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Running Up That Hill

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And if I only could,make a deal with God,and get him to swap our places.

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Hey lads,writing this fairly quickly because I'm on the train up to NI because my aunt killed herself a week ago and the funerals up here in my hometown.The train up to Belfast is actually quite roomy.It's eleven at night and there's only one other person in my compartment,so prime writing conditions.

You must listen to the title sing while reading this.You just must.That's how I intended it to be read.

peace out and holy shit they got Moro bars on the trolley gotta get me one of them,

xo lorna

R.I.P. Margaret Nora Ni Ionnrachtaigh

oh and Michael McIntyre is the best comedian ever.I have his Live at the Apollo on my iPod and I piss myself laughing at the "do you know Sainsbury's?YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEES" bit every goddamn time

oh and I just texted like 947597 people back,and after half an hour,I got this back from my little sister;


She is sitting right next to me.

and shes trying to help me with the plotline and Im like "bitch,please,let the expert handle this shit.go back to making out with hello kitty or whatever it is you kids do these days"

I know the song was originally written by Kate Bush but I don't like her so if you want to know the song I'm talking about,look up the Placebo one.Placebo=amazingness

First of the Gang to Die
Running Up That Hill

One week later

"Baby?Sweetie,are you awake?"

Frank stirred and cracked open his eyes as he felt a slight tickling sensation against his cheek.His husband greeted his vision,and he sat up,easing his way with the bandages hugging his middle.For the last week since the attack,he had been bed bound,and only allowed soup and yogurt.All twelve of his ribs had been fractured,and his shoulder dislocated from the beating.He had bruises up and down his back,and he had lost a tooth.The engraving Andrew had donated,the still bloody R,was still secured under white gauze,and his black eye still shone out ebony rays of deformity.

Gerard had taken time out of his month to be with Frank all the time.He made all his meals,changed his bandages,and kept him company.They mostly talked,about trivial things like movies or music,Gerard mostly talking whilst Frank listened intently.Iero listened to Fitzgerald,Armstrong,Holiday,upon request of Gerard,who knew all the lyrics,the meanings,the depth behind the gramophone.Frank's favorite was My Blue Heaven,whilst the older preferred Cheek to Cheek.

Despite his intense injuries,upon which Gerard became vehement surrounding,Frank enjoyed the time immensely.Ray and Bob visited him fairly often,mostly fighting immaturely in their hilarious way.He watched television,and found some source of comfort in that he didn't leave in mainland Europe,where,to quote Gerard,"all the shits going down."

But above all Frank enjoyed chatting with Gerard,whose interesting,often twisted,accounts of his past fascinated the boy to an extent where he would badger him mercilessly to narrate tales of his child and teenage hood,even up to his present.They would cant endlessly for hours,with Gerard finally insisting they both go to bed.

"Mmm,Gee,"Frank stretched,"what time is it?"

"Nearly eight,"Gerard replied,smiling slightly,"you've been sleeping for nearly seven hours."He was on the edge of the bed,his hand resting on Frank's lightly.

"Oh,"Frank replied,"is everyone else gone home?"

It was common knowledge to Frank that while he was asleep Gerard would discuss meetings and coalitions with assorted men downstairs,often in low,hushed tones that could not be heard from the next room.

"Yeah.Just you and me now."His brow creased."How are you doing?Are you feeling alright?Not faint or anything?"

"No,"Frank answered,surveying Gerard with innocent ocher eyes,"I'm okay."

Damn,he looked good today.He was wearing a black shirt and waistcoat,matching trousers and his hair was tousled-not greasy but just askew.Frank bit his lip,aching to touch him,to kiss him,to do anything remotely sexual with him,but he knew Gerard would be far too sensible about his lover's trauma.




Gerard beamed broadly and closed the space between him and Frank,working his lips softly against the boy's pout,extra cautious as so not to hurt the kid,but letting a hand fall in his lap.Frank,meanwhile,was tugging at Gerard's tongue,prying at the buttons on his shirt.

"Mmm,Frank,"Gerard mumbled into the kiss,"baby,calm down."

"But I want you,"he whined,"I want you so badly."

Iero linked his arms around the elder's neck,pressing his thin frame up against Gerard's muscular one,biting down on the gangster's lip.Frank let out a small gasp of pain when his rib cage bumped Way's,and tried to fight back the stinging tears,pulling and parting at Gerard's lips.

"Sugar,so do I,"the Mafioso confirmed huskily,pushing the shorter away gently,guiding him by the waist,"you know that.But you're hurt,sweetie,and I am not going to hurt you further."

Frank intentionally pushed his lip out into a pout,still clutching Gerard's shirt in fistfuls.

"Can't we do anything?"He hoped,that,with enough goading and pleading,Way would break."Can you kiss me?"

"Baby,I'll kiss you until the end of time,"he promised,crushing his mouth to Frank's again,the younger instantly running his tongue along Gerard's bottom lip.He ran his plastered hands all over the taller's clothed chest,finding his way to Gerard's belt and clicking the clasp.

"Honey,you gotta stop,"Gerard sighed,pulling away from Frank,"I want to have you like you have no idea but you're really hurt,Frankie."He brushed his lips to Frank's knuckles."Do you realize that if your lungs collapse with your broken ribs you could die?"

"But I-"he rested against Gerard's shoulder."I want you to be inside me,to suck me off,I-"His fingers ran to Gerard's buttoned shirt.

"Bunny rabbit,no."He kissed Frank's forehead.His tone was tender but firm."I will not do that,sugar,until you're better."

"When will that be?"

"As long as it takes."He caressed the boy's bulky arm."I'm only doing this because I couldn't stand it if anything else happened to you."He scowled."You're already broken,bruised and bleeding.I obviously do a shitty job at protecting you."

"No you don't,"Frank replied quickly,"it's just those guys are bad."

"Mmm,"Gerard agreed vaguely,"they are bad."

Frank decided to break the awkwardness.

"My legs are fine.Do you think I could...sit in your lap?"

Gerard grinned.He loved having the boy sitting on his thighs,it made him feel warm and safe.

"Of course."He pulled back the covers and helped Frank clamber into his lap,curling his hands around the soft of his knee,securing him.

"Now;if I kiss you,will you promise not to act like a sexually frustrated teenager?"He tipped Frank slightly,so that their noses touched.


Gerard sucked at the base of Iero's jawline,his arms swathed around his waist loosely,constantly considerate of the boy's fragile condition.Frank,however,seemed to have very little consideration for his own health,and instead worked his lips hungrily against Gerard's,so grateful for the opportunity.

Gerard,however,made sure the kiss remained passionate,but tender.He acknowledged that while Frank may be starved of affection for the time being,sex was not worth risking his life over.He ended the kiss by pulling his mouth away,leaving the younger flushed red and panting.

"Why did you stop?"He whinged,pouting again."We were just getting started."

Gerard shook his head."Baby,this is the final time;I am not going to have sex with you until you are better.That's the end of it."

Frank looked like he wanted to cry."But you look so good today...and you smell so nice."

Gerard sighed."If I give you a date where I promise we will,will you calm the fuck down?"

"Yes!"Frank bounced excitedly on Gerard's knees,and kissed him-not without force."Yes,thank you,thank you!"

"How about the twentieth?Ten days time?"Frank nodded,but looked a little disappointed."Look,baby,I'm sorry,it's a long time.But I'm just doing what's best for you,sweetie."

Frank nodded and wrapped his arms around Gerard's neck.

"I know,and thank you.So much.You're my favorite person in the world."

That simple,submissive statement filled Gerard with so much joy he could hardly speak.

Frank looked on from the bathroom,a towel wrapped around his waist.He knew Gerard had told him they should wait,for his sake,until nearly a fortnight to make love,but Frank was getting restless,even though the conversation had only taken place yesterday.He was currently gazing longingly at Gerard,whose back was turned to him,as he sorted out something on the telephone.

He looked so powerful,and that added to his toned,pale physique and his mesmerizing jade eyes,the raven shoulder-length hair,the husky,full voice-it made Frank ache with lust,his knees buckle with desire.Presently he bit his lip,barely containing his moan,gently rocking his hips,offering some sort of comfort to the straining erection now positioned between his legs.

Nonetheless,he pulled on his boxers and tousled his hair sloppily.

Gerard,meanwhile,was on the phone to Louis Soprano,one of his most loyal,capable companions that Way had a lot of respect for.However,tonight,while listening to the progress report,he was bored with the status of violence and bloodshed-he just wanted to get back to Frank.He had loved the past few days with him,the time spent talking and laughing;but now,like Frank,he craved the spark between them,the feeling of the boy underneath him,between his legs,the sensation of being inside him,loving him.

But he knew in his black heart that this would hurt his lover even more than possible.And he had done some bad shit in his time,but Gerard Way could never bring himself to harm his little pet for his own demonic,selfish sexual fantasies.

"Sir?Are you there,sir?"

"Yes,yes,I'm here,"Gerard replied wearily."Is that all?"


"What do you mean?"

"We were-that being me and the other guys,Toro,Bryar,Spitelli,everyone else-just hoping that Frank is okay,sir.That was some real shit they dealt him,sir."

"It was.He is fairing well.All of his ribs are busted,he's got some contusions and abrasions."The gangster sighed."Have there been any major retaliations while I've been gone?Is Toro capable?"

"Not much,sir.Word on the street is that you really shot up that de Luca bastard good,sir.I heard through the grapevine he's gonna have some major nerves issues.Like,he might be paralyzed,sir."

Gerard smiled without humor."That would serve him right.No one does that to my boy and lives.If you see him or any of his scum roaming the streets,you shoot him.Point blank."

"Of course,sir,you got it.Are you gonna be accompanying us to the meth raid,sir?It's next Tuesday,sir."

"And what date is that?"

"Uhh...the twentieth by my estimation,sir."

Gerard nearly moaned at the mention of the date."No.I have an altercation that day."

"Very well,sir.Goodnight."


Gerard threw the phone into its receiver and stretched,rubbing at his eyes.That's when he heard the scream from the room next to him.

Now,let's not get Gerard's curiosity confused with his adoration;in normal circumstances,he would have shouted a word of warning of his advancing arrival,he would have suited himself up properly,maybe pondered about what to do.But when he knew that particular shriek had been emitted from Frank,he simply grabbed his Colt from the bedside table and sprang into action,whipping the door open.

But he got there too late.

Frank was doubled over in the corner,his mouth frothing blood down his chin,whimpering and crying.A man was stooping over in front of him,and every time he jerked his arm Frank would let out a horrifying,blood curdling screech.Gerard forgot all mains of interrogation and just plugged the guy's back full of bullets.(Twelve,to be exact.)Way's aim was so experienced that the man keeled over backwards,instead of falling on Frank.

And then he saw it.The image would never quite leave him-it would remain burned in his mind until the day he died,and he would always shake with rage when he thought of it,which he tried to make happen as little as often.

A large,gleaming dagger was sticking out from the middle of the boy's abdomen,wedged in just below the dividing septum of his ribs,steadily growing more and more florid.Gerard skidded over to Frank,taking his hands,staring helplessly at the weapon,at his beloved boy writhing and gasping with shocked,disbelieving paroxysm.

"Oh,sweetie,"Gerard's cheeks became streaked with tears,as he squeezed Frank's hand with all his might,"oh my God,baby,I am so sorry,I just-"

Frank's entire body was heaving and shuddering against the ceramics;his eyes were sliding dhut slowly.

"Gee,"he mumbled,"mmm,I'm so cold..."

Gerard realized the reference with stern terror.

"Don't you even think about blacking out on me,Frank,I will fucking kill a dog if you that."

The eyes flickered open."No!"

"Then we're gonna sort this,"Gerard said in a determined voice.He sprinted,at lightning speed,to the telephone,jabbing a nine and two one's,and ordering an ambulance,which arrived ten minutes later.

Frank was brought to the hospital for the second time that week,and fixed up.He was discharged two days later.

Tuesday,the thirteenth of February,nineteen thirty four.The day when the family feud between the Way's and the Romano's became a full-fledged war.

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