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Meow.......... WTF?

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Take two boys who are to shy to admit their feelings, a mischievious little brother and his boyfriend and an elixir? This can't be good! Frerard and Bikey :)

Category: My Chemical Romance - Rating: PG - Genres: Drama,Humor,Romance - Characters: Bob Bryar,Frank Iero,Gerard Way,Mikey Way,Ray Toro - Published: 2011-07-15 - Updated: 2011-07-15 - 663 words

Got a new story for you! Enjoy

Gerard's POV
Frank That's what's in my head. My best friend and my secret crush. I do not like him, I love him. I can't find any fault in him cuz he's just that perfect! Just then a knock on my door was heard. I groaned and saw Mikey holding a cup of coffee. "Here bro, just to keep you alive and hope the mortician doesn't mistake you for a real corpse." Mikey chuckled. I gave a snort before taking the mug from his hands. "How's it going with you and Bob? I haven't seen you much since you started dating him." I asked. Yes my lil bro has a boyfriend. He's bi and I'm gay. Bob helped him up and confessed his love to Mikey after he found out Alicia cheated on him for a girl. That bitch was playing with his heart even though she's a lesbian. But now my bro is happy and that's the important part. "It's all good Gee, he calls me his Angel." Mikey blushed while I snickered. I downed my coffee in record time and immediately felt sleepy. "Go to sleep Gee, you look tired." Mikey said and took the mug from my hands. Moments later I passed out

Hours Later
I woke up and blinked. How come everything in this room looks so big now? Just the Mikey and Bob came into view and they both grinned. I was about to flip them both the finger when I noticed I didn't have fingers or hands. I had PAWS. I gave a shriek and it sounded like a cat wail. Bob placed a small hand mirror in front of me as I gasped in shock. I was a fucking cat. I had my big hazel green eyes, and jet-black medium fur. I saw medium, more like... nearly at the adult stage but still classed as kitten. "What the fuck did you guys do?!?!" I screamed. "It's for your own good Gerard, Bob and I are sick and tired of your lifeless attitude and the fact that you can't ask Frank out. And we can understand your talk cuz it says in the book that the person/persons who made the elixir can talk to the victim." Mikey explained quietly. A few weeks ago they got this black book that they kept to themselves. I think that was a black magic book.
Mikey craddled me in his arms and the three of us went to the living room to watch TV. Mom was also in this so it really pissed me off, so we decised to watch NCIS Los Angeles. Not ten minutes later the doorbell rang. Bob opened it to reveal a heartbroken and crying Frankie. Mom who was baking at the time walked in and saw Frank. "Oh My Sweet Lord! Frank what happened?" she cooed while comforting my Frankie. "They disowned me, I told them I was gay and they screamed and kicked me out." Frank sobbed. I jumped off Mikey's arms and rubbed my head on Frank's arm. He looked at me in surprise. "Who's this? You never told me you got another cat and where's Gee?" he asked while scratching the top of my head. I purred like a normal cat would. "Just getting Bunny (Mikey's adorable cat!) a friend to play with, his name is Shadow, and Gee's visiting family outta town. He'll be back next week."Mikey explained. Frank looked disappointed. "Frank you will live with us from now on! You'll sleep in the spare room and when Gee gets back in his room!" Mikey sang gleefully. Mom laughed as well as Bob. "Thank you guys, I've got all my stuff outside and my guitar." Frank said and half an hour later we were all watching the NCIS LA marathon with me on his lap. Maybe being a cat isn't so bad.

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