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Here comes the bride.. all dressed in white

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Ellen's P.O.V

OKAY! so me and Bill just got married in the church!!! now its time for the party!

Ellen's father: Now it's time for Ellen and Bill to share their first dance.

We both started dancing to a slow dance, I put my arms around his neck, He put his hands on my waitst.. we started slow dancing..

Bill: (whispered) Baby, I love you so much.. nothing can tear us apart, you are my world, my life, the girl I have been waiting for forever. Thanks for being in my life...
Ellen: Aw, Bill, I love you too so much! you are so sweet, thanks for showing up in my life!

I kissed her passionately and looked into her gorgeous blue eyes and I thought to myself Wow, I'm so lucky to have her in my life, she is amazing everything I could've asked for and so much more

Bill: Never leave me.
Ellen: I promise, and never leave me either.
Bill: I promise Angel.

We continued dancing, Audrina and Sinead were balling their eyes out and the were all like aww this is so cute and stuff. Ellen turned back and smiled so gracefully at them.

Ellen: If we die we die together.
Bill: Exactly. Because if you die, my heart will smash into pieces and it will die.

A tear fell down Ellen's face.

Ellen: (She said in a teary voice) Same here honey.
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