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chapter 2- day dreaming

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The day passed so slowly. All the time i was thinking about jack and the baby, our baby. It felt so weird saying that, how would we manage we weren’t even old enough to drink yet, not that that stopped us or anything. I was so lost in my thoughts i didn’t even realise when someone called my name
"Alara McSorley?”
My head snapped up, who said my name? I thought as i looked around, i was about to put my head back on the desk when
"Alara McSorley please could you tell me the answer to the question i JUST asked?" the teacher, Miss Smith said sounding annoyed as she tapped her green wellys on the floor. I felt my cheeks begin to burn as i realised i didn’t have the slightest clue what the question was.
"I’m waiting" she said
“Um can you please can you repeat question? I said sheepishly
She sighed “what would you do if your horse caused themselves an injury in the field and was losing allot of blood?”She repeated as she repeated the question it clicked i already knew the answer to that question,
“You would apply pressure to the wound with a clean cloth, and amaditally call a vet" i said
“correct Alara, but please listen in future" she said surprised
Just then the bell rang
Hope you like it so far
Love you all
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