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Hold on to Your Friends

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A bond of trust has been abused.

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First of the Gang to Die
Hold on to Your Friends

"And so then I was like,no way,Toro,you look like a fucking zombified cheerleader in that color,it's worse than the homeless Mexican dude."

Frank remembered the joke and laughed weakly.It wasn't that he couldn't find it funny,but that he was still too fragile from the attack.

"Did he get mad?"

"Hell yeah.Started yellin at me,sayin what the fuck I know about fashion,wouldn't know it if it bit me in the ass,yada yada ya-"


Both Bob and Frank looked up to see Gerard in the doorway,his face a neutral mask of emotions,his jaw clenched slightly.Bob took the hint.

"See ya later,Frankie,"he muttered,"we're all huntin for ya."

The blond man got up and left,gracefully dodging the dark haired elder by the door,who quickly took him by the arm and escorted him to the hallway.

"How is he?"

"He's good.He was talkin,laughin-just a bit weaker than normal."He ran over his words."But,y'know,that's expected,a course."

"He wasn't in pain?Whimpering?Gasping?"

"Not that I coulda seen.But I think he wants to talk to ya."His eyes flashed toward the bedroom door again."Sounds like he misses ya."

"What do you mean?"

"Kept sayin he was worried about ya,that he didn't want ya to get killed by the fuckers who cut him up.Sorry for the swearin."

"It's fine.When did he mention this?"

"A few times.Maybe three times?"

"Alright."Gerard grasped his friend's shoulder."And thank you for talking to him.I just had to go out today."

"No problem,I like him,he's a cool kid.Whaddid you guys do today?"

"Raided de Luca's house."


"Inconclusive.Found some bomb-making equipment,some crude blue prints,some pornography."Bob snorted."Just a man of the highest social class."

Bob lowered his voice.When he spoke next,his voice was fearful,apprehensive."You think this is gonna escalate,Coro?"

"Yes."Gerard sighed."I'm going to have to find new recruits.You know Soprano and Ritelli were hit yesterday?Think by de Luca himself."

"Shit,that's a shame.Any news on your France thing yet?"

"Just that the son has not forwarded to the police yet,which is a very promising sign.Nonetheless,he could.Have you found him?"

"Toro's on it as we speak."

"Good.Are you on watch now?"

"Yeah.My wife's downstairs though,she gotta helluva good fightin arm.You mind if she stays up here with me for the night?"Then he blushed slightly."We won't do nothin.obviously,it's just-"

"Of course,Robert,that's fine.Goodnight,Robert."


Gerard retreated to the bedroom again,his hand on the doorknob.The past few weeks had been extremely stressful-February had flown straight into March,which had brought on bitter rivalry between the families.For every Way killed,a Romano was also assassinated,each murder usually more brutal than the last.They were coming up with new and improved ways of torture and murder,too grisly and horrifying to write down,although,in future chapters,they may be accounted.

Every afternoon Gerard would rush home to see Frank,whose health had strengthened somewhat since his stabbing,even though he still had to spend all day in bed.Way demanded twenty four hour watch in his home,so that guards were always present within the building.Thier bedroom was currently on duty by five armed protectors.He realized this would have an impact on other objectives within the house,like privacy,but he would rather not have his husband attacked for the fourth time in barely two months.

Frank,Gerard had noticed,had become quieter and more submissive,and tended to flinch,but the gangster was informed sternly by Raymond that this was to be expected after such horrific experiences.Being cut,beaten and punctured is hardly going to boost someone's self esteem,y'know.

They had not made love for weeks,mainly because Frank was too self-conscious,Gerard too protective.Every time Gerard had inched toward the boy's thorax,he would whimper and tear up,apologizing and stuttering.No matter how many times Gerard reassured and insisted that he could never find any part of Frank ugly or scarred-which was true-Iero would never listen,and instead would beg for Gerard not to do it,"please,Gee,please don't."It had struck Way as weird,and he decided that he would delve further into this peculiarity.

And he killed for the smile Frank would wear every afternoon upon his return from interrogating,beating,killing.The flash of teeth that the boy would display made him positively melt.

He nearly snapped the doorknob from his enthusiasm,sprinting into the room.

"Gee,"Frank croaked immediately,outstretching his short,bandaged arms.

"Hey sugar,"he skimmed across the room,carefully placing himself on the edge of the bed.His hand found Frank's and he kissed his mouth lightly,running his tongue along the younger's lip,before stopping himself in case of going too far."I missed you so much."

"I missed you too,"Frank replied,nuzzling into Gerard's neck delicately,"I always feel so much better when you're with me."

Gerard rubbed the boy's back gently,ruffling his hair."Mmm,baby,I love coming home to you."He planted a quick kiss to the kid's head."Has everything been okay today?You're not feeling too shit?"

"No,I had a good day."He sat back up against his pillows,looking childlike in the huge mass of white."What about you?"

"It was okay.I'm staying home tomorrow,"he said,smiling,"so at least we can spend more time together."

"Really?"Frank giggled with joy,kneeling up in their bed."Yay!"He pulled Gerard into a hug,pursing his lips against the other's.

"No problem,honey.I've been really worried about you lately."


"Why?"He chuckled and brushed the back of his hand against Frank's clothed middle."Sugar,in the last three weeks you've been assaulted three times.Seriously.When I wasn't with you.So being with you is the best comfort I can give you."

"Thank you,"Frank murmured,fiddling with Gerard's hands in his lap."You're so sweet."

"No,I'm not,"Gerard replied."I'm a bitter bastard who kills people.I just happen to be hopelessly and irrevocably in love with you,"he explained,leaning into kiss his husband again,slipping his linked hands between the curve of Frank's thighs and his calves.The boy rested his broken hands on Gerard's chest,tilting his head to sustain the kiss,sweet and soft,while also sinking slowly into Gerard's lap.

"O-oh,"Frank sighed softly as Gerard tugged on his lip,knotting his fingers in his lover's hair.He spread his legs a little farther apart,letting them fall on either side of Gerard's hips,slipping into a straddle.Way made himself think before he acted;this was the farthest the couple had gone in weeks,and he was determined to control his own actions,not to freak Frank out.

"Mmm,I love you,"Gerard purred into Frank's mouth,"I love you so much."

"I love you too,"Frank breathed shakily,"don't ever leave me,Gerard,please,I need you."

"Of course not,"Gerard promised."I will protect you,my love.If any one wants to get to you they'll have to get through me."


Frank flushed scarlet,frozen against Gerard.Someone had seen them kiss.Even to Frank,now in his early twenties,the thought seemed embarrassing and gross.

Gerard,however,seemed to just be angry.He didn't push Frank off him,but simply pulled away his mouth.

"Don't you fucking knock?"He snapped,his naturally polite tone failing him.

"Oh-so sorry,sir,I didn't realize you were-"

"Never mind that now,what is it?"He snarled,while Frank pressed his forehead against Gerard's chest.

"Oh,well,sir,we have located de Luca.We have him,sir."

Both Gerard and Frank perked up at this news.

"Can you slip off for a second,baby?"Gerard muttered in Frank's ear,who complied automatically.Gerard stood up and faced the brown haired man who was informing him of the joyous news,neatening his shirt and brushing his trousers.The informant-Colombo-struggled not to smile at his boss's kiss-swollen lips,his messy hair.

"Where is he?"

"Being brought here,sir.Toro rang us with the news just now."

"This is excellent news,Ricardo,excellent."Gerard rubbed his hands together."Bring him down to the chambers and I shall be with you when he arrives."

"Yes,sir."Colombo left.

"They found him?"Frank's voice was a small whisper."You...have found him?"

"Yeah,sweetie,"Gerard was beaming,"we got him.We're gonna kill this bastard,and we're gonna kill him,and he's gonna suffer slowly,just like you."He plopped down next to him again."You okay?You're looking pretty pale there."

"I'm just...happy."He blinked up at Gerard."I didn't think I'd ever be happy to see someone die."

"Sweetie,"Gerard wrapped his arms around the smaller's waist,"after what he's done to you,he deserves it."

"He-he does?"

"Sugar,ain't you ever heard of revenge?Vendetta?Reprise?"The boy's blank look spoke loud and clear for him."If someone does something to you,you can do it back."

"Isn't that...y'know...bad?"

"Come again,babe?"

"Like...counter something?"

"Counter productive?"

"Yeah.Isn't it?"

"I guess.But it sure is fucking sweet,that's for certain."He flicked his eyes over Frank,looking so goddamn good in his oblivious innocence."You look nice today,sugar."

"Thank you,"the boy mumbled,slightly confused.Then he copped on,whimpering,the tooth finding it's way to his bottom lip."Oh,Gerard,please,I don't want to."

"Honey,I ain't gonna make you,"Gerard assured tenderly,pulling Frank into his lap again,so easily that the boy barely noticed."I just want to know why."

"Why?"Iero repeated in a higher tone,tears starting to brim,threatening to fall.

"Oh sugar,don't cry,"Gerard cooed,rocking the boy in his arms,"I don't mean to upset you,baby,I just want to hear why you get all torn up when I touch you."His hands retracted from his lover and instead fell into Frank's lap,when even the boy cowered.

"Please tell me,honey.I hate seeing you all jumpy and jittery."He gave his thigh a reassuring squeeze and tipped his chin up."I just want you to be okay."

Frank shut his eyes and swayed slightly."Promise me you won't get mad."

"Why would I get mad?But,yeah,sugar,course I won't get angry."

"Well...that night he stabbed me..."the boy was trembling and shaking at a rapid pace,and tears were running down his face continuously."I-I didn't tell you because I didn't want to."

Way tried not to show his confusion."And what was that,sweetheart?"

Sweat was dripping down Iero's face."I-I-I-"

"Baby,calm down,"Gerard soothed,wiping away the tears from under Frank's eyes,"just breathe deeply and relax,you're talking to me."

Frank sniffed loudly and ducked his head."Please don't hate me."

"Sugar,I could never hate you,"Gerard promised,getting more and more nervous."You know that.And no matter what happens,I love you and always will.Irrevocably.Hopelessly.Unbelievably.Endlessly.So,honey,sugar,bunny,for the sake of my sanity,please tell me what's hurting you so bad."

"He-he raped me."

Gerard's jaw fell open as he heard it,the words swirling mindlessly as he drank them in.He had never even seen that coming for a minute-it had hit him like a slap in the face,a cold splash of water.He was only in numb,numb in anger and indignancy and disbelief.He refused to believe that Frank,his husband,his lover,his little pet upon which he showered adoration and amity like he had never before,had been violated.He could merely meet Frank's eyes,mouth gaping.

"I'm suh-sorry,"Frank sobbed,his whole body quaking in Gerard's lap,"I duh-didn't want to tuh-tell you buh-because I thought you'd huh-hate me!He tuh-told me to puh-pull down my trousers and that if I screamed,he'd kuh-kill muh-me!"He fell into Gerard's chest,weeping helplessly."And then he stabbed me and then I screamed,because I just cuh-couldn't huh-help it,and then he twisted it into me."He rubbed at his eyes."I'm suh-sorry I didn't tuh-tell you,Gerard."The sobbing had gradually reduced to weak hiccuping,Frank tugging at Gerard's collar.

Way looked to the shrinking boy clinging to him.

"He-he did that to you?He...violated you?"

Frank whimpered as way of affirmation.

"Oh my fucking God,sugar,I am so sorry."He was slowly cracking,trying not to believe it was happening."Oh my God,I can't believe that fucking cunt-"

He kissed Frank softly,pressing him with light caresses all over;his face,his neck,his hands.Surges of emotion,of love,of pity flew through Gerard and made him pang with guilt.He was in the next fucking room as his husband had been raped,and what had he been fucking doing?On the fucking phone.

"Oh,Frankie,oh baby,please forgive me,I should have fucking helped you,I wasn't there for you,oh sweetie-"

A timid knock.A voice outside the door."Sir?"


Frank heard hurried footsteps pattering away from the door.

"Sugar I swear to God I will help you through this,I will be there for you,you won't ever feel afraid again,baby-"



is it just me or are Gerard's outbursts extremely funny

Award for Best Ruining The Moment...


Well,I can hardly say it's a surprise,this is in my mind and all and it is a little known fact I do ruin moments like America ruins NATO...

Oh what,too goddamn soon?It's been 62 years,I think not.

"I gotta go do this,Frank,you may come if you like or you may stay here."

"What are you going to do?"Frank asked,dabbing at his eyes with his sleeve.Gerard grabbed a baton,and smirked like the Devil himself."What's that for?"

"Sodomy,"Gerard muttered,knowing the boy was not aware of the meaning."Three cheers for sweet revenge,eh?"

Oh yeah working MCR album titles into chapters FUCK YEAH

Next chapter:Torture,sweet torture.
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