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kinda inspired by my grandparents but dont worry im not getting punched by some oap's or anything xD


It was forgotten
Everything you did
It was wiped away from my memory
No one else told me
But I remember now
It's all so clear
I remember the colours
Darkness, no light
I remember your face
Contorted with anger and hatred
I remember the screams
Blood curdling and filled with fear
I remember the pain
Searing through my body
I remember the bruises
The deep purple and sickly yellow
I remember everything
Except for why

They had been wiped away
But now it's clear I now know it was you
You did this to me
Are you happy now?
Of course not
I am
I'm not with you anymore
It's not that bridge that took my life
Nor the hard, un-giving tarmac below
Or even that driver that ran over the body
It was you
You drove me insane
All that fear
It’s too much for one person to take

Not that you care now
You’ve found someone else
Someone else has to bear it all now
Not me
Not you
But that someone else
They will follow in my path
They won't take it the same

You will find yet another person then
You will keep finding people
who are weaker than you
who will fear you
who will be hurt by you

but what was it all for?
You couldn’t tell anyone
You would get arrested
If anyone found out
They would think of you a monster
You would never get another job
Not one you would be happy with
You use your job to find us
To find the weaker ones
You promise us things
We get the opposite
So just remember next time

so R&R and stuff coz i like reading them xXx
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