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You Dont Realise

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i would like to say i only put these poems under mcr because thats where i put everything else xD

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yay another poem about my stupid not-so-much-love life xD

When I asked if you wanted to go out,
I wanted it to be just us.
When I insult you,
I'm trying to hide my feelings from the world.
That hug the other day,
it was everything I wanted.
When I see you,
my heart melts each time.
That time I was sitting on your lap,
I felt safer than ever.
You don't realise it,
But I'm falling for you.

R&R again because you love me xD
i started writing more poems atm because im bored and i cantwrite a chapter as fast as i can a poem
much thanks to anyone who reads them xXx
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