die from not breathing."

A bullet ripped through the bathroom door and hit de Luca point blank in the neck.Frank made a mental note to kiss Gerard for his shooting skills.

Andrew scowled and pressed a hand to the wound,his hand becoming scarlet instantly.

"You little shit,"he muttered,before hurling Frank to the wall and flinging the door open and stalking out.Gerard was instantly dropped to the ground by the guards,who scampered quickly after their master.Way was too concerned about his lover to even try and catch them.He jumped to his feet and catapulted into the bathroom.

"Oh...Frank,"he murmured,kneeling down to the sniveling boy."Come now,baby,come here to me.Mind your ribs,darling."

Wracking and wheezing,Frank was scooped up into Gerard's arms,blood flowing freely down his down and into his collar.The stronger was careful not to crush him or even invade his personal space.

"Sweetie?"He asked,but Frank could barely hear.He was slipping into unconsciousness."You're gonna get to the hospital now,baby,don't worry..."

Next chapter:Catch hell blues.
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