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So I've Decided

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another personal poem yay :)

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once again not mcr related but you could still say it was a frerard or whatever your into, but it wasnt written for that

So I've decided.

I'm going to tell,

I just don't know when.

Or how.

I know I need to.

I'm going to regret if I don't.

What if one of us die and you don't know?

I'm going to be embarrassed when I do.

And I'm scared of rejection,

I don't think I could take it.

I've never liked anybody before,

Sure as hell didn’t think it would be you.

I'm a bitch,

You know that too well.

But we’re friends,

I don't want to lose that.

I want to be with you,

All the time.

I want to be yours and yours alone.

I don't love you,

But I want to grow to love you.

I wish I had the balls to tell you.

so i just wanted to add that lately i havent been doing much despite the summer holidays meant 6 weeks without school. normally i would spend every day i could at the stables but this year i didnt. i also didnt draw anything! not like me. i think its because ive been feeling a bit depressed and i actually had a suicidal thought! it scared me to hell and back because im usually a happy teenager but i had a really shitty day last week and i lay on my bed and cried for at least two hours and when my parent went out to go shopping i thought some bad stuff. i (obviously) didnt kill myself but its been worrying me

the topic of this poem is because of that. i dont want to die and not tell the people in my life how much they mean to me. and i am gong to tell the `you` in this poem, just not too sure how

so after that depressing crap i am now working on a story which i will only post after it is complete because i know i will want to change bits of it and i think i probably have about 10 chapters already but its only just begun. i am going on holiday to florida in 5 days so i will get time to write out there and im going back to school tomorow :) four days of school and then 18 more days off :)

please review and tell me what you think, i love reading them and i take them all into account :)
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