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One day I'll get you and teach you how to get to purest hell.

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Hello again guys,hows it going?

So I am currently writing this from my old house in Belfast,which is in the Falls Road.If you've never heard of it,you should Wikipedia it.It is like the Compton of west Belfast.

Presently,and I kid you not,I am in my older sister's room,at her computer,looking out the window,and what am I seeing?

There is a guy being tortured outside our house,behind an alley.

He's screaming and howling,he's thrashing around,he's begging them to "please don't please no PLEASE!" but they certainly ain't stopping.The IRA don't do stopping.

If you're wondering why the fuck I ain't calling the police,then the answer is simple;I am sellfish,and do not want to die.They don't give a shit if you are an eighteen year old girl in a Slytherin shirt who just sits in her room all day and writes fan fictions,they will pop your ass full of lead.Anyway,the authorities won't give a fuck.The PSNI'll just be like,"yeah sure whatever."

So it is not entirely surprise that I am so good at writing gangland fiction.(I'm kidding,I'm mediocre at best.)I am basing this chapter off of what I am hearing right now,as I type.I've tried shutting the window,going into another room,fuck,I even went into our neighbors,but you can hear him screeching wherever you go.I tried my iPod a little while ago and I think that helps.

Sorry if this is disturbing you,by the way.I just thought you should know the real Northern Ireland,Catholic and working class,before people start going on about fucking potatoes and Guinness *coughsuzyrevengecough*

There is no rape in here per se(although it is heavily implied) because to be honest when they moved onto that part I nearly got sick,and threw my iPod on to the highest level.Alkaline Trio may have saved my life there,and prevented my lunch from making an appearance.

So yes,no rape,but torture.I am trying to make it as real as possible without grossing the fuck out of people.I may want to be a writer,but I draw the line when it comes to certain shit.

Well,Imma plug my headphones in now and turn up Metallica to full blast,and get to work.Times like this I wish I liked Slipknot.(Not really.)I have Criminal Minds on as well,and the murderers outside must be like,"damn,she's got good taste,that Reid guy is fine."

I bet you guys think I'm such a weirdo,

xo lorna

title is from Radiohead.

First of the Gang to Die

"Evening,Gerard,"were the first words Andrew de Luca said."Always a pleasure."

Behind the leader,Ray Toro cringed.He did not know precisely what had pissed Gerard off like this,but whatever it was,it was monumental.He had stomped down the stairs,utterly silent,cocking his gun.He had grabbed Bruno by the throat when he emerged from the bedroom,snarling and vehement.He was angrier than Ray had ever seen before.

And now Ray knew that Gerard would explode.That simple,polite greeting would push him over the edge and he would freak,go batshit insane,using every nerve in his body to torment the blond man in the chair.

Presently,Ray and ten other guards were surrounding de Luca,arms linked behind backs,gun slung across waists.For some bizarre reason,Gerard always insisted there be eleven guards whenever a torturing was occurring-Ray had figured it was probably something to do with tradition.Eleven guards,Gerard himself and the victim would make thirteen people,always a loved and hated number in common literature and culture.

Nonetheless,Ray was dreading tonight.He knew this man had done something to Frank,but as far as he knew Gerard had been fine this morning,in a good mood.But now he was in that terribly dangerous mood of change.He was currently reloading his gun,leaning on his stick with his thigh,humming something lightly between his teeth.My Blue Heaven,Ray figured.Killer or not,Toro had to hand it to him;he was an excellent singer.

And now he stood before de Luca,his guns strapped to his side,legs spread apart,his face an unreadable mask.He rolled his shirt sleeves up to his elbows,the white folds of material hugging his muscular arms.He walked away from de Luca,toward Toro,not meeting his gaze.Then he turned back around and struck de Luca in the face with his gun.The blond man spluttered blood onto his shirt,caught off guard,and gasped in surprise more than pain.

Gerard walked away again,wiping the barrel of his gun down the crease of his trousers.Then he returned to de Luca,and started to,literally,pound the other.His fists jammed Andrew in the jaw,chest,the eye,the throat-blunt,forceful pain seering through his face and his upper body.Blood streamed down his cheeks,his collar bones;he thought that ay had to get tired eventually,had to stop.But no luck.The more experienced gangster just continued to beat into de Luca,punching and shoving and slapping.

Then he pulled back,pulling a white handkerchief from his shirt pocket and rubbing his bloody hands with it,the red smearing onto the plain.Ray was shaking badly now.

"Not gonna talk to me,huh?"Andrew spat on the ground`,blood shooting from his mouth,splashing his chin and his teeth."Just gonna give me the silent treatment?"

Every person in the room bar himself waited with baited breath to hear Gerard's first statement upon entering the chambers.He was always good with words,and usually gave a blood curdling speech,sometimes bi-lingual.This was the longest he had ever gone without talking in a dozen years of maiming and fatally injuring.

"Do not spit on my floor,Mister de Luca,"he ordered in a low voice,"your blood is not fit to spill here."

de Luca stirred uncomfortably.He was fucking terrified out of his skull.He had only joined the gang a year ago,and already he had heard all the gruesome tales surrounding Gerard Way-a man he had been taught to hate and despise from day one.People talked of endless torture sessions,savage beatings.And now it was going to happen to him.

He realized he shouldn't have broke the boy in the way he did-the look when Andrew had told him he was gonna rape him would stay with him for the rest of his short life,the innocence,the helplessness in his eyes.The guys hadn't believed him when he escaped the Way manor that evening,couldn't possibly believe that Andrew de Luca,only twenty five years old,had brutally assaulted and raped the husband of the most feared gangster in the whole of Los Angeles,downtown and upper.

But now he was paying the ultimate price.And he tried to cover his fear.

"Now I am going to be perfectly clear,"Gerard spoke with flawless articulation."First of all,you are going to die tonight.Do not protest or try to prevent it;it is going to happen,so you may as well accept it."

"Secondly,you are going to do everything I instruct.Failure to comply with this will result in prolonged pain for yourself and yourself only.Do you understand?"


"Lastly,you do not ever call me by my first name.To you I am simply sir or Mister Way.I refer to you by your surname,I expect the same courtesy.That is a sign of respect,Mister de Luca,an alien feeling to you,I am sure.I hope you are aware that I do not fucking respect you in any sense of the word,but I was raised with decorum and so today I am extending that trait to you.Is that understood?"


"Good.Now."He turned right around to face Andrew."I would like you to describe what you did on the night of Sunday,February eleventh,of this year."

That had confused Andrew."Excuse me...sir?"

"What did you do on February eleventh of this year?Were you at home?"


"So where were you?What were you doing?"

"I...I broke into the house..."

"Whose house?"He motioned behind him."Ray's house?Mario's house?The White House?"

"Th-this house..."

"This house?"Gerard thought for a moment,or at least pretended to."You mean,my house?You broke into my house?"

The chains that bound his ankles to the chair clinked against it."Y-y-yes."

"And what did you do then?"He paced slowly across the room,arms behind his back,his guards silent and still in the background."What did you do upon breaking into my house?"

"I climbed in the bathroom window,and then I found him in the-"he caught sight of something gleaming in Gerard's hand,and his breathing became ragged-"ba-athroom."

"Him?"Gerard growled softly."You are exceedingly vague,Mister de Luca.Elaborate,please."

Brass knuckles.He was wearing brass knuckles.Andrew tried to avoid his gaze.

"It was-uh-Frank."He was quiet now,shaking,staring at his knees."I found Frank.He was getting dressed."

"And of course you attacked him,because that is an extreme act of aggression,"Gerard snapped,making the younger gangster cringe in fear."Go on."

"And-I put my hand on his mouth,I told him not to scream."

"Not to scream?Not to scream-"he swiveled around on his heels-"not to scream while you raped him?"

Gasps of disgust and head shaking rippled amongst the guards.Gerard clenched his jaw and flexed his fingers.

"Isn't that it?Or am I mistaken?Did you not cover his mouth with your palm and tell him not to make noise while you sexually assaulted him?"


Gerard stood over him now,his iron fist clicking in his grasp,and now he withdrew a pistol from his belt,letting it sit lazily in his metallic hand,facing de Luca in the nose.

"And what did you do?"Gerard continued,spinning the cylinder,it letting out a slow wheeze."What did you do when you raped my husband?"


"Yes."Gerard let the revolver slip into the gap of Andrew's neck,the lack of bone between his ear and his jaw."Tell me what you did to him,Mister de Luca."

The Romano member looked up at Gerard,at the guards,at the gun currently dug into him.He gulped slowly,slick sweat running down his neck.

"First...I made him suck me off-ARRRGH!"

Andrew screamed in pain as the bullet entered his left foot,blood spurting out as lead ripped through his muscle.

"Oh,I'm sorry,"Gerard spat,"did I interrupt your concentration?"

yeah I kinda got that from Pulp Fiction

"Please continue,Mister de Luca."

"And the-then I just hit him a couple of times-"

Another loud bang,this time,his right foot.Andrew squealed in pain and rocked in his chair.


Halfway through the sentence,Gerard had narrowed his eyes.He put his gun back in his belt and grabbed de Luca by the collar,dragging him to his feet,arms and legs still bound.Gerard was at least five inches taller and hella stronger,and so he used this to his advantage,lifting the kid off the ground.

"You 'just' raped him?"He searched the gangster's baby blue's."'Just'?You 'just' tore him apart piece by piece,destroying every shred of dignity he has ever possessed,robbed him of all innocence.That's what you just did."A knife found it's way from Gerard's pocket to the inside of a screaming Andrew's stomach."And you never told me how old you are,Mister de Luca.I was not aware of your youth.How long have you been around?"

"I-uh-twenty-five-"he stammered,as Gerard twisted the metal around and around,blood filling up his throat.

"Frank is only twenty-three,"Gerard muttered into his ear,"that makes you worse than me."

de Luca could only groan in response,watching in horror as Gerard took a small bile of murky liquid from his pocket,and opened it,then throwing it in Andrew's hair.

Then a match was drawn from behind Way's ear.The younger of the two stared in agony.

"You can't-"he panted,his cheeks full of blood,"that's-barbaric-"

"And so what's raping someone?Civilized?Don't make me laugh,Mister de Luca,you are the third most vile human being I have ever known."


"Well,James Romano was number two,and number one would be me,"he smiled,striking the match against his own arm.

"You're evil,"Andrew coughed."You are absolutely disgusting."

Gerard grinned."You say it like it's a bad thing."

The match fell from his fingers and into de Luca's light tufts,who immediately began to scream and holler,desperately trying to shake his hands free of their binds,his hair now blazing,creeping down his face,his neck.

He was melting.

"Bruno,"Gerard boomed,turning to the man with the baton,"you know what to do."

Bruno made his way towards the dying individual.Gerard left the chambers and ascended the stairs,quietly humming My Blue Heaven to himself.
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