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Hollow Point Smile

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Party Poison's POV

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I watch her in mute fascination as Mikey stitches up a wound I got when I was captured or rescued from the Dracs that captured me. She’s an interesting little Killjoy. She’s go the biggest teal eyes I’ve ever seen, these are set on a dirt streaked, tan face which is framed with dark hair. She’s not much taller than Fun and she’s thin which makes her look even tinnier than she actually is. Toxic also seems to hold onto a lot of animal like qualities that begin to take over once someone has lived on their own for too long.

I continue to stare as Ghoul tires to teach her how to play chess, a game he found when we went oout on a food raid. He’s really good. Toxic just looks confused, picking up the pieces and surveying them from her seat atop the table. It’s actual rather comical to look on at her inspecting them, handing the white pieces to Frank only for him to explain to her what they are and show her where to put them. Toxic doesn’t really talk much; only when it’s necessary.

About halfway through Fun Ghoul’s explanation of how the knight moves, Toxic Sunshine looks over at Mikey and I, her eyes growing wider than normal. She quietly walks over to us, looking between Mikey and I.

“Isn’t he hurting you?” Toxic questions in a low voice, glancing at the needle and string Kobra has been using to patch my shoulder wound up.

“No, he’s helping me,” I answer gently making sure to keep eyes contact with her. It’s something she seems to like.

Toxic blinks a few times before retreating back to Fun Ghoul, allowing him to continue on with his explanation on how to play chess. She really does look interested, glancing at the pieces as Frank explained them, her eyes on his face as he talks her through basic game play.

It is only after the first game that I realize that Toxic makes up for her lack of speech with long spews of curse words if something didn’t go her way or if she's just confused.

“So that means I take your queen and you can’t really move your king because if you do you’ll put yourself in check mate and you can’t do that,” Fun Ghoul explains to Toxic who is completely oblivious to the fact Kobra, Jet Star and I are now sitting a watching her and Frank’s game.

“Fuck…shit, you mean I can’t move any more? Stupid fucking game; hell I’ve never sat my ass down and playing such a fucking retarded game,” growls Toxic, squeezing one of Ghoul’s knights in her fist looking as if she might take the board and fling it across the room.

“No, you can still move –” Ghoul looks at her pieces – “that one right there, the pawn or the rook.”

Toxic pulls her soft, pink bottom lip between her teeth, her eye brows together, concentrating. As she slides her rook across the board she stops for a second before Fun Ghoul’s king before knocking it off the bored, walking away without a word.

I can’t help but laugh at the confused look on Ghoul’s face as he reenacts her move over and over as if he can’t believe he hadn’t seen that. The king of chess had just been beat by a girl who, just an hour ago, hadn’t even heard of the game. Sometimes life works that way.

I stare at Toxic as she sits down on the dust and sand covered floor looking at each of us, her eyes not skipping over Jet Star this time. For a few seconds it looks as if she might fall asleep but then she smiles, her sharp canine teeth shining white.

“Party Poison. Leader, draws, used to sing, you’d die if one of your guys died, you can’t stand Power Pup, and you wish Jet Star wouldn’t snore but you’d never say anything to him about it. Kobra Kid. Awkward, used to play some sort of stringed instrument, wishes he was able to say what was on his mind, quiet, your hair isn’t naturally that color either. Fun Ghoul. You also played a stringed instrument, you miss coffee either that or booze, you have a strong sex drive but can’t remember the last time you were laid, you have nightmares and can’t sleep without someone in the bed with you, and you also used to smoke and still do if you can find cigs. Jet Star. Stringed instrument, you only like Power Pup if it’s been cooked, you keep secrets from people, you miss your old life and you scare the shit out of me,” Toxic says, looking at each of us as she makes completely true statements about each.

I swear something is up with this girl. No one could know that much stuff about us without having been with us for years. It’s unbelievable how observant this girl is.

“Fuck,” Mikey mutters, running his fingers through his bleached hair. He looks a little nervous.

“Toxic Sunshine. Hides in closets and stalks people, has a wicked little potty mouth and is more observant than some of us are comfortable with,” I answer her with a smile making sure my eyes are locked with hers.

She smiles back at me but reaches for Ghoul, “I’ll sleep with you.”

Frank blushes a little looking up at the ceiling. He’s nervous about her knowing things about him that most people don’t. He’s not guarded but he also doesn’t open up to people he hardly knows. Toxic knows more about him in a day of being around him than any of us did in months. It’s a little scary but her trick could come in handy.

I think she’s quirky and has got some spunk about her than I’ve not seen in a long time. If we can look past her social oddities and animal like reactions to certain things she’ll be a great addition to our little group, plus I like her cute little hollow point smile.
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