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All Because Of You

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this was the first poem i wrote so i was kinda unsure of it

I sit in my room, all alone.
I think of my heart, all alone.
I remember the love, all alone.
I want to forget, all alone.
I cry into my pillow, all alone.
I hear my quiet sobs, all alone.
I cry myself to sleep, all alone.
I remember how I was, with you.
I remember the spotlight I shared, with you.
I remember the kiss, with you.
I remember the times, with you.
I remember the smiles, for you.
I remember the love, for you.
I see the blood for you.
I leave my body, for you.
I am floating,
In the empty space.
In silence,
I float away.
The sun, stars, moon or clouds,
They cannot bring me back.
I am gone forever,
Because you left forever.
This is for you.
This is for what my walls have seen.
This is for when my heart broke.
This is for the love.
This is for forgetting.
This is for the tears in my pillow.
This is for the silent sobs.
This is for the sleepless nights.
This is for my memories.
This is for our spotlight.
This is for the kisses.
This is for the love.
This is for the smiles.
And now there is my blood.

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