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Bulletproof Future

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Follow the life of Toxic Sunshine. After being found by the Killjoys she must chose is she will follow them or remain in her usual, solitary state.

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As the sun filters through the window, hitting the dusty floor boards, I crawl onto the edge of the bed, staring at the sleeping figure in front of me. It’s been a long time since anyone, even Dracs, have been here and it’s extremely odd to see other living creatures that look like me. Well this one doesn’t look exactly like me but close enough, his blue jeans bleached to a whitish blue color, his blue jacket similar to my green and orange one, and his hair, the red forming a halo around his peaceful, sleeping face. He’s absolutely beautiful.

Although I am aware there are three other bodies somewhere in the house by the named of Fun Ghoul or Frank, Kobra Kid or Mikey and Jet Star or Ray I risk coming out of my closet hiding place to set my large, bright teal cat eyes upon this magnificent man. Frank, he’s short with jet black hair, gorgeous green eyes, and a strong love for Gerard or Party Poison, the man lying on the bed. Mikey, Gerard’s little brother. He’s extremely tall, blonde hair that is obviously bleached, and possesses soft looking hazel eyes. Ray, the one with the afro, the largest of the three others living in my home; I’m terrified of Ray.

A noise outside the bedroom door causes me to squeak, rolling off the bed, sliding under it just in time. I see a pair of converse from my hiding spot. Naturally they don’t stay long, Gerard isn’t awake yet and it’s painful for his friends to see him in this state. I’m not positive what happened to him but I know he’s been asleep since they brought him here about a week ago. I’m beginning to think he might never wake.

I listen for the click of the door to let me know I’m again alone with Party Poison. Slowly, I retreat from under the bed, catching a glimpse of myself in the mirror hanging on the wall. My normally shoulder length black hair has grown out so it is almost to my forearm and the neon green streaks put in it are fading, my black skinnies have a large hole in the knee and the toes of my green converses are now grey instead of white. I’m a mess.

Listening closely for even the slightest sound of anyone coming back toward the room I sit down on the bed, holding Party’s hand, whispering soft words of nonsense to him even though I know he can’t hear me. I want him to wake up so badly. I’ve never even met him before but for the sake of everyone else living here he needs to wake up, especially Kobra Kid, he looks so lost without his older brother.

“Frankie,” a voice I’ve never heard before whispers, it’s soft like velvet but has a roughness to it. “Frankie.”

I look at Party Poison figuring out that he is the one producing the voice. Gently, I brush a strand of hair out of his face but before I can move my hand away his fingers are wrapped around my wrist, his hazel eyes, very much like his brother’s but a shade darker, look at me. They are curious and kind but not untrusting. I don’t try and pull away I just sit there, quietly until Party decides to talk.

“Who are you?”

“Toxic Sunrise, Toxic for short,” I answer in a hushed voice not wanting the others to walk in and see me. I’ve done a good job of keeping myself hidden and I don’t want to blow it now.

“Where is everyone else?”

“Out in the other room, don’t call them until I’m hidden,” I say, pleading with my eyes.

“No, we won’t hurt you…I promise,” Gerard says but I shake my head vigorously, my hair hitting me in the face over and over.

As the door is pushed open I try and get free of Party’s grip but he won’t let me go. It’s too late anyway; Kobra Kid, Fun Ghoul and Jet Star are standing in the doorway, staring at the two of us in utter disbelief.

I let out a sigh, glaring at Party Poison, “Well fuck.”

“So the food snatcher is caught,” Kobra Kid says, coming to sit next to me on the end of the bed.

I stare up at him, not blinking, looking right into his hazel eyes. If I look away it will show I’m weak or that I have fear so I wait until Mikey breaks our gaze, turning his attention to his now awake older brother.

I watch as they embrace, both smiling, their teeth showing. That is what love is. It’s being completely thrilled when the one you share the love with returns to you, no matter how long you have been apart. I used to have that but, not anymore.

“Do we have any food?” question Party, looking over Kobra’s shoulder at Frank.

Ghoul laughs before walking out of the room and coming back in with two open cans of Power Pup. He hands one to Gerard and the other to me, smiling. I take the can, giving it a look of disgust but eat it anyway. It’s the only food in the entire place. Power Pup taste like sand that someone mixed with mud and refried beans then poured a little water in to keep the substance “moist.” I shovel it into my mouth with a finger, swallowing hard, trying not to think of the taste or texture of the mixture.

I shift my eyes around the room, my gaze averting to the dusty, light oak floor boards when I get to Jet Star; this is mainly because he scares the living daylights out of me. Not a single person has their eyes anywhere else but one me. This makes me slightly uncomfortable.

“I’d appreciate it if you would all stop staring at me,” I grumble as Frank takes my can from me.

Mikey moves to sit next to me on the floor, I can feel his warm hazel eyes on the side of my face and I turn to look at him. They look at me as if they’ve never seen a girl before in their entire lives. It’s not that I mind the attention, in fact I quite like it but it’s strange. I’ve not been around people in almost two years so that inevitably makes me rather awkward around them.

“I’m Kobra Kid,” Mikey introduces himself, offering me his hand.

I take it, shaking his hand, smiling, “I’m Toxic Sunrise…I prefer Toxic though.”

“Welcome to the league of Fabulous Killjoy’s, Toxic,” Party Poison says, coming to give me a hug. “You’re one of us now.”

I smile as the rest of them come and join the hug…I belong to a group now. As much as I hate to admit it, I’m kinda glad. I’ve been living on my own for much too long and slowly becoming withdrawn and animalistic. I missed feeling warm skin against mine, having people who care about you, people who look out for you. I’m a Fabulous Killjoy now; my future is bulletproof.
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