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Final Chapter.

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10 years later...

Ellen's P.O.V

Nevaeh: Mommy, How come I never met uncle Tom, but I have heard so much about him?
Ellen: Well, your uncle Tom died just when you were just a teenie tiny baby.
Nevaeh: But like.. thats not fair.
Ellen: Bad stuff happen in life for a reason. God wanted Uncle Tom in hevean to be a guirdian angel for you darling.
Nevaeh: Oh.. So he will be with me?

A tear fell down my face.

Ellen: Always and Forever. He will be in your heart forever Honey.
Nevaeh: And in yours and Daddy's too.
Ellen: Of course.
Nevaeh: Mommy I love you
Ellen: I love you too mommy.

Nevaeh: I love you daddy..
Bill: I love you too baby girl..

Bill hugged her tightly. Then, Bill went outside with a picture of Tom and Felicity in his hand...

Bill: Hey Tommy and Feli, In your shadow I can shine stand up tall, cry for you, smile for you, you guys are forever sacred in our lives, forever! we love you.

Later that night Bill had started crying and ran out the back garden..

Bill's P.O.V

Bill: Tom!! you left me alone! come back to me! come back to everyone who loves you!! and Felicity!! you are the reason me and Ellen are together!! thank you! come back please!!

Two ghostly figures stood out in front of me..

Voice 1: Bill, we are with you no matter what. I am your brother and nothing and no-one can change it.. And you will bever be in my shadow, you will always be in my heart, forever you will be sacred to me too. I love you my dear brother, so much

Voice 2: Yes Bill. Thanks for being there for us. I am so happy I have a friend like you and Ellen.

I got so confused and burst into tears.

Bill: Felicity...? TOM..?! is that you??!!

Voices: Yes it is... We love you.. We see the light.

Voice 1: Remember.. To me you'll be forever sacred

The two ghostly figures disapeared in the flash of a second.. I started crying.. I fely my eyes getting wetter.. I screamed into the dark sky.

Bill: TOM..!! TOM!!! COME BACK!!!!!!

I didn't care who heard me.. I wanted my brother back in my life.... I couldn't live like this anymore... Ellen ran outside to me...

Ellen: Baby, calm down. all will be okay soon..

She started crying.

Bill: No it won't!!! It will never be the same!! never ever!!
Ellen: Okay, lets stop crying we're starting a /flood/!
Bill: Okay, Okay! lets go inside..

I saw Nevaeh there sitting outside in our garden by the big oak tree crying.
I ran over to her...

Bill: Are you okay Baby girl?
Nevaeh: No daddy!! it kills me seeing you guys crying!!!
Bill: Baby!! don't ever feel like that

I hugged her tightly.. she stopped crying..

Nevaeh: Daddy... is this the end?
Bill: End of what baby girl?
Nevaeh: The end of our happiness..?
Bill: Of course not.
Nevaeh: You sure??
Bill: Of course baby.. I promise. Your uncle taught me to be strong and move on.. that's what we are gonna do... be strong and move on.. It will take a while but it will happen.

We walked inside and looked out the window at the starts... smiling and pointing at one of the stars..

Nevaeh: That's uncle Tom and thats Aunty Felicity...

THE END!! :)
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